A helpful guide

Funeral Planning Made Easy

Planning a funeral for a loved one is never an easy task. A lot of careful consideration goes into honoring someone’s wishes. Finding the right funeral home to help you make a difficult time easier is very important. Here are some tips on how your funeral home can make planning easier:

1)    Talk with a funeral director you trust: Funeral Directors are highly trained professionals to help you through any circumstance that may arise. They help you plan every detail to ensure that your loved one is honored. Grief can be a very confusing time, and while your minister, a chaplain or close friends may be well intended, the counsel provided by a funeral professional is unbiased and unmatched.

2)    Plan ahead: Pre-planning is the best gift you can give your loved ones. You can choose the exact type of service that fits your lifestyle or a faith tradition. Overall, advanced funeral planning relieves your family from having to make difficult decisions at their time of loss. It may help ease their financial burden, eliminate family miscommunication, and provide comfort to those who want to honor your life in a way that is meaningful.

3)    Send Flowers: This long-standing custom helps people express their love and respect for the deceased and the family members.  Flowers soften a funeral, and the brightness of the blooms and living plants can help uplift spirits.  Flowers represent growth, new life, and movement forward.  Some funeral homes offer an on-site florist, or they may have a preferred provider. While some families may request donations to a charitable organization instead of flowers, it is still a very thoughtful and a meaningful practice to have flowers in a service.  Every floral bloom you see at a funeral service means “somebody cares.”

We encourage you to discuss your funeral / life celebration plans with your loved ones, so they will be familiar with the decisions you are making. This ensures there are no surprises. Contact us with questions or to get started.