Traditional Funeral Services

A familiar and time-honored option

A traditional funeral service is the most common and familiar type of service held to celebrate the life of a loved one. It generally involves three events: (1) a visitation, held at the funeral home on the day of or evening prior to the funeral, (2) the funeral service, held at a place of worship or at the funeral home chapel, and (3) burial and graveside service at a location of the family’s choosing. You may also want to include a reception following the service, or a meal for family and close friends. This traditional structure allows ample time for family to gather, for friends to support the family, and for memories and stories to be shared to begin the process of healing. 

Within this traditional structure, families have many opportunities to personalize the service to reflect the unique life of their loved one. As you work with TJM to customize your service, some choices you will have include:

  • Where do you want to hold the service? It is often easiest to hold it in one of our chapels; however, you may prefer your place of worship.
  • What personal tributes would you like to include, such as personal memoribilia, a video and the casket spray with favorite flowers?
  • What burial site have you selected?
  • Who will conduct the funeral service?
  • How do you want to customize the funeral service? Read our suggestions here.
  • Do you want to have a reception or meal in conjunction with the service?

Because of our extensive experience and capabilities, TJM can work with your family to accommodate special circumstances. For example, we can provide:

  • Visitation and graveside service, followed by a memorial service and reception
  • Visitation and graveside service, without a funeral or memorial service
  • Local visitation and funeral service, with the body transported out of town or out of country for burial
  • Local visitation only, with the body transported out of town or out of country for funeral and burial
  • If your loved one passes away out of town or out of country, we can arrange transport of the body to any of our facilities for services or burial in North Texas. 

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