Honoring Loved Ones

Cremation Burial

Cremation Burial

Cremation burial is one of the options most frequently selected by our families. A common misconception of cremation is that the remains must be scattered or kept in a personal container by loved ones. In reality, cremated remains may be laid to rest in much the same manner as a traditional burial, creating a permanent legacy of your loved one. 

Traditional gravesite: Cremated remains may be placed in a traditional gravesite, with memorial, headstone, or other memorialization options. If both are cremated, couples may share one gravesite with separate burial urns. 

Columbarium: Just as our mausoleum is used for caskets, our columbarium is used to place cremation urns in an above-ground structure that provides lasting protection. A personalized memorial is placed on the front of the niche. Both individual niches and companion niches are available.

Urn options: We have a wide variety of urns for your selection that can be personalized in many diffferent ways. 

Graveside service: Families may choose to have a graveside service as remains are placed in their final resting place, whether in-ground or columbarium. This service may be held in conjuction with a memorial service, or as a private time for family and close friends.

Ridgeview Memorial Park Pavilion: The pavilion outside the columbarium at our Ridgeview Memorial Park offers a comfortable, private area to gather for a time of remembrance. Many families combine the memorial service with a reception in this location. Its outdoor venue is especially appropriate for families wanting a less formal setting.


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