One of the greatest gifts you can give

Advanced Funeral Planning

Advanced Funeral Planning

One of the greatest gifts you can give

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is making your final plans in advance. Overall, advanced funeral planning saves time and money, gives you the flexibility of knowing your funeral options, and helps put your affairs in order in case of an untimely death or illness.

But just as important, advanced funeral planning relieves your family from having to make difficult decisions at their time of loss. It may help ease their financial burden, eliminate family miscommunication, and provide comfort to those who want to honor your life in a way that is meaningful.

When you work with TJM professionals to preplan your funeral arrangements, your decisions are recorded in a prearrangement document, protected by cutting-edge security, with copies provided for your records. Among the decisions you’ll make, you’ll be able to:

  • Select the kind of service / life celebration you would like and where you would like it to be held;
  • Select burial or cremation;
  • Select your cemetery property type;
  • Select visitation and reception options;
  • Select special service options, such as flowers, personalize programs and bookmarks, or a video tribute;
  • Select your casket, vault, urn, or other burial items;
  • Make arrangements for transportation of your remains if burial will not be held locally;
  • And more.

At the time you make your advanced plans, we will discuss funeral funding options with you. Whatever option you choose, the benefit of funeral prefunding is that you lock in today’s prices, regardless of when your death occurs.

An easy first step to take is to download our simple form that starts the process for you by gathering pertinent information. Then give us a call, and we will make an appointment to meet with you.

We encourage you to discuss your funeral / life celebration plans with your loved ones, so they will be familiar with the decisions you are making. This ensures there are no surprises.

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