Lasting legacies for generations to come


Honoring those we love with a lasting tribute

Stately and grand, or elegantly traditional, the monument you select to honor your loved one will be an enduring legacy to their life. Many people find that walking through one of our peaceful Memorial Parks is helpful in focusing on a preferred granite color, design, presentation or custom look. Our choices include single, as well as double or family-sized monuments. We also have statuary options, such as benches, should you wish to create a special place for memories and reflection.

Traditional: For generations, traditional monuments have been the hallmark of remembering those who have gone before us. With a variety of granite colors and elegant designs, a traditional upright monument continues to be the most popular monument choice.

Stately: Grand and impressive, a stately monument is often found on a family estate or private mausoleum. Our selections allow you to customize the monument for your family, choosing to honor a legacy that extends for generations.

Unique: From deep green to rich rose granite, and with a wide array of design options, a non-traditional style is the preferred monument for many of our families. Within this category are monuments widely used in our Asian Garden, as well as monuments that best represent loved ones who found a unique path in life.