William "Bill" Berry

October 11, 1937 - April 29, 2013

William “Bill” Berry, age 75, of Allen, Texas passed away April 29,2013 at his home. Bill was born Billie Gregg Fuqua to his mother , Avadelle, on OCTOBER 11, 1937 in Big Spring, Texas. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. For much of his early life, Bill guided himself to become a man, as there was not a man present to do so. Avadelle remarried to Garland Berry, and in Garland Bill found his father. At age 14, Bill changed his legal name to “William G. Berry.”

Bill graduated from Sherman High School in 1955. He attended Austin College on an athletic scholarship playing football, and his high school sweetheart, Shirley Stevens, and he were the first couple married in Wynne Chapel at Austin College after the mortar dried. He turned down an opportunity to try out for the Baltimore Colts and chose to attend Law School at the University of Texas. After graduating number 2 in his class, he began work in Dallas at the law firm Coon, Dedman, May, Hoffman and Associates. He decided to go in-house as a lawyer in 1964, working for General Dynamics, Emerson Electric, Lee Way Motor Freight and Frito Lay. He retired from Frito Lay in 1992 as VP of Labor Relations.

Bill was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He was married to Shirley for 54 years, 2 years shy of Bill’s parents’ lifespans. He coached his sons’ football and baseball little league teams and taught them the joy of competition and winning and helped instill their sense of goal setting and acquisition. He was a very strong presence in his grandchildren’s lives, attending all school functions, plays, open houses, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball games and dance recitals.

Bill Berry was a singular man, and there will never be another like him.

A memorial service will be held at 4:00 p.m., Saturday, May 4, 2013, at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Chapel in Allen, Texas. A remembrance gathering will take place on Friday evening from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the funeral home.

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Shirley, so very sad that we have all lost Bill but I am sure that you and the family will have years of memories that will keep him as part of your lives. Like others who worked with him at FL, I have a few recollections that also live on for ever. To travel with Bill was really a treat: - his idea of warming up a cold rental car was to start the engine, floor the accelerator and see if the fan belt came off. If it stayed on, the car was OK. - when flying, we always played gin and kept score on the TWA puke bags (I likely owe him millions. - we once did a car repair job on a VW parked in his drive, working with a blow torch under the car ( auto repair was not one of his specialties) -we once borrowed a pressure cooker from Billie and connected a copper coil, heating cheap white wine to make cognac or some similar poison. -he developed a business model for a new fast food chain called Tub-O-Guts, but never had the time to make it work -in his view, I was always Harley Stumpwater or Little Bobby There are too many to list here, but suffice to say many of us had the high pleasure of working with a truly unique individual; we have all benefited from knowing him and will always have room at the table for Bill. In the old days, he would have been known as a Man's Man. That would still be true today. Love to you and the family. bob buford, May 6, 2013 My deepest sympathy to Bill's family. As a friend and associate at Frito-Lay, I remember his sharp mind and keen intellect. His cheerful way added pleasure to the workplace. Bill will always be remembered as a a labor relations professional. I also remember the spirited chess games with Dan Grissom during lunch. God bless the family. Joe Curtis, May 4, 2013 Shirley, so very sorry to hear of your loss of Bill. My love to you and your boys. I live close so please call me if you need anything. Saunda Smith O'Connell, May 4, 2013 The picture of Bill says it all! As a friend to the younger Berry generations, I well remember and fondly recall his big smile and warm heart. Thank you for including details on his early days, very interesting, fun and touching. Your family is in our hearts and prayers in Colorado... Benton Barton, May 3, 2013 We cry for Pop,we pray to Pop,but should we really cry?He was a good man, he achieved his goals, and he raised a beautful family.So I guess everyone said their last goodbyes,but we will still have good memories and he is with us every step of the way. we love you pop! Brooke Berry, May 3, 2013 If Nancy could, she would join me in wishing the best for the Berry family. You have a lifetime of memories with Bill to fall back on. Look for the rainbows. Jim Ware, May 3, 2013 Bill and Shirley were the first neighbors we met in 1973 when we moved into our new home in Chesterfield, Mo. They had just relocated from Texas, and had moved into their new home across the street. We still laugh about their window coverings, Holiday Inn towels, which Bill undoubtedly borrowed during his travels. We became instant friends. Bill and Shirley moved back to Texas one year later, but this friendship was obviously special, as it has continued for forty years. Each year thereafter, we would plan to meet somewhere at least once a year and spend several days together, most recently in San Francisco last September. We were especially honored when they drove here from Texas for Jane’s surprise birthday party last November. Bill was a really good man with a big heart and a great sense of humor, and he will surely be missed by everyone who was blessed to have him in their life. Jane and I will truly miss him. Ken & Jane Schader, Parker, Colorado, May 3, 2013 Bill was always a friendly SHS Bearcat and we enjoyed being able to visit with him at class reunions. Our prayers are with Shirley and your family. Ozzie & Leigh Ann Osburn, May 3, 2013 Still remember when Bo broke his finger (or hand) during football practice when we were about 12 yrs old. It was a serious injury. Bo was thrashing on the ground holding his hand. Coach Bill roared to Bo, " Get off the ground!! Unless both your legs are broken ...never stay down!!!" It was a powerful and life changing moment for all of us. He was larger than life. All the best to the family. Thanks for the memories Coach. D. Scott Kelly, May 3, 2013 Bill Berry was one of our extraordinary heroes! A well rounded man- Strong and gentle, intelligent and caring,powerful and polite. He could be so scary until he flashed that electric smile which lit up the whole room. I know he scared the opponents of the Bearcats and the Kangeroos and a few of his teammates as well. But we came to know him as a gentle giant. God bless him, Shirley and all his family Lasandra and Bo Miller, May 3, 2013 Shirley-Bo and Dean, I'm sorry for your loss. Always wished our family was closer. Guelda (Bills Sister) and my Mother were never close for some reason. Bill was always closer to my Dad (Toney Knox). Missed having the opportunity to get to know my uncle and cousins Bo and Dean but I do remember being at Mom J's with them when we were litte. My God be with you Shirley and the family. Again, sorry for your loss. Love, KITTI (KNOX) GILBERT, May 3, 2013 My dad was a most wonderful father. He knew how to teach me the charecteristics needed for becoming a good man. He was a true renaissance man. Well read,a painter,a seamstress, a cook, a coach and an athlete. My dad also knew how to have fun. I have a fond memeroies at the age of five. My dad would make Bo and I go to bed at 6:30 on a Saturday night. The reason...There would be a classic science fiction movie that started at 3:30 in the morning. He wanted to share these types of moments with us.My dad was outside the box and will be missed, respected and forever loved. Dean Bryan Berry, May 3, 2013 My grandfather was an exceptional man. He was strong, passionate, and a solid moral person. Growing up, he always looked after me. Every game I played in, he was there screaming out my name. His memorry and love will stay with me forever. Whenever I step out onto that football field next year, every play will be for him. His memory is forever with all of us. He will be missed by everyone who he came into contact with. Zach R. Berry, May 2, 2013 Bill was such a unique and special person. His lasting influence on a host of young HR talent is remarkable as witnessed by the outpouring of "Bill Berry" stories pouring onto the internet by my former Frito-Lay colleagues. Bill was always a welcome guest in our home and he always spoke fondly of missing Shirley and the boys while on the road with us. Bill, rest peacefully. You were a terrific boss and a friend. John F. Gillespie, May 2, 2013 Shirley....so sorry to hear about Bill. Please know that we are praying for you and your family. Hope I see you this summer when I get back to Sherman. Marcie and Gerald Holt, May 2, 2013 I remember Bill, well.... From his Austin College days on the football field and also from several classes we shared... He was a good student and a good football player... I am sorry for his loss to the family.... We have lost touch since graduation but it sounds as though his AC days were only preambles to the life he grew into.... Best regards to Shirley and the family.... Jeff Kelley, May 2, 2013