Vincent "Jim" Bellucci

March 28, 1940 - September 8, 2005

Mr. Vincent “Jim” Bellucci, age 65 of McKinney, Texas passed away on September 8, 2005 in McKinney. He was born on March 28, 1940 in Cornwall, New York to Vincent and Marion Elizabeth (Hein) Bellucci. He graduated from Brooklyn Polytechnic University. Mr. Bellucci was an electrical engineer with IBM for over 30 years. After he retired from IBM he was a teacher at Frisco Student Opportunity Center. He was on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He is survived by his life partner, Elaine Patterson of McKinney, Texas; daughters, Stephanie Smith and husband, Tom of Denton, Texas, Kirsten Bellucci of Plano, Texas, Andrea Miller and husband, Stuart of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Paige Bellucci of Carrollton, Texas; son, Erik Bellucci also of Carrollton, Texas; and grandchildren, Lynn, Daniel, Zander, Krystal, Taylor and Clara. His parents preceded him in death. A remembrance gathering will be held at 7:00 PM., Thursday, September 15, 2005 in the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Chapel in Allen, Texas.

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Love & miss you everyday dad!! RIP Stephanie Smith, October 5, 2019 ANDREA it's JP from Chicago. Oh my God I just read this and I'm so sorry. I wish I could have been there for you as you were for me when my dad passed away. I hope your doing OK and my prayers are with you JP John (JP) R Peterson, February 28, 2009 I remember when I first met Jim back in 1996 at Project SEED. He said he knew a girl that also had a name of Allegra, but he came back and said that was actually her middle name. Funny that I knew a girl that had a middle name of Allegra too. After talking about it, we figured out that we were describing the same person. Wow, what a small world! From that moment on, we became friends and then we became close buddies as the years went by. During the first Project SEED picnic at the Village he lost his school ring at the bottom of the pool in the deep-end. I went down in 12 feet of water to the drain to fetch it for him. After that he always insisted in paying for my lunch. Now going out to lunch was a different story. He always returned with pen marks all over his arms because he wasn't behaving himself. He knew I was married, but that never stopped him. From then on his nickname would be DOM. He told his students that it meant Department of Math, but it really stood for Dirty Old Man. He loved it. He loved every minute of it. Another thing too, he always made us laugh, and speaking of laughs, his was always the loudest. You never had to ask if Jim was in the building because his voice bounced off the walls. I would say that one of the funniest moments was when he thought llama was spelt llarma. Poor Jim...his New York accent got the best of him sometimes. I guess I could on and on about the crazy things Jim said or did. But that was Jim. He was so full life and always happy. He will sorely be missed at future SEED gatherings, but his spirit will always be with us. My prayers go out to his wife Elaine and to his family. Allegra Calkins, September 17, 2005 Kirsten, you and your family are in our thoughts. Please know that we are here for you. Brenda Gregory, September 15, 2005 Laughter is the sound I most associate with Jim. He lived life with huge enjoyment and offered that joy to everyone else. He also lived with passion - for his family, for his colleagues, for students he worked with. A joy to know him and wonderful memories to keep. Carter Tiernan, September 15, 2005 I also worked with Jim at Project SEED. He was a gem-a true jewel. He was directly responsible for some of the best times I had during my first years here in Dallas. He was a giver-I remember one time when he fixed my car, and it was a heck of a job, and charged me nothing for it and then made me spaghetti afterwards. To Jim's family-take comfort in the fact that he touched many people's lives through his work in education, and that many, many people remember him in their fondest memories. Mary Kulpon, September 15, 2005 Since I won't be able to make the Memorial Service tonight, I went to Cremona's in Jim's honor/memory for lunch today. I can hear Jim's voice describing other colleagues as "a piece of work" or "beautiful"; the phrases aren't too bad at describing his own humor and zest for life. Joel and I wish Jim's family comfort through memories of times of laughter together. Ann (Meuret) Gutierrez, September 15, 2005 One of the references I called before hiring Jim was a principal that he worked for when he was with Project SEED. Her comment to me was that we would be “blessed” to have Jim as a teacher at our school. No one had ever said that to me about a teaching prospect before. She was right, we were all blessed to have Jim for the five years he worked at the SOC. The math students and the staff all benefited from Jim’s passion for teaching and wanting everyone to learn and understand. We will all miss his laughter, his stories and the sound of his voice crackling down the hall. Thanks Jim for making us all understand what it means to be a teacher. George Radtke Principal, SOC George E. Radtke, September 15, 2005 I worked with Jim at Project SEED. He loved his family, friends and whatever he was doing. One of my favorite memories was a pictionary game where Jim always drew the same picture when it was his turn to draw. He loved to make you laugh. He always had a smile on his face. He was a good friend and will be missed. Dennett Delzer, September 15, 2005 If I ever wanted a big brother, it would have been JB. I was honored to have his council, his friendship and his time. He will be in my heart forever. Snap the gap, Jim. David C. Hernandez, September 15, 2005 Jim was that rare individual who could achieve excellence while working alone or as a part of a team. He brought the same enthusiasm and joy to building a FoxPro database at work as he did to drinking a glass of Chianti after hours. He will be missed. Harold Bledsoe, September 15, 2005 Jimmy and I were students at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. We were good friends and our family's became part of the friendship. With our good friend Karl Hink we went to work for IBM in Poughkeepsie New York after graduation. The three of us shared a house for three years. Karl and I moved to Hawaii but Jimmy was always a friend. Over the years he visited us in Honolulu and recently on the big Island. I will miss him. Kenneth Block, September 14, 2005 What a wonderful time I had teaching with Jim at the SOC! I was always amazed by his passion for mathematics and for his ability to share his knowledge with others . . .He touched so many lives, and he will be sorely missed by both the staff and students at the SOC. What a courageous, fun-loving, unforgettable man! All my love to the family. Sue Stafford, September 14, 2005 I have known Jim for over 10 years from Project SEED. He was on my team. Principals and teachers were sure to listen to Jim or at least act like they were paying attention. He could always make our staff and teachers laugh at workshops. He had his own special way of relating to the students. They respected him for his knowledge and no-nonsense approach. They loved his sense of humor! I loved creating and editing forms with Jim. Someone had to keep him in check! He loved wearing his Santa Claus hat! We hid his other hat in the freezer and made him go on a treasure hunt to find it. Jim and I had some great times eating Italian food and drinking Chianti. When he went to a wine tasting with Harold and me, he didn't care about the bouquet, etc. He wondered why there was all that leftover wine in the middle container. We had some great times at Dave and Busters with John, Mary, and Joe playing shuffleboard. He and I would lose, but it was fun anyway. We made the trek out to Mo's farm with David and his kids. What a trip! I will miss Jim wih his energy, sense of humor, and willingness to listen. Kem Milburn, September 14, 2005 Jim was truly a one-of-a-kind individual. He kept a perpetual smile on his face, always laughing, always inspiring, and most of all - always loveable. Without a doubt, Jim will be missed by all who ever knew him. Terry L Green, September 13, 2005 Andrea, your so very special I have seen you change in the time we have worked together. You have worked so hard through school and I know your father was a big part of that. I am so sorry and I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong your dad will always be with you. Kelly Chambers Kelly Chambers, September 13, 2005 A wonderful caring and intellengent man who is remembered by us as a good friend. The late night pool party with Kim and Joe at our appartment having egg creams and watching the Godfather trilogy. What fun that was, it was always a kick to see Jim in his speedos. All the luncheons and Dinners where we were subjected to Jims whimsical Italian restaurant selection. Once at Pappadeauxs he asked if they had spaghetti on the menu. John and Mary Davis, September 12, 2005 Andrea... I will never forget your beautiful wedding and how happy you were that your dad was able to walk you down the aisle...not halfway either, no sir...all the way down the aisle! One of a lifetime of memories I am sure you cherish. I know how much you adored your dad, and I am so sorry that you are experiencing this grief. Hold on to the beautiful memories, sweet girl, and know that you are loved. All my love always, Half-Pint Kathie Lea Bradfield, September 12, 2005 Andrea, take comfort in the fact that you are who you are because your father was who he was. Regardless of where he is, you will always be his daughter; honor him by being you. Cindy Thrasher, September 12, 2005 I worked with Jim for several years at Project SEED and throughout those times, he was a figure of high energy, laughs, and open heartedness. I will remember making him coffee in the mornings. I will remember the math classes he taught to the other specialists. He opened his home to me and my friends. Truly a great and loving man. Thanks Jim, for all the laughs. You will be missed. Angela Ross, September 11, 2005 We are very glad to have known Vincent thru CCGLA, He was a very outgoing and fun person to be around. Elaine & Family please accept our condolences. Mike & Jim Mike W. Agan, September 10, 2005