Sunitha Kumari Amaravenkata

October 30, 1972 - April 20, 2014

Sunitha Kumari Amaravenkata, 41, of Plano, Texas, passed away at home, with her family and friends by her side, Sunday, April 20, 2014 after battling with Cancer for 3 years.  She was born to Narasimha Rao Bhaskaruni and Bramaramba Bhaskaruni on October 30, 1972, in Chennai, India. Sunitha graduated from Periyar Maniammai College of Technology for Women in 1994. On February 26, 1995, Sunitha married Sat Amaravenkata in Chennai, India.

She is survived by her loving husband, Sat Amarvenkata; son, Shivkar Amara; and daughter, Shivani Amara. A loving daughter, wife and friend, she was proud of her family and loved them dearly. She was a sweet and caring woman who never said an unkind word and donated her body for medical research. She was loved and respected by everyone she met, far and near, and will be missed by all.

Sunitha is a true fighter and a very independent woman. She always wished well and prayed for her family and friends to do well in life. She understood the quality of life and knew that quality of life exceeded the amount of years lived on this planet. She loved to watch movies, exercise, and spend time with parents, family and friends. During her illness, she spent most of her time with family and her loved ones. Her fighting spirit led on to her living a few more months before she could peacefully ascend to heaven.

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made out to the Susan G. Komen Foundation,

A funeral service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, April 26, 2014, at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Chapel, in Allen, Texas. The family will receive friends during a visitation, beginning at 8:30 a.m., Saturday morning, April 26, 2014, at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home in Allen, Texas.

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We met Sunitha at Vinatha and Nagendra's home briefly a year ago. Though we don't know her personally, we have heard so much about the beautiful and gentle soul she was and how she touched so many people in her community! Although no words can really help to ease your loss, our prayers are for Sunitha's soul to rest in peace and for pleasant memories of Sunitha to comfort you and your family now and in the days ahead. Sridevi Buddi, April 30, 2014 We are going to miss Sunitha dearly. Nivas and I just heard the news and we are both devastated. I had the privilege of becoming a close friend with Sunitha when we worked together during 1997-2000. She was a wonderful human being with a heart of gold. Our condolence goes out to Sat and their wonderful children, Shivkar and Shivani. Dear friend, You left us way too soon. Will always remember your smiling face. Love you forever, Hosna and Nivas Hosna Keyhan Nallanthighall, April 28, 2014 Seems like God just rushed through Sunitha’s life. I will always cherish her sweet smile, unique laughter and innocent talks! I’m really glad that we spent some quality time together couple of months ago. It was so much fun chatting about college days… mess, and “cottage”. The highlight for me was recollecting our trip to Madras where we missed the train with our luggage and chased it in bus, auto and finally got in few stations out!! I can never forget the expressions on Sunitha’s and Vijaigeetha’s face in that trip!! I admire her courage, perseverance and how she always wanted to help others even through her difficult times. Sunitha has given me a different perspective on life now… I hope and pray that Sat, Sai and Shivani get through these difficult times. Miss you... Vijaipria Jayaraman, April 27, 2014 We are deeply saddened by the news of Sunitha passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.May God give you immense strength and courage to overcome this terrible loss. Suman and Praveen Gaddam, April 26, 2014 I am still not able to believe she is no more. May her soul rest in peace and pray god to give strength to her near and dear ones. Chithra Damodaran, April 26, 2014 There had not been single day in the past 3 years when I have not thought about Sunitha. We all look up to you Sunitha. You are most patient, hardworking,diligent, knowledgeable and most of all a very smiling and cheerful person. It always made me wonder how can any person be so perfect.We have learnt so much from you in the past three years. An amazing soul that has left all of us for a better world.I cannot forget that entire day we spent together at NSF.May your soul rest in peace. You will be deeply and dearly missed. Rachana Kowtha, April 26, 2014 We have known Sunitha's family for over 10 years. She is a wonderful person who was always cheerful and optimistic. She was very passionate about kids and their well being. It is heart breaking to see her leave this world at such an young age. We pray to god to give the family the strength and courage to move forward. Nothing will change the fact that we will all miss her. Rajani & Dora Potluri, April 25, 2014 How do we say goodbye to someone we've known for so long and so well. We keep replaying all the moments again and again - from those early days living in the same apartment building, to sharing a few laughs over christmas break a year ago. We were almost strangers when we first met, and very soon we were part of family. Her kindness, warmth, advice to always do the right thing - these will be part of our lives. The bond that we felt with her was eternal and it will remain so. And lastly, we will never be able to enjoy Pulihora again - a dish that she always had for us, whenever we visited. Nupur, Shankar Mishra, April 25, 2014 Your memories always remind us the gentle, caring and the endless love you have showered on each of us. We will miss you dearly. Suneetha Mallela, April 25, 2014 I will remember and cherish the days I spent with you during our college days and the bus travels we did together. I still can feel you sitting by my side as we traveled to our college. You are a brave person Suni. May God give your family courage during this difficult time. Vijaigeetha Chittaranjan, April 25, 2014 I know Sunitha from college and it's been 20 years since I last saw her. Her bright smile, high energy, sincerity, being studious and hard working are some of the things that come to mind when I think of her. During her senior year, she was the student secretary of the Computer Science Department. We had to organize workshops, symposiums etc and it was a good opportunity to take a break from classes! Not Sunitha. She would always make sure she fulfilled her responsibilities as Secretary AND attended all classes on time. I remember Sunitha and VijaiGeetha travelling to other colleges to present technical papers in symposiums, a rarity, especially from our college in those days. She was the college topper in academics. In addition, she had a close circle of friends and was a very good friend to everyone who knew her. She is one of the sweetest people I've known, truly beautiful inside out. I am in awe of how she has handled her illness. It seems like life threw rocks on you, but you had managed to build a road to walk on. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband, son and daughter. She is out there watching out for you. Kayar Harikrishna, April 25, 2014 This is a for Sunitha, someone who is so special whom I have not even met in my path nor I have never spoken to this lady. But, all I used to hear about her from my colleague Raechel. There was a good vibration to hear about such a wonderful human being who is willing to help in every step to her friends, relatives who is in need. Such a brave, caring, brainy, calm personality ! We really miss you Sunitha. I pray god give more strength to your family. RIP Geetha Nadiger, April 25, 2014 May her soul Rest in Peace, Let god give the strength and courage to her family to bear the loss. Kavitha Ramesh, April 25, 2014 Always a smile,always true,thoughtful and kind,wonderful memories she left behind.Missing you sunitha. I hope and pray your husband and kids are able to recover from this loss. chitra banu rameshkumar, April 25, 2014 Sri Krishna said: The soul is never born nor dies at any time. Soul has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. Soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. Soul is not slain when the body is slain." (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 20) prasanthi Kolli, April 24, 2014 Sunitha was an incredibly nice person to work with and a wonderful soul in general. She will be sorely missed. Robert Dupont, April 24, 2014 I came to know that Sunitha was an extraordinary person when working on hers and Sats taxes. When I worked with Sunitha I was impressed by her bright mind and her wonderful attention to detail. It was as if she could be an accountant in addition to her regular job. Sat and the kids were truly blessed with her presence. Jeff Pickering, April 24, 2014 No words to express.. Missing her.. I cannot still believe it. The time we spent this Feb over a weekend @ Sunita's place will always be treasured. She is very strong, determined,intelligent, kind and loving person. She always wanted to keep everyone around her happy no matter how much pain she was suffering inside. I sincerely pray that God should give strength to Sat,Sai,Shivani, Parents & extended family to get through the toughest time in thier lives. Sunita will defintely want Sat,Sai and Shivani to be more strong and move forward as she is always in your hearts. Sunita definitely gave all us different way to look at life. She said.. "Live the moment, be happy always and do not crib over petty things in life" .. You have proved to be wonderful human being. We love you Sunita and will be missed most. I pray for her soul to rest in peace. Bhavani Arul, April 24, 2014 Though I never met Sunitha in person,she left a lasting impression in our lives with her fighting spirit and love for the family. May God bless her soul and give the family the strength and courage to recover from the loss. Priya Varigala, April 24, 2014 We were always privileged to know Sunitha and her loving family for more than a decade. She was one of the most positive individuals that anyone could come across in one’s life. In the last 3 years, we had been visiting the family every opportunity we got and not one time had she expressed her anguishes. She is the perfect example of the quote “No Matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up and never give up”. Irrespective of her sufferings, she never missed our family occasions to cherish us and others around us. Sunitha, all those fond memories will be with us forever and THANK YOU for making such wonderful memories. We pray to God to give lot of strength and courage to Sat, Sai, Shivani, her loving parents and family. You will be missed FOREVER Sunitha!!! Sunitha Aunty was so sweet, caring and considerate to others - Anvitha Nagendra and Vinatha Makineni, April 24, 2014 Sunitha was a very kind and positive person and I am fortunate to have been her friend. I will always remember her as a special person in my life. May her soul rest in peace. Usha Gollapudi, April 23, 2014 Sunitha Aunty had been with me for as long as I can remember. She always told me to do my best in whatever I do. Sunitha Aunty worked hard to ensure the best life possible for everyone around her. I still remember her driving Sai and I to chess competitions and many other extra circular activities. I remember her helping Sai and I decide our high school courses. She always gave us the best advice possible. Most of all, I remember the amount of patience she had. Sunitha Aunty would never get mad at us, no matter how much commotion we caused, she always made sure to tell us in the nicest manner possible. I'll never forget all the sleepovers and parties we had as kids growing up. You could never even tell that Sunitha Aunty was sick; she had such a positive attitude to life. Sunitha Aunty made everyone around her smile, whether it was by telling jokes or just simply by sharing a fond memory, everyone was instantly happy when they were around Sunitha Aunty. I can definitely say that life won't be the same without Sunitha Aunty. I know all of her friends and family will miss her deeply, but I can assure you she's in a better place. Sunitha Aunty is one of the most kind, caring, and positive individuals I have ever met. It has been a privilege to know her. I know these past years have been short, but they have been well cherished. It's good to know that she had spent her last days surrounded by the people that care about her the most. Sunitha Aunty, you will be greatly missed. We love you. Nihar Makineni, April 23, 2014 I have known Sunitha for about 13 years now, and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of her is her lovely smile, pleasant personality, her energy , and a lovely lady with a down to earth personality. She was a tough fighter the last three years and I'm sure I have lots to learn from her. It is too hard to believe that she has gone but she going to be in our hearts forever. We will miss her dearly. I pray to GOD bless her soul and help her rest in peace and also to give a lot of strength for her husband and kids to cope with the immense loss. Latha Kotha, April 23, 2014 I have known Sunitha from the day I have joined Lennox, worked along with her for 5 yrs. She is such a grt fren and colleague , I still remember the day when she first came to know abt this deadly disease and I was beside her heartbroken myself and tried to console her that she will be fine and she will make it through and she was brave enough to console me back , she was such a brave fighter and fought till last minute , I wish her family immense strength in this moment of grief and dear Sunitha you will be missed a lot . Sujatha Kalidindi, April 23, 2014 We have been friends of Sunitha for nearly 20 years and she was one of the most caring, selfless, affectionate and classy human beings we have had the privilege of knowing. Her cheerfulness and concern for others even though she was suffering tremendously herself was and will always be truly inspirational for us. We will forever cherish the fond memories of our interaction with her. Though all those who were lucky enough to know her will miss her deeply on earth, we are sure that the heavens above will be welcoming home one of its sweetest angels. Vidya and Pradeep Bandla, April 23, 2014 I did not have the privilege to meet sunitha in person, but have been impressed by the grit she showed fighting the last 3 years. Her family and friends loved her dearly and she will be missed. I wish her peace and strength to the family to cope with the loss. Vivek Kakkar, April 23, 2014 I am proud to be brother of such a brave & loving personality, I am proud of her for resisting a long time battle. The last 20 day of time i spent with her is the top memorable moment of my life, which i cant retain again for my life time. We all are so unlucky for losing her around us. She always been a moral of my life & pet daughter of my Dad... I am very sorry for my parents & SAT (bava) who is bearing the highest pain than any other. I request all my Friends & Relatives to keep Sunitha's family in your prayers. Thanks. Prakash Bommisetty, April 23, 2014 Sunil, as she is fondly called by all her engineering batchmates was a very kind, down to earth, simple and loved by all. She was engineering topper, yet so simple and a role model for many. Sunil you are badly missed, but we will carry forward those good character of yours in our lives. Thank you for that! Pray to God to comfort Amaravenkata, Shivkar and Shivani during this trying time and lead and guide them. Will continue to uphold you all in our prayers. Love you Sunil! Evelene Raechel, April 23, 2014 Miss you dear.You will remain evergreen in my heart just like how our college memories are. Our prayers for you and your family dear. Our love to the kds.I am still in shock. May your soul RIP. Subha (Subhi) Ganesh, April 22, 2014 I have known Sunitha since past 13 years and she is very special to me and my family.She is very brave,humble and a kindest friend. Her attitude towards life and her will power is truly an inspiration to all of us. Sunitha's memories will be etched in our hearts forever. May her soul rest in peace and may GOD give all the strength needed to her family to recover from this loss. Jyothi Nemani, April 22, 2014 Sunitha, we knew was gentle, caring, always had a smile on her face and never hurt a soul. We miss her. We hope her soul rests in peace. We pray that, god will bless her family that she left behind with us Samba & Pallavi Karnati, April 22, 2014 Sunitha tried and tried to teach me how to say, "Amaravenkata". I insisted that I wanted to say it correctly when I introduced her in Toastmasters. She would just chuckle when I say it wrong, even after all that coaching. Sunitha even shared with me the story of your last name. Sunitha was so very kind. And she LOVED her family. I am so glad I got to spend time with her in the Toastmaster meetings; and I am so sad that she is gone. Sunitha, you are missed greatly. Kerrie Kitchell, April 22, 2014 May God Blessing this family, You are in my prayers.... Quanitus Wren, April 22, 2014 It was my privilege to be in the same workgroup with Sunitha during her time at Lennox, and to also be a member of our Toastmasters chapter with her. Her technical talents aside, Sunitha was one of the kindest, most genuine, and sweetest-spirited people that I've ever met. It was a privilege to have known and worked with her. Jim Key, April 22, 2014