Stephen N. (Steve) Douthit

March 22, 1943 - October 25, 2012

Stephen N. (Steve) Douthit, 69, of McKinney, Texas, passed away October 25, 2012, at home following a brief struggle with lung cancer. Steve was born in Gainesville, Florida on March 22, 1943 to Ruby and Frank “Pete” Douthit. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1965, Steve embarked on a 30-year career with Texas Instruments, retiring as a vice president of manufacturing operations in the Defense Systems & Electronics group in 1995. Steve went on to serve as a vice president of manufacturing for both Vickers (in Toledo, Ohio), and Allied Signal (in Newark, New Jersey), before returning to McKinney, Texas in 1998. As a full-time retiree, Steve took great pleasure in asking those still in the work force “what day of the week is this?” and spent most of his time on the golf course. You would also often find him on the back patio, reading his “maggies” (everything from Money to Car & Driver) or working the crossword puzzle, and sipping on a brandy with soda. In recent years, the family room was his favorite spot, where he would nap sitting straight up on the edge of the sofa. Steve is survived by his wife of over 25 years, Annamaria; daughters, Dawn Wolverton (Kirk) and Deborah Piper; grandsons, Derryl Piper and Jack Wolverton; brother, Peter Douthit (Donnie); sister-in-law, Frances Beitel (Daryl); niece, Sundena Johnson; and nephews, Daniel Hamilton, James Douthit (Lisa), Steve Douthit, Don Douthit, and Kenneth Bochette. Steve was preceded in death by his parents and sister, Patricia.

A memorial service will be held at 4:00 p.m., Monday, October 29, 2012, at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Chapel with Rev. Charles Stokes officiating.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial donation to the American Cancer Society ( or a charity of your choice.

Remember Steve’s motto: “Not to worry!”

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Although it may appear that some folks are long forgotten over the years, but not for me. To deny that I never learned anything from his life would be wrong. For there was so much more to his career, and simple life, playing golf or reading his “maggies”, that defies description; his decency and the immensity of his American Spirit. If there is one word that could describe him best for me, is that of a “Builder”. He made a difference, most certainly in my life. I came to know him first on Thanks giving day in November of 1985. What happened after that for the next 4 years change my life forever. In the years that I came to know all his 3 wives, past and present, the more I admired his generosity and humility. I believe Steve had a general love for mankind, and humanity. I believe that he respected the dignity of those who worked with and for him, or were near him. While, I was privileged to know his family intimately, I learned of another of his qualities. Steve wanted to make a difference, however subtle, and however discreet. Whether to family, to God, to Country, or his work, in his view, loyalty was everything – Priceless. I chose to accept that, and made it part of my life. It has taken me to places that I could have never imagined. And for that, I am grateful. I learned the golden keys of leadership; humility, to reward loyalty, and to stand up for what you believe. I saw his monumental love, although not obvious to human heart at times, but more so revealing in his actions, especially for his daughters and family. I received his kindness, generosity, and care. I am forever thankful for his citizenship and for his humor; he was my model of a decent American; trying to be there for everyone. He had no vices or biases, no prejudice that I could think of. He taught me not to take life so seriously, and not to worry. Although many years has passed that I saw him last, and while no one may care or choose to see how far he reached, I can never forget nor ignore what he did for me. He will always be my "Chief" or Number "1" (I used to call him that); it was just so that I adopted him, as my own. This Thanks giving day, I will have Steven and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I shall miss this young man, his humor and positive perspective on life. To that end, for ills so immeasurable, time and silence are the only medicine. I pray therefore to the almighty, to render peace, silence, and to touch the souls of all afflicted with this immense loss. I pray for the enlightenment of all afflicted, to grasp of some comfort, that the term is not very distant, at which we are to deposit in the same cerement, our sorrows and suffering bodies, and to ascend in essence to an ecstatic celestial meeting with the friends and families we have loved and lost, and whom we shall still love and never lose again. Sam Soheili, November 16, 2012 You are in our thoughts and prayers. Robo and Gwen Gutierrez, October 31, 2012 Thoughts, prayers and love to all. Priscilla Douthit, October 29, 2012 Steve and Anna opened up their home to this over-zealous Packer fan (me). Mr. Douthit’s contagious laughter as I cheered my Packers to a win over his Cowboys proved he was a gracious host. I met him only one more time after that when he allowed me to have a surprise package for my new husband delivered to his home; Steve met Debbie and I for a secret delivery of the package and treated us to lunch. Good memories of a good man. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and your lives. Kimberly Gibson, October 27, 2012