Maurer, Mike

Michael John Maurer

August 26, 1933 - February 21, 2021

Michael John Maurer, 87, passed away on February 21, 2021.  He was born on August 26, 1933, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to William and Veronica Maurer. Mike attended Saint Bernard’s Catholic Elementary School and Cretin High School. Both institutions cemented his love and devotion for his Catholic faith. After being drafted into the Army and serving in Europe during the Korean War, he returned home to marry his love, Marcie. He graduated from St. Thomas College in 1959, and began a successful career with IBM.

In 1965, with four young children and one on the way, he and Marcie took a leap of faith and moved to Dallas, Texas, to join a brand new company called Electronic Data Systems. Mike was the 29th employee in a company that would grow into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Some thoughts from his dear friend and colleague Mort Meyerson sum up Mike’s time at EDS:

“On January 21, 1966, I met Mike Maurer for the first time. I was assigned to work on an EDS project he was leading.

He had a kind demeanor, but was large and rather intimidating. I soon learned he had a genuinely warm heart and soul.

Over time I discovered he was an All State football and baseball player from St. Paul, MN. He was very smart and I never saw him act aggressively or negatively toward anyone. He was an excellent leader and cared deeply about his team and the customer. 

I worked for Mike for about a year. Later I was managing a project that had explosive growth. I went to Mike and asked him if he would consider working for me on the project. He agreed to work with me and for the next 20 years we worked together. There were times of despair and times of triumph. Mike was even-keeled through the storms of success and failure and was always there, reliable and dependable. He was the best manager I ever worked for and one of the greatest human beings I have ever known. He was powerful and kind; a very rare combination.

His powerful Catholic faith was deeply embedded in his soul. We would take midnight breaks when pulling all nighters talking about the similarities and differences between Judaism and Catholicism. Based on Mike's view and demeanor I could have been a good Catholic should I have had different parents.”

Mike retired from EDS in 1993.

He and Marcie shared 23 wonderful years together, before her death in 1978. He remarried, and spent 32 happy years with his wife Betty.

To say Mike loved sports was an understatement.  He was the team captain of his grade school and high school football and baseball teams. His tour of duty in the Army included playing in the Army football and baseball leagues that toured Europe. Mike was honored to play with a number of great athletes, but even more honored to call those same grade school and high school athletes his friends until his final days.  He also loved to golf and thoroughly enjoyed attending and “investing” in the horse races; especially in the summers, when he spent time at his home in Lake Tahoe.

Mike is survived by his sons, Tom and wife, Sandy, Bob and wife, Jodie,  Jim and wife, Jodi; his daughters, Kathy Larson and husband, Dan and Jeanne Olson. He leaves behind many loving grandchildren, whom he cherished; and so many nieces and nephews, whom he loved like his own kids. He often said his favorite title was “Uncle Mike.”

Mike is preceded in death by his wife, Marcie; wife, Betty; son, John; brother, Bill; and his sisters, Joan and Catherine.

A funeral mass will be held at 1:00 p.m., Friday, March 5, 2021 at Saint Patrick Catholic Church, 9645 Ferndale Road in Dallas. Internment will follow at Calvary Hill Cemetery. 

The family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to the entire staff at Teresa’s House, most especially to Godwin, Sarah and Tiffany.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial donation to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota; Catholic Charities; or the charity of your choice.

Mike was a class act; kind and exceedingly generous; fiercely devoted to his family, a devout Catholic, a dedicated mentor and a friend to all who knew him.

The service will be live-streamed and a link will be provided soon.

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I met Mike about 35 Years ago and must admit was a little intimidated at first, but it didn't take long to realize what a special man he was. I have so many special memories. The two weeks Jeanne and I spent in Lake Tahoe every year with Mike and Betty were the best. Mike would pick us up at the airport with a full bar in the trunk. He was always thinking of others and knew I hated that drive up the mountain. Happy hours, precisely at 5:00 pm, on the patio overlooking all the beauty Lake Tahoe had to offer. Mike and Betty always insisted we accompany them to their anniversary dinner and of course always had the best table in the house which of course was in the center of the room. Mike, thank you for treating me like your own. I will miss that laugh and smile and the many talks we had. Rest in peace my special friend. Tina Williams, February 25, 2021 Mike was a major impacting force on my career at EDS. I regard meeting Mike and being able to count him as one of my best friends and a super colleague one of things I will remember for the rest of my days. Our families were close in Camp Hill until the mobility of EDS caught up with me. Our fond memories of Marcie and Betty will last forever, but, the memory of the Easter egg hunts with all our children at Mike’s house will outshine them all. It is with great sadness that I say - “I miss you already”. Keep a spot for me. JOHN MUSCARELLA John Miscarella, February 24, 2021 All of us understand and appreciate what Mike was to EDS and will miss him. I met Mike in mid 1961 when I joined the IBM office in St. Paul, Minnesota. We worked together, socialized, played a little golf over the next 2-3 years until he left for EDS. We had some enjoyable lunches at a little neighborhood bar in east St. Paul where they would sing us the IBM song. Rejoined Mike at EDS in 1966. Over the next few years became close and even attended each other Dad's funerals. Mike came to Canova, S. Dak., and I traveled to Sleepy Eye, Minn. That was a rewarding experience as was working with Mike those many years. Rest in peace, my friend. See you on the other side of the Jordan. Denny Gough, February 24, 2021 Mike and both Betty and Marcie were close friends of my parents through the St Patrick’s community. Mike was always their for them. Mike was how I learned of EDS not as a company but as a place of integrity that always looked out for its people. Thank you Mr. Mauer (Mike) for your example of what a good man is......all good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Joe Hogan, February 24, 2021 Mike was a former resident of ours here at Five Star Premier, Such a kind and loving man.. He would fill the room with happiness, with just a smile. My dearest condolences to his family, May he rest in peace. You will forever be in our hearts here at Five Star. - Jennifer Vasquez Jennifer Vasquez, February 24, 2021 Mike was my first real manager when I joined EDS and was assigned to go on a tour reviewing Medicare Part B efforts in Blue Shield organizations. I was new to all thus so he kind of took we under his wing and I just followed his lead. He would get with me often to discuss what we had seen and what I had learned. Because of Mike I learned a lot. We had a natural connection coming from Minnesota and the Twin City IBM offices, along with Denny, Tom and Fred, but Mike was like that with everyone. Mike was the quintessential example of a Christian gentleman someone who has been met with the greeting "well done my good and faithful servant". Ray Maturi, February 24, 2021 I first worked with Mike in 1967. My greatest personal memory of Mike was an assignment from Mort. Mike was going to be honored by that fabulous Catholic High School in St Paul with induction into the alumni Hall of Fame. He was in my organization and I was “ordered” to fly him and some family to the induction simply because the rules allowed me to use a plane. I didn’t dread it but it was a distraction in an EDS working culture and I am sure I thought I had better things to do. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The school was something a public school guy from a poor piss ant town in Oklahoma had never seen. The event was huge with leaders from all over the country. Those people there live forever and the Hall of Famers past and present couldn’t have been more impressive. Mike was known well by all not just because of his success but because of a lifetime of giving back to his school. Naturally, Mike treated me like family and it left a lifelong imprint. Mike was the best man ever. Stuart Reeves, February 24, 2021 Knew Mike from Camp Hill days in the 70s. Was always a pleasure to deal with. The consummate gentleman!! Bob Conover, February 24, 2021 Mike was a dear friend, a mentor during our years at EDS, and the epitome of integrity. He will be missed by all who had the opportunity to know him. Pete Mefford, February 24, 2021 Mike, Don Peritz and I played golf regularly at Dallas Athletic Club until Mike gave up his membership. We had many enjoyable outings at the club where Mike was friends with all the members. When we worked together, he loved to go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I enjoyed going with him. Mike was so proud of his family and his EDS family as well. He was always so positive as we worked together on projects. He came to First Baptist Church on several occasions with a friend of his at his place of residency. I saw him frequently and he pulled me aside one day and informed me he was still a Catholic even though he was coming to our church with a friend. We will miss him! David Miller, February 24, 2021 It was a honor to take care and get to know and love Mr. Mike. He was always sweet and such a gentleman. He always had a smile on his face and was just a pleasure to be around. He will be truly missed at Teresa's House. Brandy Smith , February 24, 2021 Mike is a giant in the development of our company, EDS. He was a great leader and friend. He was extraordinary in ability to read individuals and provide guidance. He is deeply missed. Dan Butler, February 24, 2021 Like so many others, I had a wonderful relationship with Mike. He was my mentor and one of my best friends. Whether we worked together or were separated by work assignments or distance, he was always there, just a phone call away and eager to help with any problem or opportunity. I will never forget him. He my virtual big brother. Todd Carlson, February 23, 2021 Mike was my very first manager when I joined EDS in November 1969. We were part of the Medicare claims processing team. When I met Mike and the team all doubts I had about joining this young startup company evaporated. I knew I had made the best decision for Carol and I. Mike was the most caring and ethical person I had ever met and, when Carol had her first cancer scare and surgery, he could not have been more helpful and gracious. He shooed me out of work like a mother hen and wouldn't let me come back until Carol was home and doing well. I've had several other managers who I looked up to at EDS but, since Mike was the first he will always hold a special place in my heart. Our condolences to all the family and friends who grieve his loss and who also cherish all the fond memories made with Mike. Jim & Carol Goode, February 23, 2021 Mike was "the best of the best" and he will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing this kind, generous & Intelligent leader. Rest in peace my dear friend. Mal Gudis, February 23, 2021 I didn’t know Mike but I have heard how loving he was and what a good man he was from Jeanne. She loved him so. I’m very sorry for your loss. Praying God blesses each of you with special memories. Debi Lokey, February 23, 2021 My condolences to the Maurer Family. Sounds like a man we can all strive to emulate. My thoughts and prayers to assuage your loss. Kevin O'Neill, February 23, 2021 Mike was a role model for me and many, many others. His ability to remain calm and ,encourage others under stress was unmatched. His gentle nature coupled with his commitment to do the right thing was inspiring. A true gentleman. Coley Clark, February 23, 2021 Mike, what a privilege to walk with you for 27 years. From dinners out with Betty & you, talking about faith, leadership, golf, family and bringing you your favorite breakfast fruit, blueberries from East Texas, I will always cherish those times and your engaging smile. Remembering a quote from those earliest days “A big man is a man that makes others feel bigger.” That is what you did for me and many others. I will miss you and remember you fondly. Sincerely, Ricky Ricky Grunden, Sr. , February 23, 2021 Mr. Maurer was a great, great man. I had the privilege of living next to him and his five children when I was growing up. I spent many joyous hours in the Maurer household with the kids and their father. He became like a second dad to me. Throughout adulthood, I stayed in touch with the Maurers, and we shared many more memorable times. Mr. Maurer was an unforgettable man who touched so many lives. Ed Housewright, February 23, 2021 Mike was one of the finest men, and one of the most devout Catholic, I have ever known. It was a great privilege to be his friend. He will be missed. Amy Love, February 23, 2021 All of you have my deepest sympathy. I so enjoyed the visits your dad made to Sleepy Eye and his phone calls just to see how people around here were doing. He impacted many people here with his friendliness, business advice, generosity, and appreciation of Catholic education. I am sure God is saying to him, "Well done my good and faithful servant." Mary Gangelhoff, February 23, 2021 He was a dear "father figure" to me -- and will be missed. Condolences to Tom, Bob, Kathy and Jim. Kevin Kenzenkovic, February 23, 2021