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Rev. Maurice Dinka-Mba, Sr.

June 19, 1954 - June 26, 2018

Rev. Maurice Dinka-Mba Sr. of Plano, Texas passed away June 26, 2018 at the age of 64.   

Rev. Maurice was the epitome of gentlemanly conduct.  He was a loving husband, proud father, gentle grandfather, remarkable brother and friend, respected in-law, humble servant of God, a man of peace and widely recognized as leader among his people. 

Rev. Maurice self-awareness was obvious, and his illuminating, compassionate and engaging spirit was in clear sight to everyone he came across.  His life was a demonstration of love, and while we mourn his departure, let’s also rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for his lovely family and the ever lasting impression he left on earth.  

Rev. Maurice is survived by his spouse, Drusilla Dinka-Mba; children, Antoine Dinka-Mba, Maxim Dinka-Mba, Susan Dinka-Mba, and Maurice Dinka-Mba, Jr. all of Plano, Texas; granddaughter, Gabriella Grace Dinka-Mba; sisters, Marian Mbah, Mary Mbah and Sabina Neba; and brothers, Andrew Mbah, Valentine Mbah, Willibroad Mbah, Aloysius Mbah and Joseph Mbah.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Anthony and Agatha Mbah.

A funeral service will be held at 12:00 noon, Saturday, August 11, 2018 at First Baptist Church of McKinney, 1615 West Louisiana Street, McKinney, Texas 75069. Interment is to follow at Ridgeview Memorial Park in Allen, Texas. The family will receive friends during a visitation on Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home, 2525 Central Expressway North Allen, Texas 75013.


My Dear Husband, Maurice Dinka Mba Sr.,

How I have loved you and love you yet, and still I cannot begin to count the ways your love was just so real. The way you cared for me shall carry me for a lifetime, but the way you loved me should carry me seven times. I am more than blessed to have experienced such a pure love in you. I am more than blessed to have experienced the love of God through you. Whatsoever I have lost in life I consider it not a loss in comparison to you.

You knew I was an orphan in need of much care. You knew I was an orphan and so you would not dare. Dare to act as a brute, dare to be cold and never a mute. But with loving kindness in words and deeds, you loved me exceptionally when I was abased and in need.

You brought out the best in me. Remained gentle and strong while God perfected His character in me; your strength has made me a better woman, a better mother, a better servant and a much better lover…I can run this race better now! I don’t have to be swift; I don’t have to be strong. I only have to endure by His grace until it’s done; you’ve taught me well Maurice! Yes, you’ve taught me well. I am Mrs. Drusilla Dinka Mba!

Well done, my love, you have far exceeded your assignment from The Father to bring me great joy in life. Well done, my love, you have far exceeded the purposes of God to lead me into His wondrous light! Well done Honey! I can hear the Lord Jesus and a host of angels congratulating you. Well done!

I want to thank you again daddy for nurturing me and giving me your all. Thank you for the wonderful children that you have given to me and being a son of God to us and for us all. Thank you my love for leading us, your family to drink at the fountains of God. Thank you for so often picking up fresh manna from heaven and feeding us Sunday after Sunday. It wasn’t difficult to follow you at all my dear.

I’ve been thinking of John 1:12, “But as many as received Him, to them gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:” Your leadership and love was indeed welcomed bits in our mouths. Many people do not witness the power of God in action in their homes, but I’m thankful today that in you I’ve witnessed the receiving of the power to become a child of God. Thank you my love for raising up our family to be God fearing servants. I know that your sons and daughter and I will continue in our journey of becoming and being children of God that are faithful till the end.

Honorable, yes you are indeed! You have kept your vows to me, till death do us part; you have loved, cherished me, forsaken others and honored me in life as well as in your death. So, I therefore will love, cherish and honor you till we meet again. Rest well my love. Sing Hallelujah to the Lamb my Lord. You have served us well.  Loving you to eternity,

Mrs. Drusilla Dinka


Dad, Maurice Dinka-Mba

Dad I love you and admire you for everything that you have taught me since my first pulse. When I look in the mirror, I always see the reflection of you staring back at me. You were a man of many talents and few words as we all knew. If there are a couple of traits that I have spiritually inherited from you over the years, which will always live in my spirit, it would be your work ethic and your humility. You were a man that always taught me how to put God first at all times. When I was a kid, I would sneak into your room and witness you on your knees praying to God with your bible in your hands. The interesting thing about kids and their parents that most people overlook is that kids observe the actions of their parents just as much as parents observe the action of kids. Today we honor you as a hard-working man who was an influential inspiration to all of us. You were a kind-hearted man who never wanted any trouble from anyone. I will always view you as my role model of what a man should look like. Even though it will take me a while to get used to being the only Maurice Dinka-Mba left in the family, I am still proud to have the opportunity to honor your name until I join you in heaven one day. Keep resting in peace Dad, we all love you, but God loved you more. Love you Dad.

Pastor Antoine Dinka-Mba


It is difficult to say farewell to you dad, but we will always remain thankful for the guidance, wisdom, and love that you passed on to us. As hard as it is to say you are gone, I know my Father above loved you so much to take you back. I am merely thankful that God blessed me, your family, and the world with you. Noting a lot of the things you did, you were a man of action, respect, your word, selflessness, joy and of love. You were successful. But what is a successful man – a successful man is one “who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who leaves the world better than he found it; who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it.; who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had.”

We will always remember your special smile, caring heart, and soft embrace you expressed with steadfastness. We will build off the shoulders of what you taught us through the Lord, and strive to be better than where you left off (by His grace). I thank you for not only telling me how to live; but while living, allowing me to watch you do it.

Evg-Maxim Dinka-Mba

My dear father

Daddy-O or Papa like I would call you, you were a man of substance. A man whose smile could literally brighten up your day with his shining pearly white teeth. A God fearing man, a man of valor and a man of peace; Daddy, you taught me so many things in this thing called life and I will never forget them. You taught me to always put and keep God first, that there’s nothing wrong with having five planners. Just as long as you plan well and execute and to always keep my receipts. No matter where it was from; whether it’s a gas station or the campus bookstore. “Always keep your receipts, Sue.” That was one of my many nicknames from him. For those that truly know me, know I am the biggest daddy’s girl and there is so much I can say about my father. I actually had three to four pages worth of memories to share. But to keep it short and sweet, I can say this. For everyone who knew my father, you were blessed. If you didn’t know him, I honestly feel so sorry for you. He was one of, if not the most compassionate, most intelligent individuals ever. It was and still is such an absolute honor to call him my father. It literally breaks my heart having to write this knowing my future spouse & children will not get a chance to meet you, but I know you are in a better place and that’s what truly gives me peace. Your legacy will not be forgotten! So, Daddy-O...until we meet again. I love you, always and forever. Rest In Power and Rest In Peace.


Susan Dinka Mba a.k.a Sue your one and only Princess.


I love you so much and I thank you for everything you’ve showed me. You made me the man I am today. I still can’t fathom how you managed to handle situations and make our family stick together throughout every challenge we had to face. I am very grateful for your life and the education you gave me and my siblings. Now you are gone and it’s just so surreal; it is unbelievable. Throughout 34 years of life you showed me so much love and concern. I will do my best to do the same, or better still, do better than what you expected of me. I still replay your laughter in my head as well as your gentle ways. You were not a man of many words. I remember on many occasions when you would come up to me and say both “son, I’m proud of you” and “son, I’m happy for you”! Those words I will never forget. I pray hope you watch over us from heaven. You will forever live in my heart. Goodbye for now dad. I love you so much. Rest in perfect peace.

 Maurice Dinka-Mba, Jr.


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I just found out about my very good friend Maurice. God bless your soul. You and your lovely wife came to my wedding. I loved you like a brother.
Bakh Dargali, January 5, 2019 Sir Dinka, Rest well, in the bossom of our Lord. Your legacy and generosity, opening your home to strangers near and far, will always be remembered. May your hard work and dedication to your family and loved ones be evident in how they live on. God bless and comfort you all. Mrs Dinka, your children, Sister Marianna, Sister Mary, and the entire family and well wishers, you are all in our hearts and prayers. Mr. and Mrs. Legbara, August 10, 2018 Uncle Maurice, forever in our hearts. Words alone are not enough to describe what a kind, gentle, welcoming and loving in-law you've been to our family. It's such a great loss not just to us but to the community at large because of the many lives you touched. We pray for Sister and the kids to remain strong during this difficult time, and while we mourn your exit from this world, we're comforted knowing you're in a better place. Heaven has received one of its finest. Rest in peace Uncle Maurice. Mozong Eno, August 10, 2018 My Dearest elder brother, you have been an epitome worth emulating. Carbon print of our late father. You have impacted positively the lives of our family members and beyond. You funnily called me " Mr Bigs", which is my business tittle instead of my real names. We need and miss you more than ever, but the Almighty God needs you more than us. You left the stage when the applause was still on. Have eternal life in the kingdom of God. I, Jr, Cynthia.. shall never forget you. Your younger brother Andrew Ndum Mbah Mbah Andrew Ndum, August 10, 2018 "Fare Thee Well" Maurice an 'amicus' & a 'frater', in Latin, a friend and a brother! We met beginning day, Class of 1968 in Bishop Rogan, Junior Seminary, Soppo- Buea. We became friends and flocked as a group of younger students as opposed to the rest of the class composed of "C" teachers & cathechists going back to school. In our group of Tiko, Kumba & Mamfe boys, Maurice was loved by all because he was so soft spoken and quiet. He did not like any arguments or distractions. He was a total gentleman. Again as destiny would have it, the whole group did not go on to the major seminary for priesthood, but for 4. Maurice was also one of the first in our group to settle down with his one and only sweetheart, Drusilla Dinka! He did very well as an entrepreneur, realizing his american dream. He created jobs for his community at large and gave generously to many charitable organizations. He did everything with a smile and infected all who came across him with love. Maurice, I can't claim you as just my friend but I can share you with a host of the classmates who enjoyed your company. You have left behind us a wife and family but rest assured we will be checking on them. Please as you go on remember us to our other class mates who had gone ahead: Esoh George, Nkafu George; Fr. Suh Ngwa, Sylvester; Tawang Tah, Protus; Kum Francis; Ndi Nfi Alfonse and those who I can not remember from the Class of 1968. 'Adios mi amigo'! Requiesce in Pace'! Nick & Florence Tindong, MD, USA
Nicholas Tindong(Class of 1968) Bishop Rogan Junior Seminary, Soppo , Buea, Cameroon;Maryland, USA, August 9, 2018 My dearest brother Ni Maurice! Words cannot begin to describe the pain, sorrow and the emptiness we feel since you left us. June 26th 2018 will forever be a day of infamy in our family’s history. It broke our hearts to lose you at the tender age of 64. I guess your assignment here was finished, and God needed you in Heaven for your next assignment. Heaven must be rejoicing to receive another Angel. When you left, you did not go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home. In life we loved you dearly, in death, we will continue to love you. You were not just a brother, you were everything to us; You were head of our family, our spiritual leader, counselor, our pillar to lean on in times of difficulties. You left your wife and four beautiful children, and many precious memories that we will live to cherish. Your love will continue to be our guide, and though we cannot see you, we know you will always be with us. Another link to our family chain is once again broken, nothing will forever be the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link us again to part no more. We thank you profoundly for the love and support you’ve shown us through the years. We thank God for your life. We are very proud and blessed to have had you as our sibling. We couldn’t have asked for a better brother than you. While in Heaven, continue to pray for us as you’ve always done, for we will need your prayers more now than ever to help us cope with your untimely departure. Greetings to Mom and Dad, and all who’ve gone before us. You’ll be forever in our hearts. May your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace with the Lord till we meet again!
Mary Mbah-Jones (Sister), August 9, 2018
May your soul rest in peace. Agatha Asonganyi, August 8, 2018 Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one. Father, we ask You to send Your peace to those persons who are mourning. Continue to surround them with family, friends and loved ones who will offer words of comfort. Give them sweet and restful sleep. In due time, bless their lives to overflow with laughter and joy. Much Love, McKinnie Family McKinnie , August 8, 2018 Maurice, you are gone but will live forever. We miss your infectious smile. Your children will live to carry on your mission, Greet Pa Anthony and Pa Amos. Who are we to question God's will. May your soul rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more.
Deborah Ameii Mbah, August 7, 2018 Oh Heavens! The world has lost a beautiful spirit!! Where do we begin!!! It is very hard for me and my family to think of you Sir… in the past. You were one in a million, a favorite husband, father and friend of all time; that always encouraged and loved. We have nothing but excellent memories of you and we ask God to comfort your wife, children, sisters, brothers and all friends during this difficult time. You will be greatly missed. REST IN PERFECT PEACE Mr. Dinka! Gladys Ntaryike, August 6, 2018 Once more we have lost one of our Oldies in Dallas. I remember our good old parties as the kids were growing up, etc. Uncle Maurice you will be deeply missed but I know the Good Lord got you in the best upper room. Rest in perfect peace Brother. A LIFE THAT TOUCHES MANY HEARTS IS A LIFE THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
Constance Manga Roohm Sale', August 5, 2018 I lost my father some time back. You took me in and showed so much love and concern as if I were your own child. When I met you, I was happy because I knew I had à new father but now you are gone and the wound has deepened again. Dad where do I start? Where do we all start without you? How do I behave when I come home and I won't see you? Who will make fun of me as you usually did? I still can't believe you are gone. I remember the last time I spoke to you and you gave me so much hope and I became calm because I knew you will make it also you and I will have our dance competition lol. I still replay your voice in my head. Dad I'm only consoled because I know you are in à better place where you are no longer in pain. Good bye Dad RIP. I love u.
V.S.D., August 3, 2018 Love ya my brother.
Norbert Cuz Peltier , August 2, 2018 Maurice was always gentlemanly and kind. Thank you Maurice for being my friend, you are sorely missed. Please accept my deepest condolences.
Paul Poka crepe man, August 2, 2018 My dear uncle Maurice, what words can I say on here? You’ve always been there for me like a true uncle would. I learned what true love is just watching your relationship with my Aunty. You fought hard to stay longer with her and she knows that. Please Rest In Perfect Peace! We love you so much. Aunty, words cannot describe how much I admire you and your strength in everything you’ve accomplished for your family and society. I love you Aunty Drusilla. Art & Petra Zamora, August 2, 2018 Before leaving this earth Uncle did all he could for his family and left his kids and grand kids in positions to excel in life which is all you could ask for from a father. May his soul rest in Perfect Peace!
Barry Tebebi, August 2, 2018 Accept our sympathy. May the Grace of God rest upon you all in the family as you go through this difficult time. Dr. Georges and Helen manjong, August 1, 2018 A Tribute for our Brother and Uncle, Rev. Maurice Mba-Dinka Sr. Sometimes, God brings people into one's life for a moment or for a season to fulfill a purpose. However, there are those who come into one’s life to leave a mark like a stamp; leave an imprint and become part of one’s root system, As a family, we are blessed to have Brother Maurice as part of our foundational root system. He took our kids and us as his own kids, and his own little sister and brother. He was one of those big brothers you would love to have in your camp anytime and any day. Not because he could “muscle” away bullies who may try to threaten the comfort of your life, but because of his quite counsels, his encouragement, his zest for life and servitude, his love for family, friends, his community, and above all his love for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He lived his life as a living example so one would not have to infer or interpret what he meant when he spoke or gave counsel. He always “walked the walk”, so to speak. He was one of the friendliest and compassionate brother/uncle we had the honor of knowing. His soft-spoken nature and kind words no matter the situation, left one realizing that life does not have to be too complicated. His willingness to lend a hand, offer a shoulder or a smile and above all his love for GOD and his family were his everyday mantra. Yes, over the years he and his family became part of our family’s root system. We could call and talk about any and everything under the sun and he will make us think a little differently by the end of the conversation. As always, even in the darkest of days, his pearly white teeth always came through with a smile. Even in pain he will conceal it with a smile, he will sit, visit, go to outings and have memorable conversations…”Wakanda forever…” Even when he did not feel like eating, he will ask for a little of his Ekwang when we brought it for a visit. Even when he saw the worries in our eyes and heard the little tremble in our voices as we awfully failed trying to conceal our worries, he always said with a smile, “GOD is in CONTROL”. He believed he would conquer and be triumphant for the devil had nothing on him. CONQUER he did as he is now with his LORD and Father in Heaven. Brother Maurice, we will be selfish to say we still want you to be here even at this moment. Please, permit us to be just a tad selfish and say so… WE WISH YOU NEVER LEFT! You have left a void that will take another lifetime to fill. But we thank GOD that it is not a complete void as we can always go back and pull comfort from our conversations, your smiles, your counsels, your encouragements and the love you showed us over the years. Thank you for your confidence in us and for taking our family as yours. Thank you for being the best HUSBAND to our big Sister Drusilla and to the many widows out there whom you supported through your foundation and charitable works. Thank you for being the BEST DAD to your kids, ours included and to all the orphans you supported through your foundation and charitable works. Thank you for being the best Grandpa any grandbaby could have. Thank you for your compassion for people you do not even know (homeless and more) and for always being my support with Organizations we were members of or supported. Thank you for your affectionate and sincere smile always, your love for family, friends, community and most especially your love and belief in your GOD. We know you love your new ZIP CODE in heaven and you are enjoying what you loved most; PRAISE and WORSHIP with the heavenly choir. We know the angels blasted their horns as our Father welcomed you home to be by His side and rest from your labors. Rest in peace big bro and may our LORD keep you close until we meet again. Gone but will never be forgotten. “Wakanda forever” RIP big Bro, Molua, Dolly, Dina and “Choco” Lambe. Keller, TX Dolly and Molua Lambe, July 31, 2018 Uncle, you were and remain a true back bone to this family. Very supportive, caring and always extending a helping hand to all. I'm going to truly miss your presence and ever graceful smile. Coming to the house and not seeing you still feels like a dream. But I know in my heart you are resting peacefully with God, walking the streets of gold, in the land of no more pain, no more sorrow. Rest in perfect peace Uncle Morris. I love you.
Agbor Enow, July 31, 2018 Photo from Victor Woman of God, I just want to commend you for the good fight. Sometimes, the separation from a comfort zone can be difficult, but the Lord who has never lost a single battle, has also never made a mistake when it comes to life and death decisions. In your agony let a quiet voice continue to say to you Rejoice because Rev. Maurice Dinka was one of the few that walked through the eye of a Needle in his life and services according to the prescription of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the other hand, you should Rejoice too for your faithful service to the man of God until his last breath. Your faithful service continue through his Legacy upon his Children. May God continue to strengthen you and also bless you woman of God. Victor I. Gbadebo, July 29, 2018 Goodbye our great friend, until we meet again in heaven. Rest well! Soon you will be awakened at the Shout, the Voice of the Archangel and the Trump of God. He will transform your resurrected body into a celestial body fit for heaven. We’ll see you there! Rev. Herbert & Rose Miller, July 28, 2018 In a split second, you were gone leaving hearts no one can heal. Your unconditional love for everyone who came your way will leave a memory no one can steal. Our hearts still ache in sadness, but we know you still walk beside your love ones everyday; unseen, unheard, but always near. Keep watching from Heaven. Our Faith let’s us know we will meet again! Goodbye for now, Angeline and Family.
Angeline Abey , July 28, 2018 A TRIBUTE TO REV MAURICE DINKA MBAH, SR May his soul Rest in Perfect Peace with The Lord God, whom he has served all his life. You have departed from us leaving a vacuum that can never be filled or emulated. I hardly believed you were my brother in law because you took me and my family as siblings. You have given us all what you could at difficult times; hosted us at many times in our quest for a better life in the United States. I remember you hosting us with all your love when we used to come over on vacation, you provided all the requirements and paper work for me and my family to immigrate to the US and again hosted us in your house for as long as we wished to get our feet on. You have come to our rescue on several occasions be it during many family predicaments, including death assistance. For the 46 years I have known you, right back to our college days in CPC Bali, you have always shown love and generosity even to those that do not speak well of you. No doubt you heartedly accepted the calling to serve God Almighty as his Reverend servant. There are few people like you living today and known that I know of. Your shoes will be difficult to fill and all I have to say at this time is that you prepare a place for us when we will meet you to depart no more. That place where there is no pain, sorrow, suffering, hatred, hardship and enemies. That place full of love and Angels singing and praising God Almighty all the time. As you arrive, please extend our love to Papa Isaachard ArreyOjong, Mama Esther Obi Ojong, my sister Deborah Besong Besong, my siblings Eliel Ndip Arrey, Daniel Ojong Arrey, my parents in law Pa Daniel Epoh, Michael Etikwe Ebwe, Mama Alice Emambo, brother in law Richard Ngunde Epoh, uncles Samuel Oben Besong, Chief Alfred Egbe Besong, and many other loved ones. Pa Anthony A. Mbah is not forgotten. Join them to prepare a place for us as we will meet soon in the Lord Kingdom to part no more. Guide you beloved wife, my sister, and your children and grandchild. Let your spirit follow them wherever they go or whatever they do and pray the Lord God Almighty provide them with comfort to remain steadfast in serving Him as they face the many challenges in this world. Rev Maurice Dinka Mbah, may your gentle soul rest in peace with the Lord. Barachel T Arrey Brother in law Sisiku Dr Barachel T Arrey, July 28, 2018 Maurice was a model friend,family man and kind person to us and whoever crossed his way. We will forever miss his company and jovial smiles. Our prayers and thoughts are with Drusilla and children. Adieu our personal person!! Simon,Lucy TAMFU and Children, July 27, 2018 In the brief period I knew Rev. Maurice Dinka, I saw in Him hungry and thirsty after righteousness. He was a man that believed and had a strong faith in God, even in time of trial and mortal sickness. I observed the spiritual discipline he modelled as evident in his life and family. I know he is now resting in the bosom of the Lord. I hope to see him in the banquet hall of the Lamb's feast on the last day! My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Dinka and family. "May the angels of God escort him into paradise. May the saints of God welcome him as he approaches into the heavenly Jerusalem to rest in the Lord. Amen. " Pastor Marcel Nwadibia, PhD, July 27, 2018 Tribute to Uncle Maurice Praying for healing from all the brokenness caused by uncle Maurice death. We thank God for your life and all the lives you touched. We will never forget you for all the love and memories you shared with us. Uncle Maurice you were such a gentle soul. You Will sorely be missed. May the Holy Spirit comfort your family and friends as we mourn and cherish our beloved Uncle Maurice. Amen. Pauline Etta, Dallas TX Pauline Etta, July 25, 2018 Rev, You came into this world with a purpose and accomplished it with perfection. You impacted so many, with humility and kindness. You truly carried the "fruit of the spirit" . I know you are in a better place. We will miss you and pray for your family to stay steadfast and be strong. The Acha's Augustine and MarieClaire Acha, July 25, 2018 Our Lord has called his son and our brother in his kingdom to Rest In Perfect Peace. To his family, our condolences and prayers in this difficult time, that you have the strength to endure his absence. May the Lord bless us all. Amen. Aloysius Jingwa , July 23, 2018 Incredible man and family welcomed me into his home where we worshipped. John , July 23, 2018 Dear Uncle Maurice The few times I met you left indelible memories in my mind of that radiant smile as your white dentition contrasted your ebony complexion. Even in your days of illness that smile never left your face and you always had a positive word and prayer to impart. You were very tenacious and fought till the end. As much as we hate to see you go, we are comforted in the fact that not only is it God's Will, but your purpose on earth was fulfilled and we will cherish the memories of times spent together. Rest well Franka Eta Udochukwu, July 23, 2018 Our most sincere condolences to the family of Rev. Maurice Dinka-Mba, Sr. As you mourn, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We shall be there with you at funeral but also be there for you at other times after the mourning period Francis and Merabel Basebang Francis Basebang , July 23, 2018