Maeve Janelle


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Maeve Janelle Cooley

Aug 02 1997 - Mar 18 2008

How do I even begin this tribute to a talented, beautiful, kind, and quirky soul? In body, she was just a ten year old girl. In spirit, she was everything else. She had the wildest imagination of anyone I’ve ever known. She loved to color, but enjoyed drawing even more. A stick in the woods became a cane, a wand, or a magic sword. Vague paths through the trees and bushes were roads to special, secret places. Maeve was also a gifted photographer with a natural eye for composition. She loved animals and was an adamant conservationist. She dreamed of growing up to be a marine mammal veterinarian and swimming with dolphins. Maeve viewed the world as being full of unmet friends, and the ones she already knew where as special to her as she herself. My great fortune as her mother was knowing that Maeve was a girl of strong convictions, and one of the greatest was that she was one of God’s children, with a deep and abiding faith, saved by Christ. When I saw her last, the image I had was that of Maeve peacefully resting in His cupped hands, a smile on her face as He took her home. What better gift can God give any grieving parent? And what better way to end this life than the same way it is begun, in God’s hands?
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