Austin, Kenneth

Kenneth Ian Austin

February 26, 1958 - May 5, 2017

Kenneth Ian Austin was born in Paddington, London to William Neville and Iris Cassandra Austin, the first of four children. From a young age, it was clear he took his cues from no one. Not in any stiff-necked way, but rather blessed with the gift to dream. He was a creature of community. He didn’t crave community for his own needs, he built it. His limitless ability to listen and find potential and identify character was his priceless gift. All one needs to be in the “Austin” Commonwealth is honesty and integrity, he’d help you find the rest, the best you. The soccer community, the chess community, his international community, his friends, his family, we are under one tent because of him.

With unfaltering love, he was dedicated to his wife Heidi, his children Ian and Samantha and his step children November, David and Joseph Malloy.

Kenneth passed of a sudden heart attack with his wife by his side. He is survived by a large and loving immediate family comprised of his brother and sister in law Lloyd and Ruth Austin with his nieces Jillian and Sabrina, his brother Malcolm with nephews Trevor, Gavin and Christian, his sister Elaine and brother in law Michael with nephew Quentin and nieces Anthea and Miranda and great nephew Sebastian, and his dear mother Iris Austin.

Kenneth is preceded in death by his father William Austin.

Kenneth is also survived by a large community of children, many since grown, whose lives he influenced in visionary ways. His wife would like to extend an invitation to all friends and families impacted by Kenneth’s sudden passing to celebrate Kenneth’s abundant life in a memorial service at Life Central Church at 2301 Premier Dr. in Plano TX 75075, on May 11th, 2017 at 7:00 PM. The service is planned with the needs of young elementary aged children in consideration. While Kenneth’s passing is tragic and we are grief stricken, it is an opportunity to celebrate and mourn together in the community he unknowingly, unwittingly brought together.

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Seeing Kenneth with the kids every Friday was always a joy. He always put children's needs first and was an amazing mentor for so many. I'll carry these memories very fondly. I'm crushed to hear of his passing and I want to pass along a message to his family. We miss seeing all of you at our coffee shop so so much and we welcome you all to come by any time you can. I also have something I'd like to give to Ian, personally. Again, I'm at a loss for words, and I'm so very sorry for this irreplaceable loss. Elizabeth Barnes, May 27, 2017 Surprised by the saddest of news...while an adversary on the field, we always seemed to be on the same page off of it. What a splendid human being this man was. Obviously adored and will be missed by so many...My heart will always be full with the memories I cherish of Bloke! Rest In Peace, Kenny... Mark Wilson, May 12, 2017 A great and gentle giant passed from us last Friday Night. Working with Ken for about 2.5 years, was a joy and pleasure. While, yes, we did have our differences, Ken, I always knew had what was best for the kids in his PSL chess program, as his top priority. In so many way, my friend, I have missed you, Rob Jones chess organizer, and Tournament Director Rob Jones, May 12, 2017