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Karen Campbell

April 26, 1954 - March 1, 2019

Karen Carlson Campbell, age 64, passed away March 1, 2019 at Medical City Plano while undergoing a routine medical procedure.  Close friends were in attendance.   She was born on April 26, 1954 in Coral Gables, Florida to her parents, William Wesley and Hazel (Stiles) Carlson.  Karen attended high school in Miami and then received a Bachelor of Education degree from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.  During her working years, Karen served in several secretarial positions, but her life work was with the non-profit, Camp John Marc.  Karen believed strongly in the mission statement of the camp as it reflected her loving nature.  Her devotion to the staff and campers continued for 24 years until her retirement in 2016.  Her definition of retirement was to start a new business which entailed building a fabulous dog grooming salon at her home in Lucas, Texas.  She named the business Sit, Stay, Sparkle, and it wasn’t long until purple bows, bags, and leads were everywhere, reflecting her favorite color. Although she loved all forms of animals including horses, cats, birds and bunnies, dogs held first place in the parade of animals that she owned.  Karen began her journey training and showing dogs 30 years ago.  Her passionate work with dogs included obedience, agility, conformation, rally and therapy.  Always smiling, she was willing to help anyone in need.  Her innate kindness and generosity created a bountiful legacy of loyal and loving friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents, William and Hazel Carlson.

Karen is survived by a host of relatives and friends that loved her very much.  She wanted the world to be a happy and loving place and she did her part to make it so.

A memorial service will be held at 4:00 p.m., Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home Chapel, 2525 Central Expressway North, Allen, Texas.  A reception will immediately follow. 

Donations in Karen’s memory may be made to Camp John Marc and the DFW Cocker Rescue.

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I so regret we didn't continue our friendship (just Christmas cards), but that is better than not being in touch.  I will cherish the little Cocker doll you gave me and for selling me my dear Janie from your only litter...beautiful black Janie...daughter of Sandy.
Kathy Massey, March 13, 2019 Karen Campbell was a caring breeder of champion Cocker Spaniels in Lucas, Texas. She was an educator. She was a rescue worker, crackerjack obedience trainer, one of the earliest Agility and Flyball competitors, a specialty judge, handler, equestrian, parrot, cat and collie lover. She thrilled to mustang cars and one special miniature poodle of the same name. She was kind. She was laughter. She was my friend. Karen’s closest friend, Trisha Milsap put together a beautiful video as a tribute to this special lady’s life. It is at the end of her beautifully written obituary. Dale and I are honored to have so much of our work with Karen used in the video but oh, what you don’t know about the future. Thirty years ago, we had such fun posing puppies and setting up shots for magazines and books on the Cocker Spaniel and Karen was always there to help with her dogs, puppies and also sharing her friends with us. When our work for publishers expanded to many other breeds, Karen was eager and happy to help us find the best breeders and trainers. Karen was joy. She was sunshine. She will be missed. Rest well dear girl. May you be running through the blue bonnet fields of heaven with your beloved ones of all shapes and sizes. Kerrin and Dale Churchill
Kerrin Winter-Churchill, March 10, 2019 Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise, Laurel and Hardy had nothing on us. Over the past 30 years of our friendship, there have been many adventures with lots of lessons learned. Some of the more memorable ones are- -finding out how easy it is to wipe out traffic cones with a U-haul truck. -The shortcut between Tombstone and El Paso is still 300 miles of uninhabited, desolate desert that is breathtakingly beautiful as the sun goes down. -putting Karen in the backseat of any vehicle was never a good idea. It cramped her navigational style. Not all of it was fun. We saw each other through the death of our parents and the loss of each beloved dog. Karen was always there for her friends...except for snakes. If you had a snake problem, you were on your own. I remember a few years ago, she called and when I answered the phone, she was yelling rather hysterically into the phone. So much so, that I thought someone was badly hurt or dead. We had a conversation after that about how the first word out of her should be SNAKE! More than just my friend and Partner in Crime, she was family. We always celebrated the holidays together and when I was sick, she was the first one there with chicken soup. She didn’t make it, but she knew where to get the good stuff. Karen ran her life by the clock. She could pack more into one day than most would believe possible. Because of that, she was a little bit of a control freak. So, I’ve thought about how surprised she must have been when she realized she woke up on the other side. There were her dogs and her mom and dad. I can’t help but think she petted each one, said hi to her folks and said, “I’ll be right back. I have to go find Patrick Swayze.” What everyone will remember most about Karen is her big smile, her kindness to others and her mission to make the world a happier place. Nothing would make her happier than for us to continue that mission. I can’t think of a better way to honor her memory.
Tricia Millsap Eulogy (by request), March 10, 2019 Dear Karen, Just moments ago I learned you were gone. Thank you for your goodness, kindness, wisdom and joy. Thank you for making a difference, I will carry your smile with me, always, and I am sending a smile to you in return. Patricia Silverman , March 9, 2019 Dear Karen, You will be missed by so many. I will always remember your kind heart and passion for dogs. Thank you for your dedication to save so many cocker spaniels and other furkids. Your passion won't be forgotten. You made a difference! The world needs more people like you. Love,
Shelia Skillings, March 9, 2019 Karen we will miss you. Your smile, your energy, your motivation to make our world a better place. Your heart and love that you showed your friends, family and especially our fur babies will go on forever in our hearts. I will miss you deeply my friend. Keep that great smile and we will see you again. Love you so much. Your friend and pal, Wes Wes Cobb, March 8, 2019 You were the epitome of catching more flies with honey than vinegar, of saying nothing if you had nothing nice to say, of encouraging words, softly given advice and unconditional friendship. It was an honor to know you, to have someone to trust with my dogs and to have been able to call you friend. You will be missed. Roxanne Godsey & Monty & Xip, March 8, 2019 Karen was a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life. Her love of dogs and people always showed with her smile. To meet her you could only love her. Rest In Peace
Sharon Elliott , March 8, 2019 Although we had not known Karen very long we developed an immediate friendship. She was one of the most talented, caring people we have known in our lifetime. Her winning smile always brightened your day and we felt confidence when she boarded our pups even caring for our senior foster dog that needed her special care. We were out of the country when we heard of her passing and our hearts broke with the news and loss of a really special, caring person. Karen will be missed by so many friends, family, and animals. Knowing Karen was an honor and we know she is in a good place loving and helping all our furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Leah and Jim Couperthwaite, March 8, 2019 I was just another lover of animals, as was she, but had developed a closeness that we planned to meet for a lunch at Love Field in Dallas 3-9-2019 Saturday and to my shock, her dear friend tells me she suddenly passed away. A devastating loss to all her dearest friends and a Facebook friend I truly miss but never met.
Brenda Pierce, March 8, 2019 Dear Cocker Karen - so many times I heard my friend Dina describe something you all had done, were going to do, and just about Max and his brothers. I am sorry that I never met you, but knew more about you than you'd have ever realized. Godspeed. Kathy Baer, March 8, 2019 Karen was such a beautiful soul. Not one time over the past 12 yrs do I ever recall her in a bad mood or without something kind to say. She was a HUGE part of our Cocker Specialty Club & will be so very missed! God Speed Karen.
Annette Norris , March 7, 2019 Words cannot express how many lives you have touched with your smile. I am so grateful you entered my life. You will be missed by all.
Mary Napper, March 7, 2019 We met Karen at Camp John Marc. We always enjoyed our conversations concerning our mutual love of children and dogs. She was such a big part of Camp John Marc for many years, making the camp experience for children with various illnesses unforgettable. So sad to lose Karen at such a young age, there was still much to be done in her life. Mary Sue Brown, March 7, 2019 My dear friend. You were such a comfort to me when my dad died. I will miss you but know in many ways you are the lucky one-in heaven with all your critters who have gone before. Carla Makosy, March 7, 2019 Your love for cockers and your warm personality made you a great friend to so many people and dogs. You are with your beloved dogs at the Rainbow Bridge. Go in peace. Valerie Fare, March 7, 2019 Karen, I will miss our daily calls on the way home from work, our dog discussions, and our theories on whatever topic was the topic of the day. I will miss being able to pick up the phone and call and ask your advice on all dog related questions. I will miss you when I drive my Mustang. I will always think of you when the wind blows my hair and whistles in my ears; but I know you will be there enjoying the ride. Heaven gained another angel. When the bluebonnets bloom, you will be there and I will cry, but fly free, my friend. I know you are already gathering the furkids around you that you and I have already crossed, so you are happy there too. Love you, Ellen
Ellen Cassatt, March 7, 2019 Although I did not know Karen well every time I had an interaction with her she was always smiling and ready to help. I met her through DFW Cocker Rescue and she will be missed by all the dogs she helped and by the volunteers at the group. RIP sweet lady you earned your wings. Shailene Graham, March 6, 2019 Thank you for making camp John Marc memorable - former camper.
Bibiana mondragon, March 5, 2019 Karen, now with our Lord and Savior, was one of our cousins. Her Father and my Mother were 2 of 7 siblings, and part of the Carlson clan growing up in Bellevue Michigan. After World War II, Karen’s dad moved from Michigan to Florida. In Florida he worked in aviation and met his wife. They made their home in Florida, where Karen was born (only child). We always looked forward to Karen and her parents traveling back to Michigan, one or two times a year for the Carlson family reunions. This is where almost all of our 21 plus cousins (and 2nd cousins) would get to see each other and catch up. As everyone grew up, it became more difficult for those far from Bellevue to make it back for each year’s “Carlson” reunion. However, it was always a treat when they were able to make it. The last time we saw Karen was Oct of 2016, when she came to visit my mother (the last surviving Carlson sibling). Photo attached is from that visit. We were also looking forward to seeing Karen this summer. Karen was always very kind and genuinely interested in others. She had a positive attitude and often offered words of encouragement to those around her. She enjoyed and treasured her dogs, training and helping others. We are also so thankful that Karen had such a strong network of friends there in Texas. May God Bless you. Thank you for all you are doing. I am confident, because of Karen’s faith in Jesus Christ, that she is in the presence of our Lord and Savior and because of that, I look forward to seeing her again. Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. John 5:24 THANKS GOD BLESS!
Mitch Olmstead, March 4, 2019
Thank you for your love of cocker spaniels. I only met you once and talked several times on the phone with you... but you made a lasting impression. God bless. Sharon Scott, March 4, 2019 Karen, thank you for bringing our sweet rescue pup into our family. You soon became my resource for all things dog. Our pups and family will so miss you! The Little Family, March 4, 2019 Dear Karen, Blythe heart, we miss your quick wit, bright smile & love of all creatures great & small. Heaven has another bright soul. Michele Firra Ward, March 4, 2019 You will be missed by your Michigan family. I remember so many reunions when we would hang out. Also many fun visits when you would come to Michigan. We would go to the Turkey Farm to eat and then to Marshall shopping. Much love and say HI to your Dad and my Mother for me.
Pat Wheeler, March 3, 2019 My dear friend Karen, you encouraged me so much and were a source of wisdom. Always in my heart, Karen Karen Kaiser, March 2, 2019