Juanita June


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Juanita June James

Nov 03 1929 - Jun 28 2009

Henry Van Dyke said it best when he said, “Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live,” not so with Juanita James. Juanita June (Steele) James was a woman of such vivacious passion and character that her countenance and enthusiasm will forever live on in the hearts and eyes of her husband Burnett Charlie James, daughter Linda Diane (James) Pittman, son Terry Lawson James, 9 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. Born on November 3, 1929 in Dodd City, Texas to loving mother and mentor, Nell Cecil Taylor, and Harry Winiford Steele, Juanita was blessed with talents and skills well beyond her years. From musical gifts to social skills to divine culinary capabilities and even an eye for fashion, Juanita was truly a Renaissance Woman. Juanita was a woman who had a knack for helping people feel unique, special, and loved. Among the grandchildren, she was well known for pulling each grandchild aside and softly whispering, “You know Granny loves you. You are Granny’s favorite!” Over the years, each grandchild eventually discovered that they weren’t the only ones that she would tell this to, however she would still make them FEEL as if they were her one and only favorite. Juanita loved her people. And, she would fight to the death, even down to the very last penny, on her family’s behalf. From German Chocolate Cakes to Secret Fruit Punch recipes that would provide refreshment to hundreds at a time, Juanita knew that sometimes the best way to a person’s heart was through their stomach. In all that Juanita did, she loved. She loved her husband Burnett dearly, whom she married in Wheeler, Texas on January 7, 1947. She loved her children individually and attentively. She loved and took an active role in the lives of each of her grandchildren and loved all those around her selflessly. And we each love her in return. A woman of faith. Juanita had the faith to help heal and to be healed. At times in her life, she drew upon the Savior Jesus Christ for the faith to stand when she could not. Her faith in Jesus Christ and in the restoration of the gospel helped countless others including her daughter, son, husband, and numerous others gain a testimony of the true and living Messiah. As Juanita’s light here on earth may be growing dim, we rest assured knowing that her light in the life to come shines brightly among those who welcome her arrival. While Juanita’s passing on June 28, 2009 in Allen, Texas was a loss for all of us, we know that in years to come, Juanita will be the first to grab each of us by the neck and whisper, “You’re Granny’s favorite.” Juanita, you truly are our favorite. We hope that our lives will reflect yours in faith, love for our family members and those around us, and compassion for those who need a friend to hear their cries or share a word of comfort. Juanita, we love you. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 P.M., Thursday, July 2, 2009, at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1404 E. Main St., Allen, Texas with Bishop Scott Graham officiating.
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