Frankie Antonelli

November 28, 1969 - February 11, 2004

Mr. Frankie Antonelli, age 34, of Glendale, California passed away on February 11, 2004 in Tijuana, Mexico. He was born on November 28, 1969 to George and Carmen (Lopez) Antonelli in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was a musician and of the Catholic faith. He is survived by his parents; son, Nicholas Antonelli of Burbank, California; brother, George Antonelli of Plano, Texas; sisters, Marie Antonelli-Delvalle and husband, Frank of Allen, Texas and Chris McCloskey and husband, John also of Allen, Texas; girlfriend, Amanda Little. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 PM, Saturday, February 21, 2004 at the First United Methodist Church in Allen, Texas with Rev. Anna Hosemann-Butler and Rev. Milton Gutierrez officiating. Interment will follow at Ridgeview Memorial Park. Visitation will be held from 6:00-8:00 PM, Friday at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home.

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Happy Birthday Frankie!!!! May all the Angels in heaven celebrate with you! See you soon!! <3
Romal Kasan, November 28, 2018 Thank you so much Frankie. I have no doubt you are in heaven. I will meet you one day. Romal Kasan, October 10, 2017 Frankie, miss you my friend, think of you often, miss your friday call your zest for life, your fun Sam Sam Morales, September 22, 2007 I would like to add this my previous signing. A flood of memory's have come to me..I would like to say that Frankie, just simply accepted me as his friend, even though I was much older, many of his friends treated me as if I was invisible, but not Frankie he did not have prejudices he did not see age, race he seen you as a person. I really appreciated that. I remember when Frankie and I were working at this club and the club owner was coming up to the stage very angry with his eyes bulging out I was oblivious to this and seen Frankie all of a sudden duck behind his congas. I looked up and the club owner was screaming at me for something the band did and walked away. I looked down and there was Frankie with that big wide grin. I just laughed and said " that was good" boy we laughed about that through the years. I really miss you Frankie Sam Morales (562) 693-5977 Sam Morales, August 11, 2006 Frankie, I miss you so much, I will always remember how you warmed my heart everytime we spoke it seemed like every Friday we talked on the phone and you would tell me to come out and see you perform. I will always remember working with you and Leo Torres at Havana on Sunset you made me laugh so deeply and your presence really lit up the room. I think of you often my friend. I hope to see you again, with tears from my heart. SammySongo Sam Morales Sam Morales, August 11, 2006 The most strangest thing happended the day after the funeral. Me and my daughter where about to go to her birthday party and as we where leaving I needed a gift bag to take a few items in and as I reached for one and emptied it to put the stuff I needed I saw a business card at the bottom. To my surprise it was the card given to me by Frankie about 5 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes. I will miss his smile and his great talent a love for the music which he displayed when he played with the group and his family. Now all my prayers go to the family and especially his son to be strong and remember his father as a kind and good man. Teresa Rodriguez, February 25, 2004 I met Chris and Frankie and the rest of the family three years ago and from the moment I met them they became my family . Frankie was like a brother to me and I shall miss him very much. He always had a smile for everyone and just by talking to him you could tell he had the biggest and most tender heart anyone could come across. Little brother if you can see me typing this please remeber us down here and watch over us now that you are in a much better place then this world. I love you little bro and I am gonna miss you very much. Carmen Nellie Gonzalez, February 20, 2004 Friends of Chris and John. I never got to meet Frankie. My memories are of the stories and experiences told to me by his loving sister Chris. She loved him dearly and was so proud to be his sister. May God give you comfort and peace though he his no longer with you, but knowing Frankie is with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Mr. & Mrs. James L Brock, February 19, 2004 Frankie is and always will be one of my dearest and closest friends. Having been a part of each other's lives for ten years, we shared a special bond that went beyond a normal friendship. I will forever remember his smile, his side-aching humor, his enormous laugh, his immense energy, his zest for life, his cuban-pride, his music and talents, but mostly his love. And how that boy could light up a room! They broke the mold with you baby. I will miss you, dear Frankie for life. Thank you for all of the joy and laughter you brought to my life and all of those around you. When you left this world, you took a piece of my heart with you. As Melissa Etheridge sings, "I'm alright, I'm alright. It only hurts when I breathe," I can only hope and pray that it gets easier with time. You will always hold a dear place in my heart. I will forever cherish the memories. May your soul rest in peace. I look forward to seeing you in the afterlife. Vanessa Marie Preziose, February 19, 2004