Frances Aloyce


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Frances Aloyce Holton

Jun 04 1927 - Nov 24 2004

Frances Aloyce Holton, of McKinney, TX, was born June 4, 1927. She was the first of five children born to Wanda and Ruskin Hicks. Her daddy called her Fancy…and she was. Olive skinned with black hair and eyes, she had a flair for performance – as the first child often does. She was a child of depression and was marked by a meager existence experienced by others of her generation. In the little community of Chigger Flat – in the red dirt outskirts of Childress County, she was big sister to Mary, Royce, and Lynn. Baby brother, George, came along when Aloyce was 19 years old. Aloyce and Bob married on June 3, 1943. She was always embarrassed to admit they had eloped to Oklahoma, marrying the day before her 16th birthday. But, World War II was happening; everybody was in a hurry. Bob left for Europe and gave her a couple of years to grow up. Teresa came along in 1947, John in 1949. Aloyce was a grocer’s wife, a farm wife, then a Beaver Cleaver Mom through the Fifties. She was a lover of nature and taught John and Teresa to look underfoot – at the intricacy of God’s creation. Aloyce worked briefly at Minyard Grocery in Irving and also for Truett Laboratories in Farmers Branch. To further supplement the family’s income, she often sold craft items (a favorite hobby), and she and Bob raised Beagle puppies to buy Teresa’s and John’s back to school clothes each fall. Foremost in the remembrance of her life is her walk with Jesus. Finding her Lord during a devastating illness as a young mother was the defining moment of her 77 years. She was a prayer warrior and intercessor who constantly prayer for her entire family. She stood on the promises of God’s word and her faith was strong to the end. Frances Aloyce is preceded in death by her parents and sister, Mary, who rejoice at her homecoming.
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