Federico Alejandro

Acosta (English)

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Federico Alejandro Acosta (English)

Aug 10 1966 - Jun 23 2008

Federico Alejandro Acosta Pinon (August 10, 1966- June 24, 2008) From the bottom of our heart we would like to thank for your prayers and your demonstrations of love to our family which have helped us to comfort our spirit at this moment. Federico was always a person with Christian solid convictions with a very happy spirit and we are sure that he is in the presence of God with joy. The longer part of his life he lived in El Salvador, where he was born. He also formed his family there. His daughters, Andrea and Alejandra will always have him in their hearts and his wife Carmen will keep the best memories of their life together as a very special treasure. After five years of living in this country (United States), we have extended our family with so many friends that have been with us and have demonstrated all their love. A memorial service will be held at Turrentine Jackson Morrow in Allen, Texas at 3:30 pm, Sunday June 29th, 2008.- Family and friends are cordially invited.
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