Evan Williams

Evan Norman Williams

February 27, 1964 - July 17, 2021

Evan Williams of Prosper Texas, went to be with our Lord and Savior on July 17th, 2021.  He died unexpectedly, survived by his wife, Stephanie; daughters, Sarah and Madelyn; mother, Dorothy; sisters, Lesley and Cerian; and also, numerous nieces and nephews. 

Evan was born on February 27th, 1964, to Bill and Dorothy Williams in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He graduated from Conant High school in New Hampshire, and then Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  After college Evan joined the Air Force and went through pilot training, which he describes as the most difficult thing he had ever done.  While in the Air Force he flew several different types of aircraft.  Notably, he served his country during the Gulf War by flying Tankers and AWACS.  After many years of military service, Evan flew cargo airplanes, and then commercial airplanes with American Airlines.  

Evan Williams was completely devoted to his wife and daughters.  He was his wife’s “Knight in Shining Armor,” and he loved his family deeply.   He was a super star baseball player in high school, and a fantastic golfer in his adult life.  He had the best sense of humor!  Evan was an honorable, righteous, Godly man.  He had a deep heartfelt desire to do what is right.  He was selfless, worked hard to provide for his family, and was the very best husband and father.  Evan was a wonderful example of what a truly good man should be.   

Evan was fully and deeply loved by his wife and daughters.  He will be profoundly missed.  They are comforted knowing that because he long ago gave his life to Jesus, they will be with him in Heaven one day….  What a joyful day that will be…. 

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Mrs. Williams so sorry for you loss. Woody as we called evan was my copilot and aircraft commander while at pease afb. We were very close friends. I was a boom operator and let woody refuel an aircraft one day he was ecstatic. He let me land the plane also. We spent alot of time together on alert and we even took leave together and went camping in northern NH. We have been all over the world together. We lost touch after pease closed as life gets busy but i just found this out from a few mutual military fiends about woody. He was like my older brother. God bless your family. I can just imagine the life he would have made for himself and his family a great one!!! If you need anything please get in touch anytime. James Biggs. ( biggsy), September 5, 2021 What a beautiful tribute to a man I have know since 1996 as first, his squadron commander (12th ACCS, Robins AFB, GA) and then as a distant friend, until my retirement from American Airlines as a 737 Captain just like Evan! We hired Evan into the 12th ACCS to be our Squadron Safety Officer, a prestigious and import position within a USAF flying Squadron. His quiet, friendly professional and good nature quickly endeared him within the JSTARS family where his leadership was greatly needed. He was a go to guy and could be counted on to do and perform as needed.. I was excited to hear that he had been hired by American Airlines and I had seen him a number of times on the line over the past 10-years. The last time was in Orlando FL, where we were exchanging aircraft, I believe, when we had several minutes to catchup with each others work-lives. I was happy to note that he was an extremely happy husband, father and airline professional enjoying all that he had worked so hard for, to provide for his wife, children and his chosen profession. A truly blessed individual. God bless him and his beautiful family as the remember him, as we remember him: quiet, friendly, funny, and a happy professional!
Lt Col (Ret) USAF Charles J. Freniere, August 25, 2021 I met Evan in 1996 as his squadron commander at Robins AFB, GA. I came to know him as a quiet professional in all that he did, honest and true to his comittment to our country and the squadron. We saw each other a few times over the years while we both flew for American Airlines and it was always a great pleasure to see him and reflect on our times back a Robins AFB. We, the men and women, veterans all, that worked and new your husband remember him well and he is truly missed in our souls. God bless you and your children. Charles J. Freniere Lt Col (Ret), USAF P.S. If you want to reach out and talk (communicate) with me or some of the men and women who served with Evan, let me know and I can help that happen. Lt Col (Ret) Charles J. Freniere, Evan's SQ/CC 12th ACCS, 93 ACW, Robins AFB, GA, August 25, 2021 To the Williams Evan was a phenomenal individual and wonderful leader. He will be missed. God Speed ~ Steve and Christi Steven and Christi Walden, August 25, 2021 My heart goes out to Stephanie, Sarah, Maddie, and Evan's family. I am so thankful that I got to know Evan - truly a wonderful husband and father. May the Lord comfort you and give you His peace, knowing that Evan is home in heaven. Vicki Caña, August 7, 2021 We were very fortunate to be Evan and Stephanie's neighbors. Evan was a quiet and dignified person who stopped to correct and offer advice when I have done something inappropriate or missed something. Once I hung the flag upside down inadvertently. He noticed this and brought it to our attention. We were introduced under some unexpected circumstances. Our dog got loose and attacked Evans. The mature and dignified way he handled the situation is a true personification of his admirable personality. We will miss his subtle smile and caring gait during the early morning walks with Stephanie. Family and friends are in our prayers. M.V. & Maria John, July 26, 2021 Dear Stephanie, I am praying God surrounds all of you with His love and peace during this sad time, knowing you will see Evan again and be with him for all eternity! I love you dearly,
Jean Jerome, July 26, 2021 My thoughts and prayers are with you all. William McLellan, July 25, 2021 I always counted Evan amongst my friends. He was a good man and I enjoyed his company whether hanging around the squadron spaces, heading out for lunches or on any of the many deployments we shared. My best wishes to his family and loved ones in this difficult time. Dale Sinnott, July 23, 2021 Evan Williams was the best pilot and friend. I flew more missions with him than any other pilot. I flew with him on both platforms and he was always a source of fun and comradeship. Prayers to his family and friends of the flying community he was a big part of. He will be sorely missed by one and all.
Bradley Walker, July 22, 2021
Evan "The Big E" Williams was the best of men. I was blessed to have been able to call him my friend. We spent our teenage years together playing baseball, working at Jim and Dianne's, and just being friends. While life took us in different directions and we only occasionally saw each other over the last 40 years I can state unequivocally Evan did things right. Since I have no doubt there is baseball in heaven, you keep throwing that "Easy Cheese" and one day I'll join you and once again you can chide me for not hitting a ball out of the infield. May God grant his peace to all in the Williams family. Kenneth Cheney, July 22, 2021 To Evan Williams Family and friends... My heart broke reading about Evan. I'm sooo sorry and so sad for you all. I really am. Evan left his print on the hearts of the people he was around. I remember how brilliant he was and how funny. Oh my word... did he make me laugh. I LOVED his quick wit!! Such a nice guy. I will keep y'all in my prayers as you walk down this difficult road of grief. Cling to JESUS. xoxo
Eunie Aho West, July 22, 2021 Dear Evan's family, my deepest sympathy for your loss. My son Randy and Evan played ball together and they were a mighty team. We lived on the same block as Evans family. Randy also passed in 2008. We are blessed to know where they both are.
Katy ( Baasie) Trevis, July 21, 2021 Evan, I will miss you and our conversations about the Red Sox and the Patriots. I will miss your humor and great friendship we made over the 41 years I knew you. The Menard family will always hold you dear in our hearts. The sting of death hurts and is not something easily overcome but I believe my friend you are happy to be reunited with your dad and your brother. I believe that someday your whole family will see you again as our own time on earth will eventually come to an end. I will always cherish the memories you spent playing wiffle ball, nerf football in the cold  New Hampshire winters, and the time you took me to the Red Sox game. You were like an extra brother to me. I sure will miss you.
Kevin Menard, July 21, 2021 Right now I know Evan is above us laughing at me because this is the third time I've tried to put down words and have messed up on the technology. He was absolutely my best friend, and brother from another in school, wherever Evan was I was probably there. He was the shortstop on the high school baseball team, I was his second baseman. Words are hard to describe how I feel, but Stephanie, daughters, sisters, and Mom Dorothy know that I loved your boy and man everyday even though we weren't always with each other. All I can say is that heaven has got another great one. Rest easy brother.
Ron Menard, July 21, 2021 Evan was a highly intelligent and professional military officer. I flew with him in both AWACS and Joint Stars. He was a very modest man but I can tell you that he was in the highest echelon of pilots I had the pleasure of flying with in my time in the Air Force. My assignment with him in Georgia was very challenging for all of us. At times it became frustrating to be in a new organization. I came to know Evan as a good friend. His sense of humor was so dry but not cynical or mean spirited, which is rare. He made an impression on everyone that he met. I followed his career on Facebook and have enjoyed seeing his posts and opinions on the world. It was obvious that he loved his family including his wife, daughters and his dog - he was a very classy human being and I know he is going to be missed. Your whole family is in our prayers. I’ve already talked with a number of people today. He was greatly respected as a man of honor. Jack Cheney, July 21, 2021 We are so sorry to hear of the loss. I enjoyed working with Evan in the Air Force and always looked forward to his sensible approach to daily life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Williams family during this time. Tim and Kitty Berry Tim Berry, July 21, 2021 I flew with Evan when we were both stationed together at McGuire AFB flying the C12. I would bump into Evan every so often when I flew through DFW on an AA trip. It was always good to see him and get caught up on what was going on. I’m so sorry to hear that he has passed at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. My condolences,
Kevin Lancaster, July 20, 2021