Erik Pace Birkholz

November 16, 1974 - December 6, 2020

Erik Pace Birkholz, age 46, of Frisco, Texas, passed away on Sunday, December 6, 2020.  He was born in 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Donna and Bruce Birkholz of Medford, New Jersey. 

Erik is survived by his wife of ten years, Charlotte Birkholz (nee Charlotte Peacock); and their sons, Aiden and Connor Birkholz, also of Frisco; his father, Bruce Birkholz, and wife, Peg, of Medford, New Jersey; and mother, Rev. Donna Conkwright and husband, Art, currently residing in Naples, Italy.  Also mourning are Erik’s many cousins and aunts, his lifelong friends and professional colleagues.  He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

Erik grew up in Medford, New Jersey and summered at the Jersey Shore, notably LBI!  Erik received his Bachelor of Science at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  He has worked in his major field of Informational Security all his career, currently in the banking industry as Senior Vice President, Global Information Security.  Of his many life activities, he was proudest of two things: guiding his children in their future college and career choices, and being a part of founding Multisport Ministries, a men’s Christian triathlon team with a purpose. Erik was larger than life in everything he did, but mostly in how he loved.

A private memorial service will be held.

For those not in attendance, the service will be live streamed on the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home, Frisco Facebook:



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I’m going to miss you big bro thank you for everything you’ve done for me and adopting me to the family -Ryno Michael velasquez, December 28, 2020 Our deepest condolences to Erik’s family. May he Rest In Peace. Patricia and Allen Barnes, December 28, 2020 You will be dearly miss my dearest friend. Ellen, December 28, 2020 Our love and prayers forever william hanth, December 28, 2020 Our prayers are with you..... We are so sorry for the loss of Erik. Freddie and Dick Bagley, December 28, 2020 RIP Erik, you will be missed. ray komar, December 28, 2020 I'm rarely at a loss for words, it's only when it's words that I hoped I'd never have to say. My images of Erik involve trying to tackle him before he jumped out the window from my parents' second story bedroom at eight years old, with my brother Dave hot on his heels... (They did this OVER and OVER again... because, that's fun, right?) ...and 12 years later barhopping down the street in Austin with him after Dave's wedding... and 12 years later dancing with him at my wedding. Erik has always just been there. I was a sometimes member of his Friday family. In New Jersey, in Texas... and in life there's always been Erik I'm glad for those who find comfort in their religion. Glad for those who find comfort in their memories. As much as my heart breaks for everyone who will miss him, I'm also glad we all got to have him in our lives. Tamara Hanford Scholtz, December 28, 2020 FREE but for those who remain MISSED. See you soon EPB. Kenny Luck, December 28, 2020 We extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family. Sincerly, Ivan & Roz Ivan & Roz Stern, December 28, 2020 My deepest condolences to the Birkholz family. Erik was my best friend. He will be missed. I'll never forget those times in my life when we were together. From lifeguarding in NJ to living in NYC and then our times in California. Nothing but memories that make me smile. There is so much more I can say...enough to write a book. Rest easy my friend. Michael Rainiero, December 28, 2020 Erik was a light ever day - he built people up. People who build others make the world a better place, always. The light Erik left will always linger, but the world shines a little less bright without him here. I'm honored to have known him and worked with him. Thank you <3 Cat Murdock, December 28, 2020 The loss of a dear friend who had been through lots of good times and antics who was dependable and without question completely stand up for those he cared for and loved. May you be in our hearts and mind's forever. My thoughts go out to you're family I know how much you loved for them. I aspire to be as mindful and thoughtful you had been, I am richer to have known you and hope that as you look down from above you might be able to approve of how you're example has shaped my future. The complete loss for words grips me and there is nothing that can be said to put you're light into the mind's of others, they are all we have to express though. You're innate magnetism and ability to make people at ease was obvious, how well you were liked by so many and how well you were able to handle being the one with the attention on them. A true heart of gold, that never forgot a moment or hilarious time, I only hope you rest peacefully. I'll remember you're presence for my life. I count you as one of my truest friends who I loved and only hope to be half the man you were. Shane Macaulay, December 28, 2020 Loving sympathy to the family. Jean Anne Morrow, December 28, 2020 Our Prayers and love are being sent to you now. Dick and Cyndy Horn, December 28, 2020 My deepest condolences to Erik's family on this sombre occasion. I knew Erik for almost 20 years. He touched many many lives and always carried himself with optimism and energy. It's very hard for me to think of Erik in the past tense, he will be sorely missed. Justin Dolly, December 28, 2020 Our thoughts and love are with you. David Turner, December 28, 2020 Many fond childhood memories with Erik. We will miss him. Sheldon Horn and family, December 28, 2020 Erik was a part of my daughters childhood. We spent vacations together in Florida. His Mother (my sister) was a very important part of my life. His birth was so important to me, and as my daughters grew up he became very important to them too. We always will miss him, and with the Florida beaches and sunshine. Erik will stay in our hearts forever. Aunt Pat Riker, December 28, 2020 I so many words to say but, none that can and would explain how I feel. Hearing this news of your far too early departure, crushed me. The times we spent speaking on our lives, you always checked me and I appreciate that, painful at the time but, I received it with understanding. I will look after your family as I know you would do this for me. You always did do things for others showing unconditional love and not expect anything in return. I love you and you will be missed. I will we you in another time and place. I can't wait to hear the answers we sought out from God through you. Forever my heart. Robert Wright, December 28, 2020 You'll be missed dearly Erik. I'll never forget our times together... from mentor to buddy, in Austin, in Vegas, hacking, wake surfing, mixed martial arts, driving fast, laughing hard, staying up late. Rest in peace bud, you lived well and touched many lives. Pedram Amini, December 28, 2020 Prayers for the family. Erik was a strong leader and early pioneer of skills that help protect the world from our worst enemies. May he rest in piece knowing he made a difference to so many of us early on in our careers. -shagghie Scott Scheferman, December 28, 2020 Erik constantly brought people together, he always wanted to do great things and inspired thousands of people to do just that. I knew Erik since Foundstone (~20 years) and he was a linchpin of the infosec community, a great teacher, and a good friend. he will be missed and always remembered. matt ploessel, December 28, 2020 Erik and I were childhood friends growing up in Lake Pine down the street from each other, and our parents are still the best of friends today. One of my favorite memories of Erik was when we sang a duet together for Shawnee High School’s Talent Show. He was a great singer and always a lot of fun to be around. I am so sorry to hear of Erik’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. With deepest sympathy, Jen Peck Maitland Jennifer Maitland, December 28, 2020 Every time we talked, he was focused on service. There is no greater duty than to serve others. Many of us take years to figure this out - but for Erik it was an innate part of his very fiber. He will be missed deeply! My prayers for his family are for vivid memories and warm, lifted hearts. Gabriel J. Maxwell, December 28, 2020 I’m spending tonight talking in my head with Erik and enjoying his being for hours as if we were hanging out in Caesars. I love you, my friend. Andrew Williams, December 27, 2020 We will miss Erik terribly. He has been a part of our family since he was 7 years old. When I think of our time in New Jersey, I can't help but remember Erik and David together. They were inseparable, goofy little boys and remained close friends through the years. Erik will always have a place on our home and our hearts. We never doubted the amazing man Erik would become. He had a passion for his family, friends and professional colleagues. Erik, you left this world way too soon, I pray you have found peace and know we loved you. Kim and Bob Hanford, December 27, 2020 Erik was a beautiful soul. I hope he knew how much he was loved and cherished. I believe God has taken him home and he now has his healing. May his family be blessed in their sorrow and know other hearts grieve with them. Melanie A. Thompson, December 26, 2020 We have known Erik before his birth. His arrival was such a blessing to your family. His passing is a great loss and sadness for all of us. Our thoughts and love are with you at this difficult time. Joyce and David Turner , December 26, 2020 Our sympathy extended to you and your family. Ivan and Roz Stern, December 18, 2020 To Erik’s family We personally did not know that much about Erik as he was growing up and reaching manhood. We do know his mother DonnaLee who spoke of him often as a kind and wonderful son. There is definitely a hole in her heart which will take prayers and time to mend. We are sorry for your loss. Carole and Ken Aspinall Carole and Ken Aspinall, December 17, 2020 I am so sorry for your loss. I'm in shock. I knew Erik when we were at Dickinson together, and I helped him get his internship at ICSA (possibly still NCSA at that point) as I was graduating. One of my first memories of him was helping hide in in the major's room so he could get some sleep while pledging. Erik was a great guy and decent human being when I knew him, and I don't see that having changed with time - it was a fundamental part of who he was. I went looking earlier this week to see what he and some other security friends from that time were up to, as I left security a while ago. I was thrilled when I looked to see he was still working in computer security, and felt like I had done some good in the world getting him interested in it. I can't even imagine what you're going through, and wish there was more that I could say beyond just I'm sorry for your loss. Topher Hughes, December 16, 2020