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Edward John Tafel

Dec 16 1922 - Feb 13 2006

Mr. Edward Tafel of McKinney, Texas passed away February 13, 2006, at his home in El Dorado. He is survived by his loving wife (Betty Brundage) Tafel, daughter Jacqueline and son Robert. Ed was born December 16, 1922, in Rochester, NY. He was youngest of three siblings including Anna Curtis, and Ruth Hetske, born to Benjamin and Anna (Mooney) Tafel. Immediately after finishing Franklin High School in Rochester, Ed enlisted in the US Navy and did a 4 year tour of duty in the Pacific aboard the US destroyer John Hood. After WWII, Ed returned home to work for Eastman Kodak, enroll at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and marry his one and only love Betty Brundage. After graduating from RIT he worked as a mechanical engineer in research and development at the Camera Works Division of Eastman Kodak. During this time Ed served his community by engaging as a volunteer firefighter for the Laurelton fire department, served as a deacon, and a trustee of the Laurelton United Presbyterian Church and played as much golf and tennis as he could by being a member of Webster Golf Club and the KAD Tennis Team. He was a major influence in the acquisition of the neighborhood park (Winton Park) as President of the neighborhood association and with much perseverance preserved the park for the recreation of its’ neighborhood families instead of succumbing to retail development. After 37 years at Eastman Kodak, Ed retired and moved to McKinney, TX. Ed and Betty immediately became active in several social clubs as well as volunteering time to many of the town’s organizations. They joined Eldorado Country Club as well as Hurricane Country Club in Melissa, TX where they were very active. They were members at 1st United Methodist Church. He was known as a good husband, a good father, a good friend, and an all around family man. There will be a memorial service at a later date.
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