Souza, Derek John

Derek John Souza

May 30, 1970 - December 20, 2021

Derek John Souza of Parker, Texas passed away on December 20, 2021 at the age of 51. He was born on May 30, 1970 to Everett Souza and Sharon Tokie (Watanabe) Souza in Anaheim, California. John grew up in Anaheim Hills, where he graduated from Anaheim High School in 1988. He married Tracy Carolyn Hampton on August 23, 1999 in Negril, Jamaica. John and Tracy found their little slice of heaven in Parker, Texas where they have lived for over 20 years. Everything was fun with John whether they were traveling, spending time in the pool, doing yardwork or working on their next remodeling project.

John was with UPS for 31 years. As a driver he enjoyed interacting with his customers, many of which became close friends, and driving allowed him to enjoy the outdoors as he was never meant to be behind a desk. He loved traveling, playing golf, and spectator sports, especially The Kentucky Derby. He attended Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen, Texas.

John is survived by his wife, Tracy Souza of Parker, Texas; parents, Everett and Sharon Souza of McKinney, Texas; sister, Kristen Beason and husband, Christopher of Twinsburg, Ohio; nephews, Shayne Beason, Cameron Beason and Cole Beason; father-in-law and mother-in-law, Doug and Carolyn Hampton of Brownwood, Texas; sister-in-law, Stacy Hampton Riffe of Brownwood, Texas; and a host of other loving family and friends.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Manuel and Chloetilde Souza and Tokio and Esther Watanabe; and his aunt, Sylvia Walden.

A Celebration of Life for John Souza will be held at 1:00 p.m., January 29, 2022 at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church chapel located at 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Allen, Texas 75013.

In lieu of flowers, a donation may be made to the American Heart Association or your favorite charity in John’s memory.

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Reading through the tributes to John, it is clear that he was loved by so many. What a beautiful legacy it is to be remembered as a fun, happy, loving, good person. It makes me proud that he was a part of my family (cousin). I remember fondly the times that John and his family traveled to Oregon to visit our grandparents. He was always so nice to us younger cousins and he was so handsome! As adults, we only had a few opportunities to spend time together. But we talked about how much fun we would have if we lived closer. I will always remember him with love. Sending love, prayers, and condolences to Tracy, Uncle Jack and Aunt Sharon, Kristen, Christopher, Shayne, Cameron, and Cole. I pray that your memories of John will help to fill the hole in your hearts.
Naomi Imel, January 14, 2022 Sending our love, prayers, and condolences to you all during this difficult time. Love, The Huston’s
Jesse and Esther Huston, January 13, 2022
When John came to visit our grandparents in Oregon we would take him fishing, also he used to give us younger cousins rides on Gigi's mower and play catch with us. I can remember being pretty impressed by how fast he could throw that baseball. Family is so important and I am grateful to have those memories. Love you cousin.
Jacob watanabe, January 13, 2022 John was my first nephew. Because we lived so far away, we rarely got to see each other. He would occasionally come to visit his grandparents and the Oregon clan. This is how I remember him the most - his huge smile when he caught trout on the Rogue River, giving his younger cousins rides on granpa's lawn tractor and trailer, or just enjoying the stories bantering about at mealtimes. We enjoyed times together as adults during momentous family gatherings here in Oregon like Granma and Grampa's 50th anniversary, Granpa's memorial service, and lastly, Granma's 100th birthday bash. That was a lot of fun, with Tracy also. This is my last remembrance of seeing John, though my last image of him shall be of a man who, after walking through this life of joys and sorrows, found genuine rebirth and joy in a newly discovered life in Jesus Christ. This is how I shall always remember my dear nephew-a man of God!! Wayne Watanabe, January 13, 2022 My sincerest condolences to Tracy, Sharon, Jack, Kristen and all the family! John was my best friend of 37 years! We were the best of friends and brothers! We knew each others families and siblings and shared many great times together! Derek John Souza was one of the greatest human beings you could have ever had the pleasure of knowing and be around. John was such a good soul and had a heart of GOLD! He was the best of the best, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend to so many and loved by all and will truly be missed but never, ever forgotten. His memory will always remain with the one's who knew him and loved him and he inspired and helped. John and I met when we were 15 years old in high school. We had a couple classes together and sat next to each other and we just hit it off! I was turning 16 and got my 1st car and I use to pick John up and we would ride to school together and do everything together as our friendship just grew closer each day. What makes our friendship so special was after 3 years in high school together, I moved to Lake Tahoe right after graduation. After a month away and missing my best friend and the people I grew up with, I decided to move back and John flew up to help me load up and drive back to So Cal with me! Once back in So Cal a short time after John told me he was moving to Texas with his mom & dad. I was sad but happy for his new adventure. I ended up moving back to Lake Tahoe 2 years later but that never stopped us from remaining close. I flew out to Texas 4-5 times and drove out once also and spent 2 weeks with John. He would fly to Lake Tahoe to visit and we would also take "bro trips" to various places like Las Vegas, Colorado, Canada, Tahoe etc. and go skiing & snowboarding and just hang out! We both loved to cook & bbq, we enjoyed the outdoors, real estate, home remodeling and we just shared the same passions and enjoyed doing them together as the best of buds! We never let distance get in the way of our friendship and I love John like a brother! He was and will always be my true life long best friend and brother! You are missed so much John but I know you are in Heaven and are in peace! We will meet again Johnny and we will give each other the biggest bro hug! Love you bro! Your best friend and brother - Eric
Eric De Rose, January 9, 2022
John, from the moment I met you 23 years ago, I liked you. At first it was because you loved and married an incredible woman, my friend, Tracy. But the more time I spent with you, the more I found your kindness, caring, and love for others at your core, not to mention you loved to entertain and make people happy. You were a one of a kind! My heart hurts that you are gone, because not everyone had a chance to meet you yet. I will miss that smile and how at ease I always felt around you. Tracy, my sadness for you losing your best friend is so great, I cannot explain. And how you lost him will always bring pain to my soul. The only things that overshadow that are you introduced him to Christ, that one day you will be reunited with the man you deeply loved, and he will be whole and happy again. You are a most amazing woman! I love you very much! And I always will…wherever you go and whatever you do! Denise Bonham, January 3, 2022 Uncle John had given all of us so many fond memories to look back on and remember. Our trip to San Francisco was filled with so many great memories of going out and eating, to many laughs shared during the car ride. I will never forget the time when we had passed In N' Out because Uncle John wanted to get Del Taco. Uncle John was an incredibly fun person to be around and was always able to make the room laugh and light up. I will also remember fondly of the time that John visited Ohio on the fourth of July and had bought lots of fireworks for me and my brothers to play with, (but I am sure he also wanted to be a pyromaniac with us). Uncle John will be missed deeply but will most certainly never be forgotten. I hope that everyone that had the privilege of knowing Uncle John is doing well during these trying times. Cole Beason, January 3, 2022 One of the most precious, happiest periods in my life was when we lived on Maui and you were one of the main reasons for that memorable time. There were no kids our age to play with, so we only had each other to fill our days. All of the tractor rides, playing Hanafuda with Grandma, making snow cones with guava juice syrup, exploring tide pools, Grandpa letting us “drive” his pick-up truck into Kihei, playing restaurant with Lissa & Jenny, & fishing with bamboo poles are just some of the great memories I have of you. I’m so happy I have those wonderful times to look back on & treasure. Tracy, I cannot imagine the depth of your sadness, but from all of the pictures you sent, it is very apparent how much you loved one another. My hope is time will lessen the pain & all of the extraordinary memories will be a comfort. Mom & Dad, I know how proud you are of John and what he accomplished in his life. You were a big part of the man he grew up to be and he was thankful for it. I wish I could take away all of your pain, but you also have so many lovely memories to look back on and cherish. Let that fill your hearts with happiness. Little brother, I miss and love you. Kristen Beason, January 2, 2022 John was such an amazing uncle! I would always look forward to seeing him whenever I visited my grandparents. I will remember him as the fun, loving, and caring uncle that he was. Shayne Beason, January 2, 2022 To my Uncle John, it is truly difficult to find the words to say in a time like this. You are so dearly missed, and I have nothing but appreciation for the role you played in my life. I have many fond memories visiting you and Aunt Tracy in Texas. I’ve always looked up to you and admired your upbeat attitude and your ability to find laughter and joy in any situation. Hearing you and my mom reminisce on your childhoods gave me a strong sense of connection to my relatives despite having such a small family on both sides. You taught me how to hit a golf ball, inspired me to explore cooking, and I’ll always laugh at how excited we both were to discover our mutual love for Amy Winehouse! Thank you, for being so kind, for bringing so much light into our worlds, and for being the best uncle anyone could ask for. Cameron Beason, January 2, 2022 While visiting at Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Maui, we had fun riding in the wagon while John and Kristen took turns driving the tractor. We also set up a roadside lemonade stand and had a few people stop by. I remember Aunty Sharon made her delicious chow fun and sweet potato tempura which I think we ate at our stand. John visited us in Hawaii and I remember a cherished frog stuffed animal. In Oregon, all the cousins went fishing together for the 1st and only time. We were all still young. I think only Kristen could drive. We took a picture by the water. That was a priceless moment. Later in life, it was wonderful to meet Tracy at Lissa and Steve’s wedding and see John as a husband. Beautiful couple. You will be in our hearts and precious memories. Love and prayers to John and all of you. Jenny Baysa, December 31, 2021 Tracy, I am dearly sorry for the loss of John, your sweet husband. My heart breaks for you. I had the pleasure to get to spend some time with the two of you at your beautiful home and at various Interstate events over the years. I am grateful for that. I will be praying for strength and peace for you and the family. If you need anything, please let me know. God bless you! Love,
Teresa Planey, December 28, 2021 What I remember the most about John is his sense of humor. He always had a smile and something funny to say. I had the chance to spend time with John while living in Dallas. John and I had Cowboys season tickets for the 1995 NFL season (thanks to my father-in-law Jack) and I have fond memories of grilling in the parking lot before games, including the Thanksgiving game. I always enjoyed spending time with John and I will surely miss him. Chris Beason, December 27, 2021 I didn’t get to know John that well because we lived so far away. The times I remember is his visits to Oregon with his family and he was such a pleasant boy. When I saw him as a young man his smile was something I won’t forget. So open and happy. He never forgot to send his grandparents gifts for birthdays and every holiday. We will miss you John Boy. Alma Watanabe, December 26, 2021 We didn’t know John very well; but we noticed his genuine smile and pleasant demeanor when we were introduced and visited on several occasions. We do know that John will be missed by our cousin, his beautiful wife Tracey as well as his and family. His death is not the order that would be expected at his age. Our prayers and thoughts are with his families at this difficult time with the loss of John. May God give the comfort, strength and peace that one needs. Delilah and Ray Harper, December 24, 2021 Tracy, how can we put our sympathy for your loss into words? We always enjoyed John’s company in Cabo and at Interstate get-togethers. He was a class act -and you guys were perfect together. He will be missed! Eric and Jane Smith, December 24, 2021 We are sorry and saddened for your terrible loss which is a loss for all who's lives John touched. UPS makes people's lives a little brighter everyday with those welcome deliveries. It's even better when the carrier has John's personality and smile. Making others happy is surely the greatest gift one can give and we are sure he will continue sharing his gift in heaven. Our condolences to all. Mac and Mary Anne.. Mac and Mary Anne Souza, December 24, 2021 My heart aches for you Tracy and the rest of your extended family. I had the joy of doing a few sales trips with the two of you and loved seeing how you loved each other. Always a joy to be around - encouraging, uplifting, engaging and sincere. You will be missed until we catch up with you in heaven someday. Tyler Reeves, December 24, 2021 Gonna write this one directly to you, John. Our lives took us on different paths, and I regret losing touch with you over the years. But for me, you will always be a vital, young man with cool hair, a quick smile, a positive attitude and an unflappable spirit. Because the last time we got to really hang out together and know one another, that is who you were! And I can see from the notes left here that you stayed true to these throughout your whole life. I wish I could have had some of the great food you cooked that your mom talks about. And I wish I could have hung out with you and laughed with you again. And I wish I could have had some of your wisdom to maybe not worry quite so much. And I wish I could have seen your smile one more time. I know the world is less bright without you in it, and I know that where you are is brighter because you are there. Well done, cousin. And blessings to your wife, Tracy, and also to my Uncle Jack, Auntie Sharon, and your sister, Kristin. Jim Souza, December 24, 2021 To our dear son John, We celebrate the life you lived as a sweet baby and toddler, well-behaved and lovable pre-teen, affable and laid-back teen, and an adult with a stellar character and who went from cute to handsome! You were always a joy to your parents each stage of your life. We miss you so much and look forward to being with you again. Your sudden experience with illness was so unexpected that your passing leaves a grief so profound, not only to us, but to the rest of your family and friends. We feel comfort in knowing you are embraced by Jesus, your Savior. You were always excited to explore new territory, so we can just imagine your wide-eyed delight in the place you now call your Forever Home. We, Dad and I, are so very grateful to your sweetheart Tracy, a loving and loyal spouse, who guided us to Jesus. She was so strong during your illness and lovingly looked after us while she dealt with her own grief. Thank you, precious John, for your many acts of kindness and helpfulness, your support and understanding when we needed it, and the wonderful meals you prepared that rivaled great chefs! We are so proud of the legacy you left behind. Be the same sweet and gentle soul in heaven, until we meet again, our gem of a son! Your loving essence will always remain with us. Sending our love to you now and always! With love and admiration, Mom & Dad Sharon Souza, December 23, 2021 I, too, had the pleasure of working along side Souza at UPS. Our routes were next to each other for many years, and we always helped each other out when we were in a bind. He always had a great attitude and a calm demeanor. Didn’t let much get to him. I knew he loved golf and when I retired he gave me a box of golf balls, the latest and greatest of course! It was his way of saying, “go out and play some golf, and enjoy!” My sincere condolences go out to his family and wife. He will be deeply missed. Kori Pulaski, December 23, 2021 I am so proud to call you my son. You were loving, you were kind, you were patient and you never complained. You were always upbeat and positive. Never a bad word, never critical. I admired greatly those traits which made you the gentleman that you were. You approached every project with the "let's get it done" attitude. You were a bright leader and you were respected and liked by all who knew you. I am also so proud of your loving wife, Tracy, who brought you to Jesus. I now find great comfort in knowing that you are in that place that Jesus made for you as He promised. I look forward to being with you again someday. You left a big whole in my heart and I miss you so very much. Dad Everett J Souza, December 23, 2021 I had the pleasure of working alongside Souza, that’s how we all know each other by last name. I remember him asking me about the route he took over many months before the guy named Calderon retired. We always joked about it because he had one month more of seniority than me and I knew I couldn’t have the route until he retired. He was always smiling and got along with everyone in the Irving center, he will be sorely missed.
Jose Vasquez , December 22, 2021