David Aaron Lozano

December 17, 1969 - July 13, 2021

David Aaron Lozano, 51, died Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in his McKinney home surrounded by family, after a two-year battle with that heartless villain cancer. 

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 17, 1969, the son of Eloy Lozano of Laredo, Texas, and Mirta Lozano of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Even before graduating from WT White High School in Dallas, David had already begun a career in the restaurant industry, later becoming a highly skilled and sought-after bartender. After a brief “geographical cure” in Austin, David returned to Dallas and found sobriety in 1997. 

After a varied career sampling from pagers to working “skips,” he found success with education technology, working for Study Island, TeacherWeb, and Macmillan New Ventures. As a treasured employee of Education Galaxy, David helped build the business from the ground up, eventually becoming Regional Vice President of Sales, reaching over 500 Texas school districts and 15 states. He was a champion of virtual learning that long predated the COVID pandemic that made such platforms essential.

In 2010, David married his long-time partner and best friend, Stephanie (née Layton), of Amarillo. They lived together with David’s daughter, Meridith, from a previous relationship (he had been her chief custodian since 2004), until she struck out on her own.

David took his sobriety seriously, yet with good humor, and shared his hilarious adventures with others along with gentle guidance and a strong example. He served as a sponsor to many and as inspiration to many more, and gave generously of his time and warmth. Before his death, David proudly received his 24-year chip, with the assurance that deathbed sedations do not count. 

He was a self-described Sci-Fi nerd, a passionate music fan, and a dedicated gourmand. Throughout his travels for work, David sought out and sampled the best in fine dining, from roadhouses to diners, and never met a brisket or taco he wasn’t willing to give a shot at the title. We need not speak of his love for bomb pops, which goes without saying. 

David was a dedicated father, who loved his daughter, Meridith, unconditionally, and took her uncanny similarity to him with—as always—good humor. He was a doting grandfather and loving husband to his wife, Stephanie. 

Professionally, David said, “I have a simple philosophy, take care of the customer, make friends.” That was not just idle chitchat. David’s willingness to make friends wherever, whenever, was a ruling concept of his life. He saw joy in everything, he had friends across all boundaries and could share a laugh with anyone. David was popular with the nurses and techs he met through his chemo treatments, who took to parking him next to “difficult” patients knowing that David would help thaw them out. To David, we are all in recovery, and always on the road to betterment.

After his diagnosis, he picked up a refrain his father used to say: “Death is only a drag for the living.” Ain’t it the truth.

David is preceded in death by his father, Eloy Lozano; mother, Mirta Lozano; and sister, Laura Lemmon.

He is survived by his wife, Stephanie; daughter, Meridith Barrow; son-in-law Jonathan Barrow; granddaughters, Mia and Millie; brother, Raymond Lozano; sister, Diana Lozano; as well as brother- and sisters-in-law; many nieces and nephews; and more friends than a pink elephant could count. David will be sorely missed. 

A memorial service will be held at a later date to be updated shortly. 

In lieu of flowers, please donate to The 24 Hour Club in Dallas, Texas (www.dallas24hourclub.org). David would also recommend that you try their pancakes.





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Our deepest condolences. David will surely be missed. Duane & Carol (Bradley) Duane & Carol Spinelli, July 22, 2021 You could always count on David's wisdom and sense of humor. We were all blessed to know him.
Judy Simon, July 21, 2021 Even though I never met him, I was able to easily see how incredibly loved he was by his daughter Meredith! She looked up to him & always spoke kindly & fondly of Him as a father, grandfather & friend! I am so very sorry you all have lost such an amazing person! I pray that you will find peace, healing & warmth in your hearts when you reminisce about the times through the years yall were able to share. Sending my condolences! Lauren Downes, July 21, 2021 Words can't express the amount of love and respect I will always have for you. Thank you for taking me in and making me an honorary Lozano for life! Love you Mr. L. Forever and always! Elle, July 21, 2021 I am heartbroken to hear of David's passing and really have no words. All of my memories of him are great. He was a devoted father and an all around decent guy. I always felt like he was in my corner. I did not meet Stephanie, but my heart goes out to her and Merideth. How many great meals did David make for me? You are missed. Camille Long, July 19, 2021 I guess I will always remain Misti2 and never made it to Misti1! I will miss sharing pics of our family, receiving your recipes/restaurant recommendations, you checking in on me and pushing me to work harder, and sharing Blue October songs. The amount of people you impacted is so inspiring! See you on the other side! Misti Ennis, July 19, 2021 Will never forget you and the impact you had on SO MANY. You were the best salesperson I know and when I told you that, you said it's easy when you have an amazing product that you believe in it will sell like gold. You helped me tremendously and were always willing to help me improve and gave me ways to succeed. I will never forget you. And even though I can't have donuts anymore they will forever remind me of you. Hope you brought a box to the big guy upstairs! Rest easy. Stephanie S, July 19, 2021 I will miss my friend and his view brilliance! simon, July 18, 2021 My deepest sympathy for such an immeasurable loss. God Bless you David. So happy to have had the opportunity to sit in the sun with you for awhile. Meredith, you are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless and keep you all.
Lisa, July 17, 2021 I am so saddened to hear this news, truly heartbreaking... I first met David at 12 years old running around at Harvest Hill Apartments. We would hang out for hours in his brothers room listening to Rush records. In particular Moving Pictures which had just come out in 1981. We loved laughing and music. He was always smiling. We both went to W.T.White and went in the same group of 4 couples to Prom in 1987. We all had a blast that night. Reconnected with him in the mid 90's and of course laughed hysterically about the old days. David, you were a great guy. You are with the Lord now...see you again my friend...Blessings.
Colleen Crawford, July 16, 2021 I am going to miss David, his passing is going to leave a big hole in our meetings and in our personal lives. He was always an inspiration, his positive attitude toward everything was truly amazing. I’m going to miss my friend, the world was a better place with David in it.
Shane Brown, July 16, 2021 I will miss and cherish all the donuts, memories, and life lessons you’ve blessed me with. It was a great honor to work and know you so closely day in and day out, Dave. I’ve never met anyone who believed and advocated for my career more than you. You will be someone I will think of for the rest of my life. Friendships like this never die. I will hit up all the bfast tacos here in Austin for you buddy. I’ll love and miss you as long as I live. Mylinda Aphayarath, July 16, 2021 I feel so blessed to have met David for a set time. See you on the other side. Russell Knight , July 16, 2021 My ears always opened wide when David shared his experience, strength and hope. His inspiration will live on in all who were privileged enough to share a moment with him. Lisa Garrison, July 16, 2021 David was one of the warmest people I have ever met. It was an honor to call him a friend. I only wish I could have met him sooner. I hope the trumpets played Rush to welcome him home. Kyle, July 16, 2021 I am so honored to be your friend. I am going to miss you so much. I am thankful for so many fond memories to cherish with you and Stephanie. You're a good one. Anuja Ghimire, July 16, 2021 God Bless and keep you David. So happy I was able to sit in the sun with you awhile. My deepest sympathy to Meredith and the family. Lisa, July 16, 2021 I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Amy Brown, July 16, 2021 David was a great friend and I will miss his humor, insights and dedication to those he helped and shared his life story. "Rose petals in the pool" life truly is too short to worry over small issues!
Tim Leslie , July 16, 2021 Rip buddy, the journey was good, see ya in afterlife.
Jon Orta, July 16, 2021 Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for being such a big part of my high school life. I’m sorry that my brother chased you down the street with a crow bar! Your laugh and smile will live in the memories of so many. Rest In Peace, Big D. Little S Shannon Malooly, July 16, 2021 Loved ya Dave, you will be missed.
Jeff, July 15, 2021 This guy!! A Spirit and Soul that shined so bright, still does. Very thankful to have crossed paths on this Infinite Journey and no doubt his Being is still with us as always.
Todd Wilson, July 15, 2021 I’m going to miss you brother. We’ve accomplished a lot of great things together. Going to miss you! Jeremy Verret, July 15, 2021 David, you are my friend and my brother. I look forward to reuniting with you in God’s Kingdom one day when I can “check in with you so I don’t check out.” While you will be sorely missed, I know just where to find you and you will never be far away. I love you my friend.
Mike Swim, July 15, 2021 Dammit Steph, I'm so sad by this! David was such a light and a joy to spend time with. I just loved his personality. I truly hope him and Pap are on a swing watching for deer /groundhogs. Be strong until you can see your love again. Much love and light your way.
Erin Rozelle, July 15, 2021 There are few people that enter your life that make you a better person. He helped me improve my spiritual contact with God. He was my brother,my friend. He will be with me forever.
Jim Reinarz, July 15, 2021 My Sponsor, My Neighbor, then My Brother! Miss you Man.
Jonathan Adams, July 15, 2021 God truly blessed me to have David as a friend. He told me about the history of AA and listened to me when I just talked. The thing that David did that so many others didn't, he spent time to help other people. He gave Love and Hope away like it was candy, and many lives were saved because of it. I will always cherish the memories of him! Mark T (Teddybear) Mark T Howell, July 15, 2021 David was one of my best friends. I know many felt the same way. He was an amazing example of humility and acceptance through this ordeal and never complained. David was ALWAYS willing to listen and help anyone. He helped a lot more people than he ever knew. We all are better for knowing and spending time with him. Gregg Taylor, July 15, 2021 So proud to be your friend, my brother. You are one of a kind and will be loved forever. You tended your garden well, my friend and you’ll always be with us. Love, Pat Patrick Cothes, July 15, 2021 Happy to call him a friend. Woody F, July 15, 2021 No words. Big love. Abbie Andrews, July 15, 2021