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Daryl Jeffrey Wail

Sep 28 1964 - Apr 20 2007

Daryl Jeffrey Wail of Plano, TX, beloved husband and father, born on September 28, 1964, sadly passed on to the next level of existence on April 20, 2007. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he moved to Texas to be with the loves of his life-wife Susan, her children Ashley and Michael, and their beloved dog, Ranger. Daryl’s sudden death at age 42 from a massive heart attack has left all who knew him stunned and grief-stricken. To say that Daryl was a dynamic force of nature is putting it mildly. He did everything full speed ahead; whether it was taking care of his clients in his position as a Financial Specialist at Wachovia Bank, working on his computer graphic art for children’s books or simply napping with the dog while watching football on a Sunday afternoon. His firm handshake and his warm greeting of “G’Day, Mate!” made everyone he met a potential life-long friend. Daz, as he was called by friends and family, was born in Box Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He was a precocious child with a penchant for designer sneakers and mischief. His first job was at a filling station, where he promptly became employee of the year. He went on to purchase a truck route and became an entrepreneur with his own trucking business. He traveled the world and enjoyed life to the fullest. When an unfortunate accident permanently injured his back, he went back to college to obtain a degree in another area of expertise- Art. His computer graphics were second to none. One of his most prized accomplishments is the website of children’s book author Michael Salmon (www.MichaelSalmon.com). It was a huge undertaking, but with Dazzy’s talent it took shape and is now read by children every day the world over. Daryl was a talented free-hand artist as well. His paintings embody the essence of who he was-larger than life, brightly colored, thick with paint and possibility. He loved to tell the story of getting into heaps of trouble in primary school for always drawing trucks instead of doing his lessons; he proudly pointed out that he grew up getting to do what he loved-drive trucks and draw! It was through his passion for art and his work in computer graphics that led him to the love of his life, Susan. Susan was divorced with twin twelve-year-olds when they met on-line, in a chat room of ICQ that was devoted to art. One thing led to another, and Daz and Sue started to exchange e-mails and phone calls on a daily basis. Eventually, Daz bought a ticket to the USA to visit the person he jokingly called "wifey" in all of his correspondence. He arrived in Plano, Texas, on September 20, 2000. This was the official beginning of their fairy-tale romance. With a lot of traveling, paperwork, and determination, Daz and Sue married on June 23, 2002, in Park Orchards, Australia, in a candlelit ceremony attended by friends and family from all over the globe. In his vows, he promised Susan and the twins to “...always make your life interesting,” and he lived up to that vow every day of his life. Once in Texas, his graphics career became more of a side business as he entered into the world of sales. First at Reliable Chevrolet and then at Wachovia Bank, he honed his people skills to the point of perfection. His customers always knew that they were the reason he came to work every day. He built friendships with many and was poised to rise to the top of his profession at Wachovia. His last review was not only a glowing accolade, but a testament to his work ethic, which was second to none. That work ethic is something he learned on the playing field of sports. He played Australian Rules Football, netball, tennis and golf with the same passion he showed in other areas of his life. He was a state-ranked tennis player and also found time to play on two footy teams every Sunday while he still lived in Australia. Via cable T.V, he could watch his beloved Richmond Tigers footy team here in the states, and that brought him tremendous satisfaction. Daryl was truly a renaissance man. A hopeless romantic, he once surprised his wife with a Sebring convertible for her birthday, but his most touching gesture was making her tea each and every morning of their life together. He loved getting dressed up for special occasions, spending all weekend renovating their home, or just loafing about if need be. He showered Susan and the children with gifts for no reason, dinners out just so they could all sit and talk, and gave them the most precious thing he had to give-his unwavering and endless love. We, his family and friends, are in shock that we will never again hear that booming voice or feel the tight hug of his embrace as soon as he bounds through the door. He was a comet that blazed into our lives and changed us all for the better. Selfishly, we want him back. However, since that can't be so, we can all honor the memory of our beloved Daz by living our lives to the fullest-every single day-and going after dreams that seem impossible, because as he would say, “she'll be right.” Besides his wife and children, Daryl is survived by his mother, Valerie Leyden; his brother Steven Glenn; his best friend of over twenty-five years, Andrew Parker; and Andrew’s dad Ken; his step-sister Kay and his nephew Anthony, as well as a huge number of friends and distant family. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Daryl Wail Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Wachovia Bank, 2400 East Plano Parkway, Plano TX 75074, or the American Heart Association would be greatly appreciated. Daryl was also an organ donor, and many people are being helped this very moment because of his generosity and foresight. He would want you to consider becoming a donor as well. Daz would tell us to say “G’Day, Mate!” and mean it. He would remind us all to pet the dog enthusiastically, to talk to the kids sincerely, and to tell those you love how you feel every chance you have. A memorial service will be held 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 25, 2007, in the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Chapel.
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