Cletus Augustus "Papou" Bristol

July 5, 1902 - June 11, 2008

Cletus Augustus “Papou” Bristol was born on the 5th of July, 1902 in Frisco, Texas to Augustus and Elizabeth Bristol and passed away June 11, 2008, not quite 106 years old. For 72 years, he was married to Mary Pearl Daffron, who passed away November 23, 1999. They had one son, Teddy Joe, who pre-deceased them in 1994. Cletus is survived by his grandchildren, Dallas real estate investor, Mike Bristol and wife Brenda Box-Bristol and great-granddaughter, Blayne Augusta Bristol, attending The University of Texas in Austin; Attorney Robert Matthew Bristol and Patti Tucker Bristol of Roswell, NM; Gwendolyn Bristol and husband P. Edgar “Eddie” Gammill, President of Stewart Title in San Antonio; their mother, June Miller Bristol of Dallas; and Whitney Bristol Heath, her husband Michael Heath, great grandson James Heath of Frisco; and Whitney’s mother, Carolyn Hicks Bristol of Stuttgart, AR, and dear friends, Paul and Violet Clark, and niece, Rhoda Christie and nephew and niece, Phil and Patsy Christie, and especially Tracy Kambarami, Cletus’ loving care giver for the past 18 months.. The Family of Cletus Bristol would like to express their heartfelt thanks to the members of Central Christian Church of Frisco who were always so thoughtful, and the many friends who gave their love and support to Mr. Bristol. A Celebration of Life will be held at Central Christian Church of Frisco, 9073 Berkshire Drive, Saturday, June 14, 2008 beginning at 2:00 PM. Family and friends are invited to a visitation at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home, 8520 Main Street, Frisco, Texas Friday, June 13, 2008 beginning at 6:00 PM.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Bristol at the Frisco Safeway when we was 103 years old. I have had the pleasure of working for Safeway for 35 years in many different locations across US. I have met many fine people but none anymore interesting and full of life than Mr Bristol. We exchanged stores of what "the good 'ol days " were like in the grocery business when he first started. There have been a lot of changes in our industry, but we all owe a huge word of thanks to Mr Bristol for the leadership he applied and for the influence he had on so many associates, vendors, neighbors and customers. It was an honor to have known Mr Bristol, if only for a small period of his life. We are blessed for having known him. Steve Frisby Steve Frisby, July 4, 2008 I am so sorry we were not here for the funeral and did not know Mr. Bristol had passed away. All of "us Keelings" have such fond memories of Mr. Bristol and especially our fun times on the farm. He was a great man and you all must feel so blessed to have had him for such a long time. Love always, Carol Byrd and family (George and Bonnie's #2 daughter) Gary and Carol Byrd, June 18, 2008 My family worked with Mr. Bristol during his Safeway days. I remember he would always give my sister & brother a free bag of Brach's candy - 10 pieces each. I am now 50+ and my family sends our thoughts and prayers to his extended family. Cindy Cole, June 15, 2008 From the very first day Cletus came to the Frisco Senior Center, he stole a special place in my heart. He had recently lost his wife, and immediately enjoyed the company of the other seniors. Cletus was the same every time you saw him, full of stories to share and glad to listen to others. He loved a good hug and got a lot of them at the center. If I wasn't out in the center, he would come to my office to get his hug before the van left. He so appreciated the littlest things you did for him. When my grandchildren visited many years ago and they met him, he was so kind to them and they still remember and ask about him. Though Mike and I tried to make arrangements to be there, but were unable to, we are there with you this day as you celebrate the life of a very special man. A man who loved life, loved his family, loved his land, loved others. It is no wonder he was so successful, as he often told me he only tried to treat people with courtesy and kindness and as he wanted to be treated. This is how he treated me and I will always be grateful that he was a special part of my life in Frisco. I will always have the memories of all the stories I heard him tell over lunch at the center, for which I am thankful. Our deepest condolences and sympathy, but we do celebrate his life and joy at knowing Cletus is with his family in heaven. Mike and Barbara Neal, former Frisco Senior Center Supervisor 99 - 05 (North Port, Florida) Barbara and Mike Neal, June 14, 2008 I was very saddened when I read Mr. Bristol's obituary. He gave me my first job as a bag boy for Safeway at Webb Chapel and NWH when I was 16 back in 1967. He also hired 2 of my closest friends at that time. He was a firm manager with high expectations and to be quite honest, taught me more about being responsible for my actions and decisions as well as developing a good work ethic than any of the management schools I have attended. He was patient with us kids, but always held us to a high standard. I always respected him. I am an Avionics manager for a corporate jet company on Love Field and I have passed that old Safeway building every day for 35 years as I went to work. (It was a Pied Piper Pizza recently). I have thought of those days often. The people and places of my youth will always be special to me. To Mr. C. A. Bristol, 'My regards sir. Thank you for being a positive influence during my first working days and getting me started in the right direction'. The store building has been torn down this past year and they are building a library there now. The apartments where I grew up across the street from the store have been completely torn down and it is now an open field. They too are gone from me now but never the memories. My prayers are with you and your family. Jim Munsell Jim C. Munsell, June 14, 2008 It was always so wonderful for us to be around Uncle Cletus. He always made us feel special. I love him so very much and he will be sorely missed. My boys and I will always remember going out to his farm to feed the fish. The visits and dinners with Pearl and Cletus will always be special in my heart. Love to all of you Mary Jo Mary Jo Benke, June 12, 2008