Claudio Luis Cardenas

May 31, 1954 - January 20, 2013

Claudio Luis Cardenas of Plano, Texas passed away January 20, 2013 at the age of 58. He was born May 31, 1954 to Antonio Marquez and Eloisa (Cadena) Cardenas in Eagle Pass, Texas. Claudio grew up in Uvalde, Texas where he attended schools and graduated from Uvalde High School in 1973. Claudio graduated from University of Texas where he was a member of the Longhorn Marching Band and received a bachelor degree in construction engineering. He worked for Mobil Oil for over 18 years and has worked with Pizza Hut/Yum Brands for the last ten years.   Claudio enjoyed long distance running and cycling. He ran the New York City Marathon in 2011, Caracas Venezuela Marathon in February 2012 and the Stockholm Sweden Marathon in May 2012. While cycling, he participated in the MS 150 Bike Ride and many other events. Claudio also enjoyed coaching his kids in soccer and baseball, playing golf and snow skiing.

Claudio is survived by his children, Bradley Anthony Cardenas of Plano, Texas, Jacqueline Nicole Cardenas of Plano, Texas, and Brandon Aaron Cardenas and wife Amanda of Salt Lake City, Utah; and their mother, Kim Cardenas also of Plano, Texas; brothers, Tony Cardenas of San Antonio, Texas, Gus Cardenas of Austin, Texas, Joe Cardenas and wife Annette of Uvalde, Texas; sister, Eloisa DeLeon and husband Tony of Uvalde, Texas; and numerous nieces, nephews and a host of other family and friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Antonio and Eloisa Cardenas.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Cancer Society at

A memorial service will be held 4:00 p.m., Saturday, February 2, 2013 at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home in Allen, Texas.




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Buenos Dias mi Viejo, Llena de nostalgia hoy. Como cuando veo un cardinal, y se que eres tu diciendome que alli estas. Ojala y lo unico que pedistes cuando estabas en tus ultimos dias conciente, te lo hayan cumplido tus familiares y amigos que estuvieron cerca de ti. Que dejaran tus cenizas en el lago de Stockolmo. Era solo eso y no que estuvieran en ningun otro lado. Pero sabes que amorcito corazon, cuando ya dejastes de ser tu, y te llevastes por tu enfermedad cada quien empezo a tomar decisiones a su conveniencia y a tomar ventajas de tu incapacidad. Solo quiero que estes en Paz y que tu voluntad se haya cumplido. Tu amorrrrr. Rebe Rebeca Delgado, September 5, 2016 Mi Viejo , I miss you so much i wish I could find a way to talk to you Probablemente tengo mas nostalgia porque pronto va a ser tu cumpleanos Besos muchos Tuya becky! Rebecca Delgado, May 25, 2016 Mi Viejo amado Happy New Year. I woke up reading all the cards you gave me. In one of those, in our anniversary, you wrote. I love you so much, Mi Amor. I want to be for 50 more years together. When everything changed? Miss you ever. Tu Becky REBECCA DELGADO, January 9, 2016 Te extrano tanto mi Viejo. Siempre tuya Becky Rebecca Delgado, December 21, 2015 Mi Viejo... Hoy de la nada me acorde de ti como a veces suele pasar. Se que oarte de tu mision en vida fue prepararme a estar aqui sin ti... Eso lo siento cada dia de mi vida desde q nos q fui tu amorrr y tu el mio y asi sera siempre... Tuya... Becky Rebecca Delgado, June 6, 2015 Happy Birthday Mi Viejo Amado.. Te extrano en la distancia y me sigo preguntando porque la vida nos jugo este juego..I am going to love you forever and ever. Tuya siempre.. tu Becky REBECCA DELGADO, May 31, 2015 No se si es Feliz Aniversario o que podra ser. Pero hace dos anos que ya no estas aqui. Cuidate donde quiera que andes. Yo desde aqui sabes que he aprendido a vivir son ti. Y gracias miles por todo lo que me ensenastes para poder vivir aqui... Fue como si me hubieras preparado y si hubieras sabido lo que venia. Besos siempre... Tuya siempre, Tu Becky REBECCA DELGADO, January 20, 2015 Hola Viejo... Mi amor.. tanto tiempo ya ha pasado desde que te fuistes. las aguas van retornando a su nivel. Hace noches sone contigo y se que es la forma en que te comunicas conmigo. Como cuando moristes y vinistes a despedirte de mi.Ya es casi la fecha en que te fuistes y como que los recuerdos se sensibilizan. No hay nada que reprochar solo estar en paz por lo que tenemos.. tu alla y yo aqui. Si! con nostalgia pero solo eso... Sin reproches,, sin rencores, sin pena... Sabes que oi las gaitas que grabastes en el 2007?... Son mi manera de estar cerca de ti. Por siempre mi Viejo mi alma estara cerca de la tuya.. Becky REBECCA DELGADO, January 6, 2015 Feliz cumpleanos Mi amor! No pude escribirte el 31 porque no tenia acceso a internet pero te reocrde todo el dia. Te extrano mucho REBECCA DELGADO, June 5, 2014 Good Morning Mi Amor!. We have one of our Stupid Texas Storm today. Remember when we had our first cup of coffee watching them in the back yard? Miss you so much! REBECCA DELGADO, April 6, 2014 Tan lejos y tan cerca amor Rebecca Delgado, March 26, 2014 Thinking about you and the nachos with a lot of jalapenos you liked it. O cuando me decias q querias comida calientita. Un beso mi viejo Rebecca Delgado, March 3, 2014 I am with you my Dear Love. Contigo siempre mi Viejo y recordandote cada dia de mi vida. Tu Becky. Rebecca Delgado, January 20, 2014 Merry Christmas Mi Querido Viejo!. Hace dos dias estuve en la Iglesia y tan pronto me estacione comenzo a sonar la cancion de Feliz Navidad de Jose Feliciano que le encantaba a tu mami... Dime si no es la manera de saber que te comunicas conmigo? Te extrano en cada dia desde que te has ido. Te quiero siempre y como me gustarias que estuvieramos aki juntos . Tuya siempre, Tu Becky. Rebecca Delgado, December 25, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving mi Viejo. I love you and miss you! Tu Becky Rebecca Delgado, November 28, 2013 Hoy hace 9 meses que te fuistes y te recuerdo siempre mi viejo amado. Te amare por siempre. Tu Becky Rebecca Delgado, October 20, 2013 Miss you mi viejo Rebecca Delgado , October 11, 2013 I miss you so much viejo. No ha habido domingo en que no vaya a misa y te recuerdo. Te mando un besito corazon... Siempre te amo.. Rebe Rebecca Delgado, September 15, 2013 Hi! My name is Tony Saldaña from Green Bay, Wisconsin. My family lived across the street from the, Cardenas Family. I have not lived in Uvalde, Texas since 1973-1974. Claudio, his parents, and siblings were awesome people. Periodically, I will google Uvalde, Texas to see what is going on. Although I have lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin for over 4o years, I still have HEART roots in Uvalde. If you read this, please send me Eloisa's e-mail address or home address so that I can say "Hi!" to her. As kids we all hung together. My prayers are with your family. God Bless! Antonio (Tony) Saldaña, July 3, 2013 Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I miss you so much. Tuya, Becky. Rebecca Delgado, May 31, 2013 Mi viejo... Hace tres meses te fuistes. Es dificil pensar que no hay telefono adonde pueda llamarte. Que tampoco haya un parque donde podamos sentarnos a ver como el sol se va para llegar al dia siguiente. Adonde poder buscarte para ver las estupidas tormentas de texas. Te he recordado cada dia desde q te fuistes. Ojala q adonde estes veas q lindos han estado estos dias. Los hubieras disfrutado mucho. Mi viejo te extrano tanto y solo tengo esto para sentir q me comunico contigo aunque a cada rato te hablo, me enojo y me acuerdo de todo lo vivido. Te quiero por siempre, tu becky Rebecca Delgado, May 5, 2013 Hey Bro,.....I'm still flying around, currently in ATL on way to Abu Dhabi. I miss our short calls while we were at layovers...........even a bigger surprise when we coincidently met on the plane in Miami! ;-) I believe you said you were coming in from Jacksonville, me from Bogota, we talked all the way back to Dallas that flight,........yes, i miss you. still thinking about you. Give Mom and Dad a hug, need to go to my gate now. Ciao Gus Cardenas, February 13, 2013 I want to thank all who attended my brothers services in Dallas. And those who left msgs here....My brother Clyde has joined my parents in HEAVEN. He has crossed the finish line where my parents & other family members were waiting for him with open arms. His is in a much better place where there is no pain or sorrow. We will miss him dearly. Love you brother! Eloisa Cardenas DeLeon, February 5, 2013 It has been many years since Clyde and I slid our trombone slides together in the Uvalde HS band...He and Gus were dear friends in High School and although we lost contact over the years, it hurts my heart as if we were together yesterday. I send my condolences and my support in your loss of this wonderful person. Lauralea McClendon Bauer, February 4, 2013 My deepest condolences to the whole family. I knew Joe and Gus in Uvalde High School. But I never had the pleasure to meet Claudio. I knew their family and he was such a nice man. May God bless each and all of you. Lupe Ontiveros Ortiz, February 4, 2013 Gustavo, Please accept my most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort. I have fond memories of Claudio. He was a very good person. Silvestre Ontiveros, February 4, 2013 Our sympathies and condolences to Claudio's family. We will always be grateful to Claudio for helping foster and develop Sebastian's love for soccer. Claudio was always a pleasure to talk to and be around. He will be missed but Sebastian and I are better for having know Claudio. Rest in peace coach Garrett and Sebastian Haggerty, February 2, 2013 My condolences to all of the Cardenas family. Cloudio will allways be remembered as a very good man. God Bless You, Eddie and Evelyn Tellez and family, February 1, 2013 To the Dear Family of Claudio: John and I have lived across the street from Claudio and his family for over 20 years, and from the very first day we met, he has been our good friend. For the past 6 months, he has stayed in our thoughts and prayers, and though he was taken to our God's home in Heaven much too soon, we know that God had prepared him well for his final race here on earth. Over the last few years, Claudio had trained and worked hard ultimately running in many marathons, always making it to the finish line. He was also an avid cyclist traveling many miles on his bike. He had made the changes to his yard that he had been hoping to do for so long and his home looked beautiful. He was satisfied with life! We thank God for having blessed us with Claudio's friendship for all these years. Today,through the tears we feel at the loss of our friend, there is a smile in our hearts because we know Claudio would want us all to smile when we think of him. Rocio Garza, January 29, 2013 Mi Viejo, siempre te gusto que te hablara en espanol y asi te escribo, mi tal vez, ultimo mensaje. Vivimos muchos anos juntos y como te decia siempre, toda mi vida en Estados Unidos fuistes tu. Fueron muy buenos, buenos y no tan buenos los recuerdos que quedan en nuestras mentes pero son muy lindos los que quedan en nuestros corazones. Y nuestros es el tuyo y el mio. Compartimos vida y cada uno nos dimos y nos ensemanos cosas bien lindas. Al final la vida nos llevo por caminos diferentes pero quedastes plasmado en mi corazon. Fuimos companeros en el bien y el mal, como decia nuestra cancion, que te encantaba que cantaramos juntos. Mi viejo, mi amorrrrrr,, como nos dijo Dean cuando lo conocimos, me habias prometido no irte antes que yo. Ese fue nuestro pacto, pero una vez mas, la vida nos tuvo otro rumbo. Te quiero, te quise y te querre siempre. Tu Becky. Rebecca Delgado, January 26, 2013 I had the pleasure of knowing Claudio thru his work at PHI. I wanted to share my sympathy to his family. He was a man of high integrity and positive energy, a friend to many. I hope you find comfort in the many memories and people he touched. He will be missed. Kelly McArthur, January 24, 2013 Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. Claudio was a friend and motivator. We shared our stories of marathons and our children. He loved life and he will be missed. Run with the Angels mi Amigo. Josie Betts, January 24, 2013 Clyde, I still smile and at times even laugh, as I recount the silly jokes you’d email me – never anything serious – and the stories you used to tell me the times (too few) we got to see each other after you moved away, including the one that led you into Architecture. I was so proud of you! How you tried to convince me so many years ago that I should do the same and proceeded to teach me some of the “signs” (and examples) used on the “math side” of it to prove how it wasn’t difficult at all – I think it was your comfortable way of explaining things that actually made it easy for me to understand and get excited. I’ve regretted countless times that I didn’t follow through. Cuz, I always thought of you with love and joy. And even now that you’re gone, memories of you will live on forever in my heart! Lety Cadena-Martinez, January 23, 2013 Our deepest condolences to the Cardenas Family! May God Bless you and give you strength. He has joined my Tio and Tia in a better place. He will be missed on earth but he will have over watch from above! We love you all! Albert, Maria and April. Jose A Garcia, January 23, 2013 Peace be with you mi primo. I know that there was joy in heaven when you were reunited with tio y tia. Many sad hearts left here, love you always, Angie & family Angie Tammarine, January 23, 2013 Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences. Claudio is a friend to remember. A friend I miss so much. We meet about 3 years ago and since we were very close, meeting at Star Buck almost on weekly bases after our runs, we both enjoyed running and we were part of the Luck’s Locker Marathon training program. I was privileged to company him to New York Marathon, Caracas Marathon as well as Dallas White Rock Marathon. We both registered for Chicago marathon last October but due to his illness he could not make it. I like to say that our love for him will always stay, if only things didn't end this way. But now he has brought it to the final end, I will always remember him as my friend. Rest in Paradise until we meet again. Michael Sojdie, January 22, 2013