Christina Marie Morris

July 25, 1991 - August 30, 2014

To know Christina Marie Morris, you need to know her favorite quote by idol James Dean: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

Although she was taken from us far too soon, just one month after celebrating her 23rd birthday, she continues to change countless lives for the better. She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

It’s time to celebrate her life and the joy that she brought to everyone around her. A public memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 21, 2018, at First Baptist Church in Allen. A private burial service will be at Ridgeview Memorial Park in Allen.

Christina lived life to the fullest and always encouraged people to be the best possible version of themselves. She embraced everyone’s uniqueness, often recognizing their potential even when they didn’t. She always pushed others to fulfill their dreams and never give up.

She was always ready to make people laugh, whether with silly faces or crazy costumes. And then there was the way she told stories, transforming the most mundane things into animated tales of wild adventures. To Christina, there were no small things. Everything was important.

The young woman with a dazzling smile and big hugs never met a stranger. Her happiness was big. Her sadness was big. Everything in life was big.

Ask friends to describe her and you’ll hear a wide range: goofy, quirky, fashionista, stubborn, fun-loving, passionate, energetic, strong, creative, active, open, summer-loving, spunky and driven. She strived to do her best in everything she did. There was always a sense of urgency about her. She was a tiny girl but had the biggest heart.

“She was the epitome of a true friend and one of the most genuine people I have ever met,” one friend said.

To her friends: Christina continues to speak to us. Listen for her voice and hear her pushing you to be the very best you. Never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving. She is never far away, and she’ll always be your biggest cheerleader.

Christina Marie Morris was born July 25, 1991, in Wylie, Texas. She grew up in Allen and graduated from Allen High School in 2009. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Her disappearance on Aug. 30, 2014, brought together a diverse group of people who have become a family. They embody her selfless spirit and her “never give up” attitude, and are affectionately known as Team Christina.

After three and a half years spent searching, posting flyers, and praying, Christina was found March 7, 2018, in Anna, Texas.

Survivors include her parents Mark and Anna Morris of Allen and Jonni Hare of Tyler; sister Sarah Estes and brother-in-law Patrick Estes of Carrollton; brother Jacob Morris of Allen; grandparents David and Linda Morris of McKinney, Carol and Ben Reynolds of Tyler, Carol and John Hare of Sanford, Fla., and Vikki Marshall of Tatum; aunts and uncles Tracy and Rob Danly of Little Elm, Bobbi and Joseph Ferrandino of Valparaiso, Ind., Jill Thurman and Hunter Hubbard of Enterprise, Fla., Ronald and Stephanie Shivers of Las Vegas, Nev., Donald and Shanon Shivers of Fort Mill, S.C., Dora and Daniel Brindle of Merritt Island, Fla., Peggy and Chris Marlette of Sanford, Fla., and Kayraen Reeks of Marshall; her beloved beagle Madden; and many dear cousins and best friends.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Christina’s memory to First Baptist Church in Allen or a charity of choice.

We can’t fill this empty space that she’s left in our hearts, but we can keep her spirit alive. Make someone smile for her today. Lend a helping hand.

And don’t stop saying her name. Tell her stories. Laugh. And be proud and thankful to have been a part of her life.

“Make the most of the time you have and don’t sweat the little things,” Christina once wrote. “Life is too short.”


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To the family and friends of Christina, this story really impacted me. I’ve watched many episodes of Dateline but something about her just really got to me. I knew when the episode ended I had to see if she had been found, when I read the news articles my stomach dropped and tears filled my eyes. How can a complete stranger have this much of an effect on someone? I still don’t know but I think Christina knows. I will continue her legacy of giving to others and always hugging people even as a complete stranger. Although after reading her obituary, I am no longer a stranger....what a unique outlook on life she had. I hope this message gets to the family and friends of Christina because I want them all to know that my heart aches for you all too. What a beautiful spirit and uplifting soul, may she rest in peace with that infectious smile. Amber, June 13, 2018 Dear Christina, I watched your story on Dateline and it touched my heart. May you Rest in Paradise and as a school teacher, I admire your dedication to your art, work and education. My heart goes out to your family. You will always be an inspiration to your family and friends. Sincerely, Ms. Merlyn Jannett Amaya, NYC
Merlyn Amaya, April 24, 2018 Words can not express the heartfelt sympathy I have for your family. I truly wish the outcome would of been different I hope you can take some comfort knowing she's now flying free with the Angel's and what a beautiful angel she is. Now you can take on another fight for Christina's and that is justice for her death! We will all continue to pray for you and just know Christina is right there with you. Donna, April 23, 2018 I’ve been following Christina’s story since the news broke of her disappearance through her discovery. While I didn’t personally know Christina, I feel like over the past 3.5 years I got to know more about her and the sweet, caring, and loving girl that she truly was. She left a positive impact in so many lives. Even though it’s a very sad and unfortunate situation, it’s comforting to know Christina is in a much better place in heaven. It’s my prayer that God continues to provide his love, peace, and comfort. RIP Christina and May God bless.
Matt Reynolds, April 23, 2018 sending my love and payers to her beautiful family from Australia.
mickayla hickey, April 22, 2018 Dear family, Christina rest in peace. Greatings from the Netherlands.
Nathalie , April 22, 2018
Been praying for closer it's sad to hear that you were taken from your loved one's Rip sending my deepest condolences
Melissa, April 22, 2018 So grateful for both of you so grateful to God for helping find this precious girl who touched so many lives in so many ways i love u both with all my heart forever and ever .....
Cat Andresen, April 21, 2018 You didn’t need to know Christina personally to know she was an incredibly special woman. I live in Australia and have never met her or anyone touched by her but I feel how loved and missed she is. Christina touched so many lives and her absence leaves a deep hole of grief for those people. However, I know with all my heart that Christina’s love is so powerful and enduring that she will help each and every person find their way to joy again. Her winning smile and enthusiastic personality demanded that everyone love life as much as she obviously did. In her honour, everyone will find a way. See the beauty around you and you’ll see her. Listen to someone laugh and you’ll hear her. Celebrate the victories and know she is cheering right along side you. That is just who she was. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know her. I mourn with you but embrace the peace that now, after all this time, she is free to fly and I can just imagine the beaming smile she is wearing while she does! God Bless You All! Kylie-Ann Thompson, April 21, 2018 Prayers and peace to all your family. Love Always, The Sparkmans DONNA,JEREMY & JUSTIN SPARKMAN, April 21, 2018 Even though I never met her I know she had an awesome beautiful sweet heart and soul. I wish I could have known her. God bless and comfort you for your loss. Serena Jenkins , April 21, 2018 Our thoughts and prayers have been with Christina’s family so much during the past 8 months, since we met and have gotten to know Jonni so well. This past month has been so difficult but we are thankful for you all finally having some answers as you celebrate such an amazing young lady’s life. Celebrate knowing Christina is eternally joyous with our Lord in Heaven. Our love and continued prayers are with you all! Trey and Dana Gross, April 20, 2018 Such a beautiful young lady with a wonderful family that I have had the privilege to meet. I still cannot believe I am writing this on her memorial page. I wanted so desperately to find her well. GOD knows all things and we trust that her life has brought many into a deeper faith. Rest in peace Christina! John Sevaldsen, April 20, 2018 You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you celebrate the life of your precious daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, cousin and friend.
Tammy Resar, April 20, 2018 I remember that summer day in 1991 like it was yesterday. Jonni came into the little Allen Walmart (back then it was where the Sears Outlet is now) she had a big smile and a big tummy. When I asked her when she was due her smile got even bigger as she told me "Today!" She giggled & giggled as all the eyes of us working up at the front of the store that day got as big as saucers. She told me she was headed to the fabric department (which was at the very back left corner of the store--so yes, I called one of the elderly ladies who worked back there & asked them to please keep a protective eye on her). After Jonni took her time shopping, she enjoyed laughing at us all again as we all (in unison) gave a sigh of relief & sent her with best wishes on out of the store. She promised she would come back soon & show us her new baby. It wasn't very many days later that in walked a proud Mark carrying a beautiful baby Christina with Jonni (and that day-brightening smile of hers) walking by his side. Of course we all oohed & ahhed over Christina & laughed about Jonni coming in to shop on her due date & how we had all smiled but secretly hoped it was going to be a very short & "uneventful" shopping trip! Over the years as Christina grew up, I would run into Jonni in various places, she would update me on Christina & we would laugh as we re-told of her "due date shopping trip" to anyone that would happen to be by us. Those are more happy memories for y'all to hold on to. Those are the ones I'm going to try to keep with me-the good,happy ones-the ones that make me smile. I will never forget that happy day. I will never forget this family. You all have been in our thoughts & prayers every day through this horrible time. My family & I send our deepest condolences to your entire family & to every one who loved & cared about Christina. I wish there was something I could say or do to make this better but sadly,there is nothing. I'm just so very sorry that this has happened-more than I can ever express. I just want you all to know that you will continue to be in our thoughts & prayers--forever! Christina will never be forgotten! Jonni & Mark, I SINCERELY pray that God gives you peace as you continue on life's journey without being to physically touch your precious Christina. Just remember her spirit will ALWAYS be with you both. Love, Tiffany
Tiffany, April 20, 2018 I followed you from the time you disappeared to the day you were found. May you rest in peace and know you have lots of friends all around the world. Katherine Crocker, April 20, 2018 Hugs and prayers to all.
Marilyn Oropeza, April 20, 2018 Thinking of you and your family as I have almost daily since we met on that life changing day. I am honored to know you and I learned alot from you. Your determination, patience, love, loyalty strength and I could go on and on has been so admired around the world. My heart is with you, Lisa Goldberg
Lisa Goldberg, April 20, 2018 Sweet Christina, may you rest in peace and fly high with the Angels. You are truly missed by so many. Jonni, I am praying for you and the family. If you need anything let me know, love you.
Autumn Quesenberry, April 20, 2018 May God Rest your beautiful soul. I didn’t know you personally but I felt connected to you. I have watched from afar praying for your return. You have touched many lives. Prayers for your family through this time and always. God bless.
Belinda , April 19, 2018 RIP sweet Christina. My heart aches for all. Prayers for strength. Kimberly Montanes, April 19, 2018 I love you Jonni and all of Christina's family! I am sorry I could not be there I just got this and live 700+ mile away or I would go.
Gini Wilson, April 19, 2018 I know about Christina through Bobbi Ferrandino, and have followed her tragic story on Facebook. My deepest condolences and you are all in my thoughts. Sara Sara Albert, April 19, 2018 Rest In Peace sweet angel.
Melissa Parsons, April 19, 2018 Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Joe will treasure the memory of your smile and the picture of you and JT sharing Krispy Kreme donuts on the bed. The memories that we have will live in our hearts and forever bring smiles to our faces when we think of you. The Ferrandino Family, April 19, 2018 I first heard about Christina’s story on disappeared. I remember it deeply saddened me... She had such a lovely smile. My heart breaks for her parents, friends and family. There are no words that could possibly bring comfort to each and every one of you. 23 years couldn’t possibly be enough time to spend with a more beautiful person. I pray God wraps his loving arms around each of you, and gives you the strength, courage,and comfort to deal with this great loss. Sincerely, Tasha Virginia
Tasha Parton , April 19, 2018 I never had the privilege of meeting you personally, but you affected my families life in many ways. Although your family and friends will miss you dearly, you have the best home possible at the feet of our Lord. Fly high with the angels Christina. Sandy Roberts, April 19, 2018 Team Christina, I have watched your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother search and search and search... Flyer after flyer... Day after day after day. I met your family, followed your journey back to your mama's arms. Please rest my beautiful girl.
Tonya Bennett, April 19, 2018 I have walked along with you, all the way from Southern California.  No words can heal your hearts, but accept my heartfelt condolences.  I will be there in spirit.  Rest in heaven, Christina.
Alexandra Dreyer, April 19, 2018 Prayers that you may finally rest in peace sweet girl.  I pray for your family and that justice be served to the one who did this to you!!  You will never be forgotten!
Jenifer Germer, April 19, 2018 Christina, we all wish this would have turned out for the better but you are in a much better place in heaven than on earth.  Rest easy as your family fights for justice!!
Kynmbahl Wesson, April 19, 2018 RIP... Christina, may God be with you and your family!!!
Lori Romero , April 19, 2018 The Johnson Family is thinking of the Morris Family through this time.  God bless you all.
Janelle Hofeldt , April 19, 2018 My heart just breaks for the loss of a beautiful young woman.  She was taken from a loving family way too soon.  She did bring a large group of us into the family and we will always have her to watch over us all.  To the family, know that we have all come to love and cherish Christina.  Rest in Peace Christina.
Lori Henke, April 19, 2018 Christina and her family will forever hold a special space in my heart!  Her life was taken too soon but her legacy will live on forever within “Team Christina!”  RIP sweet girl!  You are finally home!
Chass McAtee, April 19, 2018 Fly high, may your soul RIP.  God bless your sweet mother Joni.
Angela Jackson, April 19, 2018 Have prayed for you guys from day one!  I pray the Lord gives you strength thru this difficult time.  May her spirit live thru each of you and give you joy!  God bless.
Dannie Krizan, April 19, 2018 To love someone you have NEVER MET, is to live as if you are already family!  While God has you in His arms, blow a cloud our way here in Texas, Christina, or send a BIRD Flying overhead!!  We will see it! Only InTexas, Christina Morris, TeamChristina, PayItForward, ChangeTheWorld, LookUp ALWAYS, "Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today.” Top Gun Drone Pilot.
Top Gun, April 19, 2018 Mere words cannot express our sorrow with the death of your daughter.  I know that the first tears that fell when she died, fell from God’s eyes.  He knew what a beautiful spirit she shared and all the ways she made our world a better place.  May He hold you gently in His hands and grant you peace until you are reunited.
Mark and Debi Rowland, April 19, 2018