Southerland, Charlsie

Charlsie F. Southerland

January 30, 1943 - June 5, 2021

CHARLSIE FLORINE SOUTHERLAND, born on January 30, 1943, in Celina, Texas. Her life’s journey ended on June 5, 2021, in Dallas, Texas.  Charlsie worked for Texas Instruments for over 30 years.  She was loved and cherished by family and friends who share fond and treasured memories. She was kind and gentle toward her beloved pets and cared for her little dogs over the years; Baby, Alfie, Sweetie, Charlie and recued Lucky-D and Bitsy.  Her favorite vacations were with family on Carnival Cruise Lines sailing the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Although she faced many hardships in life, she always rose above it all and shared a wisdom beyond her years.  She was kind, caring and supportive, always chose love and patience and understood forgiveness by way of the heart.  A song she spoke of often was "The Dance" sung by Garth Brooks. She loved all five (5) of her children completely and was there for each of them during some of life's heartbreaking and upsetting experiences.  She recognized the solace of a mother and was always there as a friend.  The family dedicates the following songs in honor of a life remembered, “New World” and “Goodbye My Friend”, sung by Karla Bonoff. All she wanted from family and friends was for us to remember to try to forget the hurtful past and welcome forgiveness.

Preceded in death by Mother, Edna Ella Usry Stevens Owens; Father, Charlie Owens; granddaughter, Amanda Mechelle Kirby, son Jerry G. Kirby, and sister Barbara Cross.  Survived by  sister Ruby Standifer;  son Terry Kirby,  son Mark Kirby and wife Cindy, mother to Andrew Wall and Amanda Wall, and son Teddy Southerland;  daughter, Melva Wimberley and husband Russ; several grandsons and granddaughters;  Justin Kirby, son of Mark Kirby and Sue Kirby, and Justin's wife Karen, parents of great grandson Lincoln and great granddaughter Valyn; Kyra and husband Abe Odat, parents of great granddaughter Annalyn Kate and great grandson Zade TJ;  Casey Davis and Amber, parents of great granddaughters Brinkley Bae and Emmy Mae; and Emilee and husband Austin Huff, parents of great grandson Richard Andrew; and several in-laws, aunts and uncles, including cousins and nieces and nephews.  In lieu of flowers, please donate funds in the name of Charlsie Southerland at or mail your check to PO Box 645352 | Cincinnati, OH  45264-5352.   

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Charlie and I were classmates back in the day at Celina High School. She was a very sweet person and I am so sorry to hear of her passing. RIP Sharyn Gray Svoboda, June 10, 2021 Miss you terribly already Mom! And, thanks for all the hints you have left me around your house to make the days easier.
Melva Wimberley , June 9, 2021 My Mother, my Friend. Mother and I shared an apartment during my early 20s. She helped me get a job at Texas Instruments in 1978. She co-signed on the loan for my very first car and I still remember her TI employee number for payments I transferred to her account to pay for rent. She taught me how to budget my finances, but most importantly, she taught me how to move beyond "heartbreak". She was a warrior when it came to heartbreak, and always kindly shared her experience to help lessen the emotional pain brought on by loss. She lived with me for almost 9 years from 2008 to 2016. We had so much fun and loved traveling. The 2 months before her passing she told me, "I may die, but I am actually doing what I always do, I just move on." My simple prayer is to remember to breathe in Amazing Grace, and breathe out Thank You. I am so grateful for my Mother. She will forever be part of my life, and her wisdom will guide me through all heartbreak and lead to joy. "Move On". I love loving you Mother, Terry, your first born
Terry Kirby, June 9, 2021
I have quite a few memories of Charlsie F. (and her cfs email). Back in the day when I first met her I ask what the F stood for in her Middle name. She would not answer leaving me to make a guess. I asked, is it Fae? She did not say anything so I assumed I got it right. Recently when she asked me to be her Friend on Facebook I pm'd her to make sure she was she. I asked if it was Charlsie "Fae" since I thought this would be a verification only she would know and she answered yes. We were also break buddies so when TI started converting to "No Smoking" they made small smoking rooms just for those that needed to smoke. Well that didn't stop her so I would join her even though I have never smoked so we could chat a bit about whatever was going on at the time. We bowled together for Charities and even joined another league that Melva joined. It was a fun time had by all and those are just some of the many memories I can share about My Dear Friend Charlsie "Fae".
Sondra Honeycutt, June 9, 2021
My heart breaks to hear of Charlsie's passing. I have such fond memories of growing up with Melva and Charlsie being a like a "second mom". My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family during this difficult time. Sonia Cunningham Shields, June 8, 2021