Charles Wilburn Ashford, III

August 23, 1993 - December 4, 2007

Charles Wilburn Ashford, III passed away on December 4, 2007. Charles was born on August 23, 1993 in Carrollton, Texas to Charles Ashford, Jr. and Christine Dycus. He attended Vines High School in Plano, Texas and was a member of the Roman Catholic Faith. Charles is survived by his father and step-mother, Charles Ashford, Jr. and Michelle Ashford; brother, Joshua John Ashford; sister, Jessica June Ashford; grandparents, Charles Ashford, Sr. and Louise Dycus, John Dycus, Deb and Mel Stevens; several aunts, uncles and cousins and a host of friends. He is preceded in death by his mother, Christine Ashford. Family and friends are invited to the funeral home at their convenience on Thursday, December 6, 2007 to pay their respects and to sign the register book. The family will receive friends during a Visitation on Thursday evening beginning at 6:00 PM. A Graveside Service with be held at 11:00 AM on Friday, December 7, 2007 at Old Celina Cemetery with Father Jonathan Austin officiating.

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Chook, as I called him, is a ready part of my memory and was such a cherished friend. I was 17 when he passed on and I remember he always had a kind word and a comment to make you smile. His passion for music was not lost on me and we spent many hours listening to Nightwish. I hope that, wherever he is, he has found the peace that he could not find on this Earth. I love you, bro, and I hope to one day see you again. Draco Senelli, March 17, 2018 My precious Charles III, Grandpa Chuck has now joined you. I miss you both so very much and look forward to the day when we are all together again. I love you more than words can say. Love, Grandma Louise Dycus, December 10, 2017 It's been 8 years now since you passed. I still think about you once a month or so. I didn't know you as well as others, but I won't forget playing cards with you every morning in middle school. These past eight years you've been my reminder that life is short and fragile. Rest well my friend, and I look forward to another game of hold em in the next life. Eric Thomas Salvatore, December 27, 2015 I remember the last time I saw you. And I could not forget the first. You were a really good friend. I couldn't think of one time you let someone down. I'm so sad that you left us soo soon. RIP! I miss you.... Tracy Mei, December 12, 2008 HI I knew him breifly I am terribly sorry for you loss... Jessica if you ever need a thing you know where to find me. my heart is with you and your family just give me a call if you ever need to chat Jenni has my number... Kriston Ann Weideman, May 8, 2008 I hope that you're happy now, Chook. I know that you're watching over all of us from Heaven. Prepare the band, Chook, we're going to form the best Nightwish cover band ever when I join you up there in fifty or sixty years. I'm glad you're finally at peace, Chook. I love you. Eternal Love and Everlasting Light. Breanna Pullis, January 4, 2008 Chook, many miles seperated us, but that didn't change the depth of our friendship. Your silly jokes, our discussions, fights, arguments, all the normal stuff, showed me that we were real friends. I miss you...I send you prayers of peace, and prayers for healing for your family and other friends...I wish we could have spoken one more time...lots of love, your "internet mom" Darryl Thompson, December 29, 2007 Charles Wilburn Ashford. The first time I heard that name, it was music to my ears. What a cute name for such a cute and loving boy. I never knew he went to my middle school, me being in a grade higher. But I was blessed with the chance to meet him one day after school in Vines. I saw him standing outside where I hang out with some of my other friends, and I just went up to him and said, "You are really cute." He just looked at me oddly, and I walked away. I did the same thing the next day, and we started talking and becoming close. Everyday when I woke up, I couldn't wait for the day to near an end just so I could see him and talk to him. Being around Charles just made you feel perfect, like him. His smile would just brighten any mood someone was in, and he always gave such great hugs. We would talk on the phone and one time, he actually sang for me. I almost cried at how beautiful his voice was. He always said that he loved music. I am glad that I told him that I liked him as more than a friend, because he told me the same. I'm just so happy I was given the chance to tell him how I felt about him. Even though I only knew Charles for a month or so, I will miss him incredibly and so will everyone else. Family and friends alike love you and miss you so much, but we know that you are in Heaven and you can be happy for eternity. I love you so much Charles and can't wait until I see you again in Heaven. Don't forget about the egg rolls! <3 Sarah Seifert, December 13, 2007 Dear Charles, even though I was your Aunt I never really knew you. I wrote a song for the ones u left behind. "I'm lying in my bed. What was it I said the last time that we spoke? I hope that I was kind and somehow eased your mind. If I only knew then what I know today and "Death is Only Hard on the Living>Only hard on the ones left behind. We are the ones that keep on living with you always on our mind... and Death is only hard on the Living JDB I remember last time I say you you were full of energy and you played video galmes constanly. Even then you were such a hyper old soul. I regret not talking 2 u more. I hope you r with your mother in Heaven, and with your greatgrandma. Grandma Louise's 3 angels. We will ALWAYS MISS YOU AND NEVER FORGET YOU CHARLES THE THIRD !!! Love Your Aunt Jody jody d barbary/ashford, December 12, 2007 God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around him and whispered, "Come with me." With tear-filled eyes we watched him fade away. Although we loved him deeply, we could not make him stay. A Golden heart stopped beating, hard-working hands put to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best. ~Author Unknown~ Charles when your Mom died seven years ago I was sent the above poem, and it was always on my mind and brought me comfort. Now I find myself grasping for the same understanding and fulfillment. Once again these words bring me peace. Tell your Mom hi and remind her how much I miss her and you. I will miss you both until the end of time itself, when God promises we will all be together as one happy family, with no tears and no pain. Especially to the young adults (and the teachers) that came and showed your support, the ones that told a story, the ones that quitely sat in disbelief. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE SUPPORT AND THE LOVE YOU ALL SHOWED, and you will never understand how much you helped our family through our grief. Peace to you all. Love, Chuck Ashford (Charles's Dad) Charles W. Ashford, December 11, 2007 I WAS TRULY SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT THE LOST OF YOUR BROTHER AND BEST FREIND HE WILL BE TRULY MISS BY ALL. HE WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE JUST IN A DIFFERENCE WAY. CATHY OLIVER CATHY J. OLIVER, December 7, 2007 My heart was saddened today to hear of the loss of such a fine young man. I had the privelege of teaching Charles in the 8th grade as his choir director at Haggard Middle School. I treasure the moments when Charles would crack a smile and how he battled to win the "how low can you go" contest and other musical games each day in class. That is what I remember most about Charles, how he loved to play games - card games, music games, etc. My prayers are with Charles, his family, his friends, and classmates. May God grant you peace and comfort. Melissa Roth, December 7, 2007 My prayers go out to your whole family. Charles was a wonderful young man. He will be missed by all. Mary Ann White, December 7, 2007 My deepest sympathies and condolences to all the family. Ida Trevino, December 7, 2007 Charles was one of the nicest boys I have ever met. He was also the first friend I made when I started going to vines. He was the best friend anybody could ask for, and for that I will miss him dearly. and for those who read this just remember Charles will never really be dead because he will live on in the hearts and minds of all who touched. Tessa B Fox, December 7, 2007 Charles was a part of our Saigling family, and we are all saddened to hear this devastating news. I never taught Charles, but had Jessica in fifth grade the year she lost her mother. I am so sorry, Jessica. I pray that the thoughts, prayers, and written memories of Charles' life will help ease the pain of your loss. Jackie Estes, December 7, 2007 I had the priviledge of visiting with Charles and his family in Texas when he was very young. We had dinner, played games, and went out for ice cream. He was so energetic and passionate about life and that is how I will always remember him. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who knew and loved him so much. Joe Costello, December 7, 2007 Even though the miles between us were many and the visits too few you were always remembered in my weekly phone calls to your Grandma Louise. She said you reminded her in so many ways of Pap Pap Krause and that was a wonderful compliment. I struggle to understand and to find the right words to say, but I know you will always be as close as a memory. May you rest in peace forever as you are now in Heaven with your beautiful mother. Love, Aunt Nornie norma costello, December 7, 2007 Charels was a good friend and person that u could always rely on. we all miss u deeply and u will always be in our hearts and memories Logan Fleming, December 6, 2007 Claudia and I wish to express our most heartfelt and sincere condolences to the Ashford Family. You are in our prayers and in our thoughts. May God Bless your family during this time of sorrow. Robert & Claudia Valenzuela, December 6, 2007 Charles was a great friend who would be there for you in a time of need. I will miss him alot and keep him in my heart. It only hurts that he died the day before my birthdayand that I never got to see him after I told him I would see him tomorrow. I send my prayers to his family and friends, and I would like to share I wrote to him. You are born into this world and you grow-up fast, And soon find out that things dont last, You go to school, to laugh and play, Just to find out what happened yesterday, You make new friends to share stuff with, Til that one special person gives you a gift, You grow-up and change your schools, And learn how to swim in the big kids pool, After a while your life just flashes, Just to find that fire in ashes, Things start to happen that don't make sense, Like a discolored picket on a brand new fence, We didn't know what was coming tomorrow, But only to find the school in sorrow, To something we could not comprehend, That on December 4th we lost a friend, To the loss of Charles we stand and cry, To the question of why you had to die, To all of the people who where your friends, Yo made it fun to the very end, The memory of Charles Ashford will never cease, But we all hope you rest in peace. William Blake Schram, December 6, 2007 I didn't know him very well but I knew him well enough that I'm going to miss him terribly. He was a grade ahead of me, but last year after school we'd talk a lot. I remember he had a travel poker case he'd always hit himself in the head with...he was a great guy. Samantha Colleen Smith, December 6, 2007 I AM VERY SORRY TO HERE ABOUT THE LOST OF YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR BEST FREIND HE WILL BE TRULY MISSED BY ALL. YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW ME BUT I AM CATHY FREIND. AND I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY KNOW HOW TRULEY SORRY I AM FOR YOUR FAMILY. BUT HE WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF YOU HE WILL LIVE ON IN YOUR HEART AND THE MEMORY YOU SHARED TOGETHER. CATHY OLIVER, December 6, 2007 I'm so sorry you had to go so soon. You were a great kid and a great student. I am sorry we weren't better friends. Rest in Peace Emily Jordan Bronnenberg, December 6, 2007 Charles was a close and very dear friend. I was honored to have known such a great man. I will miss him and sharish his memory with the last thing I said to him. THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD FRIEND ! You will be missed. William Alex Baker, December 6, 2007 Charles was in my spanish class in the seventh grade. he was truly an extremely sweet guy who had such a radiating smile. my prayers are with him and his family. Deena Shihabi, December 6, 2007 I am so sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you and your family...GOD BLESS Munoz Family, December 6, 2007 Chuck and Michelle, My thoughts and my prayer for your family: Dear Lord, Please place your healing hands on Chuck, Jr's family. Help them find comfort knowing your guiding light has placed him safely in your loving arms to hold forever. Amen Jane King, December 6, 2007 Our hearts and prayers are with the family & friends of this handsome young man. Such a great loss at such a young age. Celebrate and rejoice for he is with the Lord and united with his mother...peace be with you all. S Vanegas, December 6, 2007 Charles, grandpa Chuck and I will always remember you with love. We were so happy to spend time with you when you would come to stay at our house. Grandpa remembers your fishing trips and all the fish you guys never caught. But you had a special time together that he will cherish. We have always been very proud of you in all you have done and had wonderful hopes for your future. Unfortunately we will never realize those dreams now, but we know that your mom is delighted to have you with her. You will never be out of our thoughts and we will love and cherish you forever. Love Grandma Louise and Grandpa Chuck Louise E Dycus, December 6, 2007 I remember Charles Ashford as a deep, thoughtful, and always polite young man. I was his 8th grade English teacher, and I remember how Charles was always the first one to make it to my class. He would walk in, say hello, and sit down to prepare for the lesson. Even though I only knew him for a year, I was able to tell that he was an extremely bright and caring person. My thoughts and prayers go out to Charles, the family, and all of those trying to figure out why someone's life would be taken so soon. Bryan Thurman, December 6, 2007 Charles was such a special person to me. I considered him my best friend. WE talked daily after school. He was an amazingly sweet kid that was shy around strangers but when he really got to know you was so entergetic and loving. The loss of my dearest friend has left an impact on my life. My memories of my best friend will never fade... I love you Charles... Denise M. Hitchcock, December 6, 2007 "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." ~ Eskimo Legend Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. God Bless You. Erick, Wendi & Grayson Kuebler, December 6, 2007 I am thankful for the times you shared with my family especially my son. I remember most of all the time we celebrated Ian's birthday and we went bowling. You were having such a hard time keeping the ball in the center but your persistance and determination came through when you knocked each and every pin down the look on your face was priceless that is how I will remember you. You will be missed. Maria Montes Maria Montes, December 6, 2007 Charles was a quiet person yet was funny and very cool i remember charles from my 7th grade Texas History Class. He is a person who will be rememberd may you fly with the angels charles and AND GOD BLESS YOU Daniel Scott Merrill, December 5, 2007 I will always remember the times I would spend the night at your house and we would stay up late at night playing video games and get into trouble for staying up to late because we had to be at church early the next morning :). You were a good friend Charles and I will alway be thankful for your friendship you will be missed. Your Friend Ian Ian Montes, December 5, 2007 To Jessica Family: I want to give the family my condolence and to let you know that you and your family are in my prayers.May you have the confort to know that Charles is now with his mommy who will take care of him from here on out. Tommy Chavez & Family Kathy Chavez, December 5, 2007 Deepest sympathay from the Hudson family.Victor,Mentrall,Jordan,Justice,Jeremy and Jerrod.I pray that GOD give each of you the endurance to endure during this time of mourning. Victor Earl Hudson, December 5, 2007 I had the honor of teaching Charles last year. He was such an amazing young man! I can't express my sorrow at the loss of such a fine young man! You are in my thoughts and prayers. He will truly be missed. Shelly Edwards, December 5, 2007 I went to elementary school with Jessica and worked at Sport Clips where both Charles and his father were clients. They are such a nice family. I hate to hear about this. To the Ashfords: I am praying for you. Please never forget that you have an amazing support system for you. I know that Charles and his mother are watching over you from a much better place. Susan C. Barden, December 5, 2007 I knew Charles very well. We were good friends and i miss him very much. AS im writing this im crying because im thinking of all the funny times we had together. He was the was the sweetest person i know. Everyone that knew him at vines will miss him very much. Even though there were those people who picked on him, there were even more that loved him. Amanda Campo, December 5, 2007 Charles has been one of my best friends since 6th grade. He was the sweetest and nicest guys I've even meet. I will miss him so much! He will never be forgotten. Ashley Saldaña, December 5, 2007 Charles , I will really miss you.. and you were one of the coolest people that i knew.. and i will miss you alot.. and we all know that you are in a better place. i love you charles. Megan E. Corner, December 5, 2007 Oh Charles. I regret not knowing you better than Idid. You were such a special kid, and you meant so much to so many. You were too young to die, and deserved so much better. You do not know how much pain your death has caused me. I remember passing by you in the hallways and saying hi, though nothing more. we were friends in grade school and even now I thought about you. I pray that you are in a better place now, and that I will be able to see you again somtime soon. I really miss you Charles. I love you. I pray for the survived family and give condolances to you all. Mary Ruth Bjornstad, December 5, 2007 I remember Charles, always quiet, he was in my science class last year, i just wanted to say, rest in peace my friend, your always in my heart Daniel Robert Elias, December 5, 2007 Charles was a REALLY great guy...he was in my health class last year and we became pretty good friends. He was so great and always knew how to make me smile. It seems like he did that for a lot of people..everyone misses him so much..I'm never gonna forget you Charles! =] Hannah Hunt, December 5, 2007 I remember Charles with so much love. He was very special to me and I will miss him more than I can say. I remember the happy times we had playing video games when he stayed at our house for a few days. He was always smiling and would kiss my cheek and say "Grandma I love you." Charles, I will love you forever. Love, Grandma Louise Louise E Dycus, December 5, 2007 Although I was not great friends with Charles, I had known him since kindergarten. I remember working on school projects with him, and seeing him in the halls. It is such a shame that he died at such a young age, but I know that he is in a better place now. Rest in peace; you will never be forgotten. Anna Barden, December 5, 2007 Charles was such a quite young man. However, many failed to recognize what an amazing person he was. No matter what kind of day he was currently experiencing, he never failed to either make me smile or make my day that much better in US History last year. My prayers and thoughts go out to every last member of Charles family and every last friend of Charles. I know that when I say that Charles was an amazing kid and will be missed greatly by all, I speak for all. And even if he always called me Emily I really did not care. He was always so kind, and helpful. I feel honored to have been able to become friends with Charles. Amy Everett, December 5, 2007 I had the pleasure of teaching Charles math at Haggard last year. He was such a genuinely nice and polite student at all times. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time. Becky Fenn, December 5, 2007 I had the privilege of teaching Charles 7th grade English. He was a respectful, hard-working student. He was quiet, yet thoughtful. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. He will truly be missed. Sherri Riskind, December 5, 2007 I am so sorry, Jessica. One more angel joins the celestial choir. Blessings to the Ashford Family. Mrs. W. Haggard Middle School Linda Warzusen, December 5, 2007 All of us at Vines High School are keeping your family in our prayers. Judy Mouden, December 5, 2007 To Charles' family: I had the privilege of teaching both Charles and Jessica 7th grade science at Haggard Middle School. You have my prayers and deepest condolences. May angels speed him to his rest, and may angels watch over all of you during this sad time. With love, Elizabeth Griffin HMS Elizabeth Griffin, December 5, 2007 my favorite memory is when he was a little boy, he would lay his head on my lap so I could play with his hair. If I moved my hand away, he would put it back on his head. I am so proud of being his God-mother. I will miss him and his lovely smile for the rest of my life. I love you Charles--kisses Cookie Valenzuela, December 5, 2007 Charles was in my Texas history class that I teach at Haggard Middle School. I remember Charles as a quiet, polite young man. I am glad that I had the opportunity to teach him at HMS. My thoughts and condolences are with all of of friends and family Mrs. Dean Gail Dean, December 5, 2007 My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God continue to keep and watch over your family. Mrs. Washington Haggard Middle School Sixth-Grade Language Arts Karen R Washington, December 5, 2007