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Cameron Antonio Apodaca-Grimm

March 16, 2000 - May 3, 2020

Cameron Antonio Apodaca-Grimm of Van Alystyne, Texas passed away on May 3, 2020 at the age of 20. He was born on March 16, 2000 to Carlos Apodaca and Andrea Hill in Tucson, Arizona.  Cameron married Kaycee Lane on December 28, 2018 in Kauai, Hawaii.

He is survived by his wife, Kaycee Apodaca of Van Alystyne, Texas; son, Gunner Apodaca of Van Alystyne, Texas; brothers, Cris Apodaca-Grimm of Denton, Texas, River and Aidan Hill of Van Alstyne, Texas; Mother, Andrea Hill and Step Father Ryan Hill of Van Alystyne, Texas; Father, Carlos Apodaca of Tucson, Arizona; grandmother, Jenny Moreland of Oro Valley, Arizona; grandfather, Jon Grimm of Tucson, Arizona; grandparents, Antonio and Isabelle Apodaca of Tucson, Arizona; great grandmother, Evelyn Eichelberger of Tucson, Arizona; and numerous other loving family and friends.

In support of our local, state, and federal govt including CDC directives and to protect the physical health, safety and well-being of our community, only a limited number of invited guests will be allowed to attend the Funeral Service.

The service will also be live streamed on Friday, May 8, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. on the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Facebook page and a recorded video will be available following the funeral service on Cameron’s obituary page.

However, those who would like to honor Cameron and show their support to his family may come to the funeral home where ample parking is available. While you remain in your vehicle, you may watch the live streamed service on your personal device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) or listen through a designated FM radio channel.

Facebook link for viewing service.  https://www.facebook.com/TurrentineJacksonMorrow/videos/196038528018905/


Youtube link  https://youtu.be/7B1tSEkfXtI

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Love you cam can’t wait to see you again Jenna moore, May 24, 2020 I just wanted to say I am truly praying for your entire family and am so sorry for your loss. I only really knew Cameron in elementary school, we were closest in 4th grade, but he was such a great friend to me and everyone around us. He was very funny and always had so much energy. He will be truly missed. Rest in wonderful Peace, Cameron. Brooke Bishop, May 9, 2020 Cameron I've known you since you were a baby, you were such a cute baby... I didn't get to spend much time with you but I know when we saw you, your smile lit up the room. You will be sorely missed by many, I know you will watch over your family up in Heaven. You are at peace now... Megan McKee, May 8, 2020 We grew up together, through all the years of school, I watched you turn into the amazing person you are. You're gone too soon and will forever be missed. You are loved and missed by so many. Fly High Cam. Bryson Wells, May 8, 2020 Cameron will always be remembered for his contagious smile and his great humor. May he Rest In Peace.
Jake Railsback, May 8, 2020 I will miss you forever, Rest In Peace. Menal Haile, May 8, 2020 Pain knows pain. But you now know, no more pain. A piece of us will forever be missed, I know you watching us reminisce. But has anybody took the time, to notice all the comments? It’s nothing but GOOD, I’m just being honest. If he was bad, then why is everybody sad? Why does everybody hurt? I’m sorry in thinking as I’m typing and I hate the facts GOOD man’s in the dirt. You used hype me up when I showed you my poems so this one’s for you. - 1Luv cam Duane Gallaher, May 7, 2020 My heart goes out to his family. You are all in my prayers. He was so beautiful. Jennifer Mylenek, May 7, 2020 My prayers go out to Cameron’s family and friends during this time. He was such a kind person that could make anyone smile, and he will forever be remembered as so. Sophia Hissom, May 7, 2020 I don’t know what happened and it doesn’t matter... my heart just dropped when I read this.. I am so sorry for your loss and my prayers go to the wonderful loving family of Cameron My son Bryce went to Dunham with Cameron and the boys got in their fair share of typical boy trouble and that’s the way I’ll always remember Cameron God Bless you young man.
Sabina Martin, May 7, 2020 I feel bad because the last time I saw him I was hitting him with a plush snake. He was a great cousin father friend and babysitter. I can’t imagine what Kasey is going through and I want her to know that it will all be ok and to stay strong. He was a great person and he was a great father. I am very sad that I can not be there. Ava
Ava Clark , May 7, 2020 My deepest condolences to you and your family.
Liviane , May 7, 2020 Sending our condolences, love and prayers.
Tolbert Family , May 6, 2020 Cameron you were a great soul, I’m so sorry you were taken so young. You’re in a better place not in pain though. Rest easy, keep an eye over that family of yours. Love you.
Alexis Ryals, May 6, 2020 This is something that has my mind going crazy, I’m so sorry for whatever happened Cameron. I look back at the times in school when we were on special teams together. When all the football teams would stare at us because they’d see my long hair through the helmet or when I’d take it off. Riding on the sweaty busses to the games. The times where kaycee, you and I would be chilling in the gym and in lunch. I would never forget how cute you two are together. I always knew that you two would get married and I’m so happy you guys did. We didn’t speak much after I moved from Texas and I’m sorry. You're a wonderful and amazing angel now and look over your beautiful wife and son they’re going to need you so much cam. I miss you. Love,
Katelyn shores , May 6, 2020 We miss you. We love you. Thank you for impacting our lives! Every smile from this day on will be for you. Nyla George, May 6, 2020 I grew up with Cameron and Kaycee. I watched them fall in love at a young age, grew up with them, and watched them create a beautiful family. I told myself “If they can do it, so can I” and often looked up to Cam and Kaycee and the beautiful family they had worked so hard to create. I spoke to Cam last week and he told me I should come see his new place next time I was in town. I never thought that would be the last time we spoke. Cameron- you’ve taught me how precious life is. You’ve shown me how a community really does care about one another. You make me see my life as something precious, which is something I struggled with before. I will carry your memory with me and hold it close next time I am struggling. Im happy you’re at peace now. I smile when I see a sunset and think about how beautiful it looks from your point of view. I hope you’re enjoying the views up there. We were never close but I always thought if anyone were the guy version of me- it would be you. You are so loved Cameron. You are such a bright soul. I will never forget this. Rest easy friend. See you again one day. Carlee Schriver, May 6, 2020 I am so sorry for your loss.
Cheryl Duchene, May 6, 2020 Having all of you in my thoughts. Wish I knew Cameron as the young man he became but still glad that I was able to be part of his life when he was a little dude. Judy Wilbur, May 6, 2020 I offer my sincere condolences, Cameron was like a son to me. I will truly miss him. He smiled every time he saw "mom" Vickie. Gave me the biggest hugs, I'm truly going to miss him. I love you all. May God Jehovah through Jesus grant you all peace during this difficult time. My deepest condolences. John 5:28,29. Revelation 21:3,4. I love you Cameron "mom" will truly miss you.
Vickie Langs , May 6, 2020 Words can't express how we feel, we have not kept in contact but please know that you and your family are in our prayers during this time of sadness. God Bless you and your family. Love,
Ruben Maldonado and Family, May 6, 2020 I’m gonna miss you my guy, you were more then a friend, you were family. You will be loved and missed but very well remembered by all who had the pleasure of meeting you.
Bri Barnes, May 6, 2020 I loved working with you here at Panera, you were a goofball and someone to brighten the mood. I'll always be thinking of you! Gillian Emonts, May 6, 2020 Rest in heaven CA.
Fatou, May 6, 2020 RIP Cameron.
Sabrina Sullivan , May 6, 2020 You all are in my thoughts and prayers. You have my deepest sympathy. Love and prayers, Pam Pam Speck, May 6, 2020 rest easy cam, we’ll all meet again one day Cole Hunt, May 6, 2020 I am very blessed to be able to call Cameron a great friend. He was like a little brother to me and always made me want to be the best version of myself. We talked just two months ago and he was telling me how proud he was of me and I was telling him how proud I was of the man he was turning out to be. I’ll always remember the time we spent together, and I’ll always consider him family. Cameron has such a great personality, and could put a smile on anyone’s face. My prayers go out to his family, and I know that Cameron is in heaven watching over all of us. Much love Cameron, I’ll forever be grateful to have known you and been able to be called your friend! Steven Sellers, May 6, 2020 Carlos our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family in this time. May you all be strengthened during this time and the days to come. Vernon and Jacquie and family Vernon Cook, May 6, 2020 Our prayers are with you all at this time. Peace be with you. Love Uncle Johnny and family John & Patricia Hill, May 6, 2020 Gonna miss you nephew. I got plenty of memories of your smile & kindness. You forever got a place in my heart bro. Keep that smile going. Gone but not forgotten.
Demetrious Phillips, May 6, 2020 I had the honor of being Cam’s teacher in middle school and high school. From the first day I met him, he was a bright light and always made us laugh. You will always be CamBam and our Cameroni and Cheesy! Praying for the family and friends.
A J Fannin, May 6, 2020 Andrea & Ryan, May God grant you peace & comfort knowing he has your son in his arms. Words cannot express the grief you are going through, please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. We love y'all. Pat & Denise
Brown family, May 6, 2020 I've known Cameron since Smith elementary, he was THE sweetest kid, always kind to people around. I met Kaycee in middle school and they have been together for the longest as I can remember they were the power couple. I'm so blessed to have known Cameron all these years and his wife. I pray nothing but best for you Kaycee and the rest of your family and that sweet baby boy of Yalls.
Autumn Anguiano, May 6, 2020 You all are in my prayers. See you again one day Cameron.
Patricia Charbonneau, May 6, 2020 Even in this saddest time I can't help but smile when I recall memories with Cameron. He grew up to be an amazing man, but most of the times I spent with him were when he was growing up and when i close my eyes i see the little round face with big sparkling eyes and the cutest dimples that god ever handed out. That's the thing about Cameron though, he left a permanent impression on everyone he knew throughout his 20 years with us on this earth. He was funny, smart, loyal and caring. The impact he had on all of us isn't going anywhere, and the love he radiated is the legacy he leaves behind. My heart is with Andrea, Kaycee, Gunner, Cris, River, Aiden, Ryan, Jenny, Beatrix, Rusty and everyone else who are going through the pain of this loss right now. If I could, I would already be on my way to you. I'm sorry you're having to go through this at a time where we have to be socially distant, but know that you all have the love and support of so many people who love you. Carina Fletcher, May 6, 2020 Cameron this is so unreal to me but I love you to pieces rest in peace you will always be remembered and never forgotten.
Precious Butler, May 6, 2020 Dear Cam, You’re much like my little cousin in so many ways. We spent 15 years apart of each others lives! You were a baby crawling around all over and grew up to be such a good young man! I know your parents are proud! There’s so many unanswered questions many have. But, only you will understand. And while many are here grieving your loss, we will all continue to remember your memories, and keep them alive. Watch over everyone. You’re so loved & missed! May you forever Rest in heavenly peace! From my family to yours, Kali
Kali Gede, May 6, 2020 I met Cameron a few times -once when he was very young when they moved into the Wylie house and again in December when he now was a father and moved into the Van Alstyne house. What a wonderful little family he had created with Kaycee and Gunner. I was so happy for them and excited to see them move into the new house. Now Cameron is gone and this is not the plan for any one of you left here on earth to pick up the pieces. Thank God for Gunner! I have no doubt Kaycee and the family will make sure Gunner has the whole story about a dad who loves him. We never know the number of days we have on this earth but one thing for sure I can see the warmth, love and pride his family has for him each and every day, and the memories will be forever treasured, I am sure. Just the photos I have seen as a memorial on Facebook have painted a beautiful picture of his short life. My prayers are with you all as you go through this new reality. May God wrap you in His comforting arms. Korin Binder, May 6, 2020 I wouldn’t say I was really close to Cameron. But I can say that he always lit up the room and made everyone feel special in some way. He wouldn’t let you leave with out a laugh. And it’s so sad to see him go. Forever in my heart. See you soon Cam. Fly high Flocka.
Emilie Austin, May 6, 2020 Cam, I will forever cherish our many memories and our friendship. You and kaycee both mean so much to me, all the way back since 5th grade with you and your friends piling in my moms car to come over all the way to our last year of high school with you being there for me when I felt like nobody in school liked me, you didn’t care you still were such a good friend to me. I will forever be grateful for your kind heart and goofy personality that kept a smile on my face and always kept me laughing. Since the news came out, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it, I wish you could call me and talk and cry to me one more time. You’re such an amazing friend, son, dad, husband, brother, everything. You were so loved by everyone you were around but you are no longer suffering and fighting your illness, love you forever cam cam. Avery Daniel, May 6, 2020 To kaycee Apodaca I’m truly sorry for you and your Family’s loss. I’ve known cam since 5th grade and while we weren’t that close in high school, he still left a beautiful mark in my heart. He was a great friend and he would say how much he loved you. Y’all have been together since middle school girl. He will be missed dearly but he lives on through y’all’s son. I pray for you and you’re family that y’all’s hearts aren’t too heavy. May he Rest In Peace. Lauren Matthews, May 6, 2020 Cameron was an amazing young man that I had the pleasure of getting to know when he was in Junior High School at McMillan. His passing breaks my heart. He will be missed by so many. Rest In Peace sweet young man. Sylvia Huffer, May 6, 2020 My sincere condolences go out to your family. Cameron was an amazing soul in this world and an amazing friend to me and so many others. May he rest in peace. Lauren Burke, May 6, 2020 Love and prayers sent your way during this difficult time! Gloria Roberts, May 6, 2020 I’m still lost for words Cam, this isn’t how we planned things. I know your at peace, I only wish I was there for you like you were there for so many people. I never told you this but you taught me how to stick up for myself and how to stick up for others. I’ll never forget getting called names in middle school and watching you get angrier than even I was at the time and wanting to stick up for me. You taught me many things but one that stuck with me was how I watched you treat others. You taught me being big and bad wasn’t the way to gain people’s love and respect. I still till this day get teased for being “soft” funny huh? I don’t mind it because I watched how people drew to to you, and was fortunate enough to experience your kindness. There’s so many I “remember when” stories I want to bring up but I’ll save it for when I next see you. I’m glad my last time seeing you was nothing but smiles. Till next time Flocka.
Davis Okuzor, May 6, 2020 You are in my heart always and in my prayers. May God give you peace and comfort in the weeks ahead. May you find comfort in the memories you made with your beautiful husband.
Debbie Montgomery , May 6, 2020