Funeral & Cremation Services

Choosing the right type of service for you

The decisions you make to honor the life of your loved one are very personal, and the professional staff of Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow can help you through the decision process. In collaboration with your TJM funeral director, you will make three key decisions that guide the rest of the process: (1) what type of service to hold, (2) how to treat the body, and (3) where to lay the body to rest. While traditional funeral services with burial remain the most common option, cremations are becoming much more popular. Here are some features of each for you to consider.

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Traditional Funeral Service

A familiar and time-honored option

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Most families still choose to hold a traditional funeral service with burial. The familiar rituals associated with funeral services and burials often bring comfort and ease for families selecting this option.  

Within this traditional path, TJM offers many options, such as visitation, viewing, rosary service, traditional funeral service, graveside service, and receptions. Services may be public or private and as simple or elaborate as a family desires. Burial options also vary, including in-ground, mausoleum, or private family estates.

You may read more about traditional funeral services here.


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A simple and dignified option

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As cremation services become a more widely selected option, the practices associated with cremation are also evolving. Today, you often have the same services accompanying a cremation that are found with traditional burial, such as family visitation, viewing, rosary service, funeral home chapel or church service, and receptions. These services offer families and loved ones opportunity to gather together to remember the life of the loved one.

The options for placement of physical remains (cremains) are also increasing. A traditional gravesite may be used, with a headstone or memorial that’s the same as a traditional burial. TJM offers a columbarium as well. Some families choose to scatter cremated remains at a favorite location (with proper permission), or keep the remains in an urn.

You may read more about cremation services here.


As you decide which type of service is right for you or a loved one, consider these things:

  • Does your religious or faith tradition impact your decision?
  • Will your family (or those involved in the decision) be in agreement over the decision?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have time constraints that impact when a funeral or memorial service can be held?
  • What services and burial options will you use?