Caskets, Vaults, and Urns

A wide variety of options to create the perfect tribute

We have a wide variety of items available to fit every budget and family preference.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the selection process, helping you make the choice that best honors your loved one.

Casket Choices

Traditionally, caskets have been made out of hardwood, finely crafted to reflect the simple beauty of the wood. Today's choices are broader, with many families selecting a casket made of regular steel, stainless steel or a non-corrosive metal such as bronze or copper, or a casket specifically designed for cremation.

You may learn more about the materials and options by reading our casket FAQs here.

Vaults - Outer Burial Containers

Outer burial containers are graveliners or vaults that encase the casket or urn in the grave. The purpose of the outer burial container is to support the weight of the soil surrounding the casket or urn in the ground. This protection maintains the integrity of the gravesite by keeping the heavy weight of the earth from collapsing the casket and "caving in" the top soil on the grave space. Many cemeteries and memorial parks require the use of outer burial containers because it allows for better cemetery maintenance and care. From top-of-the-line copper to durable concrete, your outer burial container options will be discussed at the same time you select a casket or urn. More information about burial vaults and graveliners may be found here. 

Cremation Urns

With the rise in popularity of cremation services has come a welcomed increase in the variety of cremation urns available. We have created a special page just for urns to give you an idea of the options available. Click here to view a small selection, and talk to your Funeral Director if you have a specific container in mind.

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