Casket Burial

The most popular choice for generations

Casket burial remains the most common choice for final interment. At all of our Memorial Parks, we maintain the highest standard of burial practices to ensure the integrity of our sites will remain intact for generations to come.

We have a wide variety of caskets available for you to make your selection. Casket materials vary, and you should discuss with your funeral director specific qualities of the materials to ensure your selection meets your expectations. Certain materials, for example, have greater durability than others, while some are intended to decay more quickly.

In-ground burial

All of our in-ground sites require the use of a burial vault or graveliner into which the casket  or urn will be placed. A graveliner will prevent a gravesite from collapsing over time and will maintain the integrity of the gravesite, allowing the site to be maintained to protect its beauty. A burial vault will not only prevent the gravsite from colaspsing but will help maintain a dry burial area for the casket or urn.  The various gardens in our Memorial Parks accommodate a variety of headstones, in-ground memorials and statuary to uniquely personalize your site.


We offer above-ground interment in a personal mausoleum for those who prefer not to use in-ground burial. Your loved one's space is identified by a bronze memorial or engraving directly into the crypt front, and some spaces offer an option to place a simple flower arrangement on the crypt front. The garden mausoleum at Ridgeview Memorial Park is protected from the elements by a covered walkway, allowing easy access to your loved one's resting place. 

Graveside Service

Many families choose to have a final graveside service as the casket or urn is placed at its final resting place. This service is traditionally held after a chapel or church funeral service, or it can be held prior to a memorial service or at a different time separate from any other service particularly if burial is being held far away from the deceased's residence. The graveside service may also be the only formal service that is held.

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