Turrentine Jackson Morrow, Allen, and Ridgeview, Ridgeview Memorial Park Guests
Alternate Routes | Effective October 3, 2022 through October 2024

The Ridgeview Drive overpass is scheduled to be reconstructed and will be closed for approximately 20-24 months. The Ridgeview Drive exit will remain open but may require an alternate route depending on direction traveling. Southbound traffic is affected minimally, northbound traffic is impacted the most. For your convenience we have three alternative routes.

Route 1

  1. Northbound 75
  2. Exit Frontage Road and go North on the service road to HWY 121
  3. Take the southbound Hwy 121 loop exit to southbound Hwy 75
  4. Follow the service road back south to the funeral home

Route 2

  1. Northbound 75 Exit Stacy Road and turn left (West) on Stacy Road to Chelsea Blvd
  2. Turn North on Chelsea Blvd and take it to the 121 Service Road
  3. Turn right (Eastbound) on the 121 service road staying in the right-hand lane
  4. Follow the sign to Southbound 75 and stay on the service road south to the funeral home entrance

Route 3

  1. Northbound Hwy 75 any of the following exits:

    1. Stacy Road
    2. Frontage Road
    3. El Dorado Parkway
  2. At the El Dorado overpass, use the left-hand lane and loop back to the Southbound Hwy 75 service road
  3. Follow the Southbound Hwy 75 service road to the funeral home entrance.