We are deeply grateful to the families who entrust us to care for their loved ones.

Myron Morrow, Thanks for all your help in assisting our family with Mom's graveside service. We were pleased with your selection of Dr. Brumett. He did an excellent job to have never met our Mom. Sincerely - S. W. and the S. Family
Ron Kelly, "Thank you" as a phrase falls short of expressing our gratitude for the patient and tender care you gave us as we said "Goodbye, for now" to our Mom. Your deliberate pace, calm demeanor, sound advice and intermittent humor was the perfect combination to guide us through the process of making her final arrangements. We are so grateful for you, for TJM and the TJM floral staff. Everyone was so gracious and kind. Thank you & God bless you - The H. Daughters
To Mr. Ron Kelly, Many, many thanks to you and everyone, all of whom that attended and assisted in Mother's lovely service. Mr. Kelly, we are especially pleased in your handling of the California business, prior to her Texas celebration. You were so attentive to every detail and knowledgeable in all legalities. Warmest Regards, B. B.
Dear Ron Kelly, Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail for my Daughter. I appreciated every hug and smile along the way! Please give my thanks to the rest of the TJM staff for their help and kindness as well. Sincerely - T. R.
TJM Funeral Home, Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement and your expertise in coordinating the viewing, service and the many choices along the way. Your kind, thoughtful and caring staff helped our family in our time of sorrow. Again, thank you for your kindnesses - F. S. and Family
Brian DeLozier, Thank you for the beautiful flowers for my Mother's service. Also for all of your help through this process. All of your help and guidance is very much appreciated. Thank you - C. G.
Ron Kelly, You have been an amazing source of support for my family and myself. Please accept our appreciation. Thank you for your amazing service - The A. Family
TJM, I don't know where to even begin to express the love & gratitude I feel towards Ron Kelly. Ron helped me get through one of the darkest, most difficult times I’ve ever confronted in my life which also took place during the December holidays! The sudden loss of my husband was devastating & Ron actually held me up & guided me through the preparation of my husband’s funeral to even afterwards with words of wisdom to help me make decisions. This was not just “doing his job” no, this was much more than that! Ron cares for the families he works with & I believe he develops long lasting relationships; at least I know he has with my family. He has a gift & anyone that has had an opportunity to work with Ron knows exactly what I mean. Thank you Ron for all the little things! Sincerely - T. S.
Brian DeLozier, Thank you so much for everything you did to help us send Pop off in style. Your calm demeanor and patience was so helpful in keeping us calm. We sincerely appreciate you! The B. Family
Brian DeLozier and the TJM personnel, Thank you so much for the beautiful floral basket arrangement in honor of my Father. Our family is thankful for your kindness. Thank you, Brian, for all of your help. It was a blessing working with you. God's Blessings - J. B.
Dear Spencer DeFever, We just wanted to say thank you so very much with all your help for my Husband's funeral. It was an honor to work with you. We will never forget the kindness you showed to us. Thank you again with a grateful heart. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. - Much Love - The W. Family
Brian DeLozier, Thank you so much for all of your hard work in organizing my Mom's visitation and funeral. Everything was done in a professional and respectful manner. The service was beautiful and honored my Mom just as we wanted. I know there were so many details behind the scenes that I was not aware of. I also appreciate all the help from others - RuthAnn Wilhelm, Dale Littrell, Catherine Brown and the Turrentine and Morrow families, etc. It was great comfort to us that things went smoothly. I am thankful for your support at a very sad time. With many thanks - K. B.
Dear Mr. Turrentine, Just a note of thanks for all the kindness and professional assistance in planning and organizing my Husband's memorial. Every person that I encountered was very kind and willing to assist me in any way possible. Working with Spencer DeFever was wonderful. He was very kind and compassionate. My Husband's death was so unexpected. He was deeply loved by us all; and to have such a wonderful experience, made the pain of his death bearable. I will forever be thankful for your organization. Sincerely - J. D.
Dear Ron Kelly, TJM was amazing, but the blessing was your level of service, compassion and attention to detail at the most difficult time of my life. You managed to make the unbearable, bearable. Thank you for the lovely flowers remembering my Mom. They were very deeply appreciated. With Gratitude - B. E. and Family
Ron Kelly, We appreciate your First Class service and unmatched commitment to our Family. The J. Family
Dear TJM Family - Thank you for the beautiful fresh flowers you provided for our Mom's service. We appreciated all that was done for us to help us in such a difficult time of our lives. Your professionalism and compassion made it much more manageable to make all the decisions we were faced with. All your kind words and deeds will be remembered with fondness. God bless each of you - The W. Family
Ron Kelly, We wanted to thank you for all you have done for our family in our time of loss. Helping my sisters for all of the beautiful, extra special display of my Brother-in-Law's treasures and the entire service was exceptional. You certainly went above and beyond. What a difference you made for all of us. Even the flowers we received, to placing them inside his casket - so very thoughtful. Just know we appreciated all of the extras you and the TJM staff did for our family. It helped our sister and us more than you will ever know. You all are special and "Thanks be to God" for all of you. God Bless You Always - The W. Family
Thank you all for the love, comfort and caring I received in this sad time in my life. A special thanks to Austin Rogers for all the special things he did to ease the pain - starting with being here on the day my love passed away, taking care of his body, to delivering things to me. Again thank all of you so much. Sincerely - C. M.
Ron Kelly, I don't know how we would have made it without you helping us! We had no idea what all needed to be done. With your guidance and advice, we were able to make it through a very difficult time! Thank you so much for the memorable display of his life's treasures. Everything was perfect. We wanted to show his life and you accomplished that and more! What a tribute! Can't thank you enough. I will always remember your kindness, your laughter and your impeccable suits! Ha! We will be forever grateful for your help in making his service so wonderful. Thank you!! A.M., C.B., M.G.
Dear Ron Kelly, No words can express our gratitude for all the help you gave us during this sad time! You made everything easier for us with your suggestions and thoughtfulness. You went above and beyond. You made us laugh when we needed it. All the extra work you did displaying all of our Sister-in-Law's wishes for our Brother were amazing. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and sincerity!! A. M.
Ron Kelly, Thank you so much for the extra tender care you gave to each of us. The thoughtfulness shown and the details were amazing. I hope we gave you enough for maybe 2 chapters in your book! LOL. Again thank you for helping give our Brother an amazing send off. Hugs - C. G.
Ron Kelly - Thank you so much for helping me. M. G.
Ron Kelly, Thank you for taking care of my Husband and my family during this time. Your empathy and understanding of our needs helped us get through the VERY large memorial service and visitation. Thank you for working with Pizza Hut to make the funeral arrangements and for putting him in his favorite jersey!!! I miss him every minute of every day, but I know he would be proud of how you helped us end the game. Sincerely - The S. Family
Ron Kelly, Thank you for everything you did for my sister and our entire family after the passing of my Brother-In-Law. I have known him since I was 15 years old and he was closer to me than my blood brothers. This was and is a difficult time, but I want you to know we really appreciate you. There is no funeral home or memorial park like you guys in Houston. Thanks again - H. B.
Ron Kelly, If we had to meet at a funeral home, I am glad we met and you "took care of us" through all our family oddities. We lovingly do call you "Uncle Ron" and when we drive past TJM - my daughter says there is Uncle Ron! Thank you very much for helping make our sad time so pleasant and JUST what we wanted for my Mother and what she wanted. We are all so very sad but gosh - so happy and thankful for my Mom's 95 years here. Sure will miss her terribly. Hope you move out to Lucas - It is FABULOUS. Sincerely - Z. C.
Dale Littrell, Thank you for your time in sorting out and getting our DVD to work for my Brother's service. Our personal conversation was very uplifting. Also to find out we share the same birthday was incredible. Thank you for helping me pull together the DVD to make it a very special service for me. You are a true gentleman and professional! Respectfully - L. C. W.
Dale Littrell, Your voice was perfect! I can't thank you enough for all your help. Just wanted you to know how proud I was to have you in my corner for this once in a lifetime experience. With Respect and Admiration - J. N.
I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness from Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow. The floral arrangement was beautiful. I also want to commend your whole organization in the care of my Mom. And most of all for Spencer DeFever. He handled all the details, and is a real professional. During this emotional moment, he was there to handle all. Your team are real Pro's with a 5-Star rating from our family. E. R.
We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow for their caring, sensitive assistance in planning the funeral for our Brother. Mr. Ron Kelly guided us through the many facets of the planning. We are particularly appreciative of his graciousness in which, with comprehensive knowledge, he managed to expertly balance the necessary tasks and coordination with the New Jersey director to receive his body requiring arrangements between the two states while providing comfort and direction. All the funeral arrangement details were so beautifully and respectfully prepared. It was a wonderful comfort to our family to have such a professional, sensitive staff to help us bid farewell to a dearly loved brother. Warm Regards - The K. Family
Dear Brian DeLozier, I can never thank you enough for the wonderful celebration you provided us. Your warm, caring nature made our nightmare much easier to handle. If I hadn't known better , I would have thought you were my Brother aiding his family. You made us all feel as though we were your immediate family. Thank you for all your time spent and your caring way to make things easier for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! K. R.
Dear Kyle Dungan, Thank you for all of the tremendous help and assistance you provided to our family upon the loss of my Husband. You truly were so helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. The funeral service and inurnment were very special because of all the extra care you provided. Thank you sincerely - The K. Family
Dale Littrell, Myron Morrow, and Ron Kelly - We really appreciate your handling of the details of my Sister's services. Thank you so much - K. H.
Once again, Ron Kelly, we wish to express our personal thanks for all your assistance in guiding us through the funeral arrangements for our Son. From the preplanning advice to choosing options to the final arrangements, you were so knowledgeable and caring. We really appreciated every detail that you shared with us. Turrentine -Jackson-Morrow are indeed fortunate to have you, a knowledgeable, sensitive member of their staff. Warm Regards - P. and M.
Dear Brian DeLozier, Thank you so very much for all the help and support you offered our family as we prepared for our Daughter's final celebration as she left this place and entered her eternal reward. You made the entire process much easier for us and please know how much we appreciate your help and direction. Thank you also for the flower arrangement for her grave site, such a sweet thought. You are blessed to work with people who are all so committed - everyone we encountered was willing to help. We were blessed to have you as our guide through difficult decision making. Again thank you. Blessings - The W. and S. Families
Dear Ron Kelly, Our family wanted to let you know how much we appreciate how well you took care of our Son while he was with you. He was a special and beautiful soul, and you ensured that he was at his best throughout the process. You also understood how to best comfort our family. As a large and close knit family, I know it can be overwhelming to meet each of our needs, however, you were successful and did it with such kindness and empathy. You walked with us every step of the way, giving us direction when we were lost. You patiently accommodated our requests with no hesitation. No words can express how grateful we are to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, With our deepest appreciation - D's Loving Family
Myron Morrow & TJM Staff, Thank you for the beautiful flowers and especially for your care and support to our family. D. T. and R. T.
Mr. Ron Kelly, Words can't describe the amount of gratitude we have for you. The care and attention you provided my family and I during this hard time gave us peace. We trusted you throughout the process, and you delivered services that exceeded our expectations every single step of the way. She looked so beautiful, and we appreciate the care you gave her. We appreciate your honest opinions and the advice you shared that was not required of you, but because of the great caring person you are, you did. We will never forget all that you have done. This is truly your calling. Thank you so much - A's Family
Brian DeLozier, Thank you for all your guidance and help through this challenging time of our family. You made it much easier to get through all the plans and arrangements for his service. Everything was beautiful and you were kind to accommodate all our needs. Thank you also for your provision of the flowers for his service. We had about 100 at our dinner reception. It was a great day and evening. Sincerely - The P. Family
Myron Morrow, Thank you and the staff at TJM for the beautiful flower arrangement. Your caring manner and the staff's professionalism took the edge off of a difficult task. D. D. and C. D.
Thank you, Ron Kelly and everyone at TJM who helped, for your kindness during this rough time. Every one helped to make my Daughter's last days on this earth beautiful. Gratefully - T. P
Spencer DeFever, Once again, thank you for all you did to help us with Mother's service. You job is a calling and you responded so well. Your compassion and professionalism was much appreciated. L. O.
Dear Terry Turrentine Irby, Butch Irby & all the TJM Funeral Directors, We have known Terry, Butch & family for years as acquaintances through our very good mutual friends. Never has there been a doubt as to where we would go when the time was needed. That time has come & I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the love, professionalism & perfectionism. In a time of grief, you absolutely exceeded! The flowers from all of you were above & beyond. Thank you - The B. Family
Dear Butch Irby, Dale Littrell & all the TJM staff, Thank you very much for making a difficult time much easier to handle. I appreciate all you did for my Mom's funeral and after. Dale, thank you for the beautiful video! I will treasure it always. Also, thank you all for the gorgeous flowers. All our best - The B. family
Dear Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow, Words can not express how thankful I am for finding your funeral home. Every time I came to visit, I was greeted by friendly and wonderful staff. Every funeral director I met was knowledgeable and helpful, but I am extremely grateful that you put Ron Kelly with us. Ron went out of his way to put my family at ease and made the services so special. Ron listened and got to know us and catered to what we exactly needed. I loved how calm, patient and detailed he was. Thank you for making this hard time in our life a beautiful one. We will always cherish your funeral home. K. W.
Dear TJM Directors, The flowers for our Mother's funeral were beautiful. The arrangement of mixed flowers was stunning, and she would have loved them. Thank you for your kindness and remembering the family. Fondly, The B. Family
Dear Friends, I do not have the words to express my feelings for your many kindnesses to me and the family. The flowers, the food, the service and each of you will not be forgotten. Sincerely, C. M.
I want to thank everyone at TJM funeral home who took care of my sister. The sympathy flower arrangement was very thoughtful & beautiful. I especially want to thank Kyle Dungan for his understanding, patience, kindness and help through the difficult process. I also want to thank Kyle for his continued support & help with the documents for her children. Sincerely, B. R.
Thank you for the beautiful red, white & blue arrangement you sent to the funeral. Most of all "Thank You" for showing us your friendship during this time of sorrow. We couldn't have asked for better service. You made our decisions easier. The T. Family
Where do we begin? Thank you for the beautiful white flower arrangement. Tony Adkins, We cannot thank you enough for your kindness & compassion through this difficult time. Every single detail was perfect. You surpassed our wishes! Mother was beautiful! We talk of you often & will never forget all you did for us. Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow, What a beautiful place for our parents! It is such a comfort to us. The funeral home is gorgeous. Thank you for everything. Love - The W. & M. Families
Ron Kelly, our family appreciates your kind expression of sympathy. Love Ya! The B. Family
Dear Ron Kelly, Thank you for all you and the staff at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow did to make the arrangements for our Dad. Your compassion and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten. You made a very difficult process easy on us and helped put our minds at ease. The H. and R. Families
Dear Ron Kelly, I thank God every day for bringing me to TJM and assigning you to look after my family during this time. You made the whole planning process and services so special. My mind will never forget all the details and care you put into the services to ensure everything went well. The cross sits on our mantle and is a reminder of my Husband and your love to us. Thank you for your patience, planning, details, and complete customer/family service. My whole extended family was so impressed by you and TJM. We are forever grateful. Love - K. W.
Ron Kelly, Thank you for making one of life's most difficult moments easier to deal with. Your kindness and thoroughness helped us navigate through the whole process, that no one wishes to go through. Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow are blessed to have such a great man representing them. Sincerely, thank you! The E. Family
Dear Ron Kelly and TJM staff, When our Mother passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, you made the process of honoring her life and laying her to rest much easier for us. Each step of the way, you gave us helpful information about what was needed and what was coming up. Your patience and calm manner did not make us feel rushed or hurried, even though TJM is a busy place. Staying beside us, from start until the burial, was very comforting. The memorial service information and video posted on the website was a great comfort to family members who were unable to travel to McKinney. Our family greatly appreciates the personalized service we received. Thank you! The S. Family
Dear Spencer DeFever & TJM Directors, Thank you so much for the beautiful sympathy basket at my Dad's funeral and visitation. Your help with all the arrangements was so appreciated. You were wonderful to work with; so caring and gentle. Thank you again - K. M.
Thank you to the entire staff at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow. No stone was left unturned. Ron Kelly, Mark Tallant and Scott Turrentine are remarkable people. They compliment your service! It was sweet and beautiful! Thank you - A. B.
Ron Kelly, Thank you for all you did to help make my Dad's Service so meaningful and lovely. Everything was perfect and I would not have changed a thing. Your guidance through the arrangements made it easy and worry free. Thank you, too, to Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow for the beautiful arrangement sent to the service. That was a very thoughtful gesture. Thank you again for everything. T. S. and the Z. Family
Ron Kelly, Thank you so much for your help during this time. You have been so caring and compassionate and we will forever be thankful. You helped us when we were at the worst time in our lives and walked with us through what no parent ever should have to go through. I'm so thankful we had you. The U. Family
Thank you for the sympathy basket with mixed fresh cut flowers. It was a very beautiful arrangement. Spencer DeFever exhibited kindness, sympathy and professionalism as he skillfully directed us through each necessary step. I was comforted by the video and I am grateful for Spencer's help in its production. Thank you again for making this time so much easier for me. Shirley W.
Those flowers are beautiful!!! We wanted the logo included and you did a wonderful job!!! The flowers are perfect!!! The Taurex Drill Bits Family
Dear Brian DeLozier, our family would like to express to you our gratitude for the kindness you have shown to all of us. Thank you for honoring our loved one with such a lovely service. Ginger S.
Ray Adams and staff, Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you gave our loved one. You all were so very kind and caring. We are so very grateful to you all. Thank you, too, for the beautiful basket of flowers. She would have loved them. Much Thanks - The R. Family
Dear Austin Rogers and Staff, My family and I want to thank you for all you did to make my Father's service so perfect. Every detail was taken care of with kindness and professionalism. Special thanks to Jessica, Myron, Brad, Spencer, and your flower shop for their care and concern as well. It was a beautiful end for a beautiful man. Kind Regards - The A. Family
Thank everyone at T-J-M for making such a life changing event as peaceful as possible. There are no words for us to express our gratitude to each one. Everyone has been so respectful, caring, sympathetic, professional as well as personal at the same time. Our family is extremely appreciative. Thank you - TC and IM
Thank you for the kindness and respect shown for our Mom and family. The flowers were beautiful, but mostly you helped ease our pain through your professionalism, sincere empathy and caring spirit. We miss our Mom dearly, but know we will join her in Heaven. Many blessings - The M. Family
Mark Tallant, Thank you for making my Spouse's memorial service work out so well. It was a pleasure working with you during this difficult time. Sincerely - The J. Family
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you sent to remember Mother. Also, the casket spray was truly an arrangement of great beauty. Our family was so very pleased. Thank you for always having the grieving family as priority and working with us, not for us. Butch Irby, thank you is not enough to express our true gratitude to you. The B. Family
Dear Kyle Dungan, We can't thank you enough for the wonderful work you did on Mother's funeral. The flowers were beautiful and the visitation was perfect. We certainly didn't expect you to be at the graveside service in Arkansas. We will be more than happy to recommend TJM to anyone needing your services. Sincerely - T. M and G. K
TJM / Ridgeview Floral Staff, Thank you for the beautiful casket spray and all of the arrangements you did for my Husband's service. Flowers have a way of touching the soul like nothing else can. Thank you for making everything so beautiful. Sincerely - G. G.
Kyle Dungan and all TJM staff, Thank you so much for your love and support during this difficult time, it has been greatly appreciated by our entire family. The flowering plant arrangement was spectacular and brought a smile to our hearts during this great time of such sorrow. Thank you so very much. Many Hugs - The B. Family
TJM Funeral Directors, Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers for our Mother's funeral and beautiful service with all the support you provided. Special thanks to Kyle Dungan for all he did, including the burial in Arkansas in the frigid temperatures. Kind Regards - The M. Family
Ron Kelly and TJM Staff, Words cannot express my deepest appreciation for your kindness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, and professionalism during and after the loss of my Husband. You helped ease the grief and gave me a quiet peace about all of the arrangements. God bless you - G. G.
Myron Morrow, I want to thank you for all you did to make my Dad's funeral service go so well. It was a beautiful service. All of your kindness and help were such a comfort to me and my Mom. Thank you for the beautiful flower basket that complimented the casket flower arrangement. It was stunning. Thanks again - C. W.
Myron Morrow, I want to thank you for all you did to make a difficult time a little easier! One of your Memorial Park men called a couple of weeks ago and stated the headstone had been set. Thank you for the "angel" on the headstone and for the flower arrangement at the service. I really appreciate all you and TJM have done for my family. Everything you said and did helped so much and I will never forget your thoughtfulness. I also know Mom got a little extra attention and in my book you went above and beyond! May 2019 be filled with love, joy and happiness! With Love - The B. Family
You guys are awesome! Thank you so much and thank you for handling the services for my Father. Your kindness is appreciated and will always be remembered - P. A.
Dale Littrell did "Absolutely Wonderful" work on our video! Many thanks - J. M.
Kyle Dungan, Thank you for the thoughtful and compassionate way you cared for our family. The service for my Mom was perfect! Blessings - K. and P.
Dear Spencer DeFever & all at TJM, Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers sent in remembrance of our Father. Thank you also for everything you did to make this difficult process as easy as possible. It was a memorable and beautiful service - one fitting for Dad. Thank you again for everything - The H. Family
Dear TJM Staff, I have been advised that you requested a tree seedling be planted in one of our National forests as a living tribute to my Husband. My family and I are touched and honored by your thoughtfulness and kindness. God bless each of you. Sincerely - The S. Family
Kyle Dungan, Thank you so very much for your professional and compassionate guidance in handling the services for our daughter and son-in-law. It brought such closure to all the family and is greatly appreciated. Thank you again - R. M.
Brian DeLozier, Thank you for all of your help in setting up and running Mom's funeral. TJM produced such a professional, lovely viewing and funeral. Thank you! And, thank you, also, for the extra flower arrangements, help with the flowers post-funeral, and all of the extra, thoughtful things that TJM did to make Mom's funeral so nice. Please be sure to thank Bill Turrentine for all of his help. I can not thank you, your TJM staff enough for making our entire funeral experience a positive, comforting one. With kind regards - C. N.
Ron Kelly, I and my family greatly appreciate you in arranging and conducting my Dad's funeral services. As you can imagine, I have found this part of my life's journey very difficult, but it has been made a bit easier because of your support and help! Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us. Sincerely - The C. Family
Dear Spencer DeFever, Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism during this sad time of my Husband's death. I always knew that you and the TJM staff were kind, thoughtful and meticulous in detail. Thank you also for the flowers for the pallbearers. It was a charming touch. Sincerely - P. M.
Dear TJM, Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangement y'all sent for my Father's funeral. Thank you also for the Excellent Service y'all provided me and my family during the saddest time in my Life. Special thanks go to Spencer DeFever! He helped us so much! Thanks again - The M. and E. Families
Ron Kelly, It's not often that you get the opportunity to work with kind hearted, compassionate people that really do care about serving others. Our family entrusted you and TJM with the MOST precious gift that God had given us. You didn't think twice about going above and beyond your job description to serve our family and you graciously attended to our every need and request. We are so grateful for everything that you have done for us to help us through this difficult time. With heartfelt appreciation - The R. Family
Dear Kyle Dungan, Please accept our sincere thanks for so ably taking over for Tony Adkins in his absence. You never missed a beat in getting everything in order and making us comfortable. Thank you so much - D. M.
Ron Kelly, Words cannot express how elated we were to first find you, then know that you were there for us during this difficult time. You made our grief bearable and helped us make some tough decisions. Thank you, Mr. Kelly, for all you did and continue to do. The S. Family
Myron Morrow & Brian DeLozier, Thank you so much for the flowers you sent to my Mother's funeral. It was very thoughtful of you. All the flowers done by TJM were beautiful. I really appreciate how much help you both were. This was a very difficult time for our family and you really helped ease our burden. Thanks again - P. M.
Our family would like to thank Ron Kelly for the cards, flowers and kind expressions of sympathy shown following our Father's passing. Your support at this difficult time was very much appreciated and a great comfort to all of the family. The L. Family
Dale Littrell - I want to thank you for the respect, thoughtfulness and loving care that you gave our family. My Husband's service was so special. God bless you and yours - The W. Family
My family is very pleased with the care we received from this facility. Having never experienced a death of a very close family member, Ron Kelly and his team made this process very simple for us. From the moment we called him, from the hospital, until today, He has made himself available whether phone call or by email. He gave us detailed information on the funeral process and delivered exactly as he said. Thank you so much Ron, may God bless you! The office staff was very courteous and understands the pain of losing a dear one. Thank you Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow funeral home. J. B.
Tony Adkins, Thank you for everything! You and the staff did a beautiful job and made it so easy for us. It was absolutely perfect! Sincerely - The W. Family
TJM Funeral Directors, Brian DeLozier & Ron Kelly, Words cannot express our gratefulness for your outpouring of love and support in making my Mom's Celebration of Life truly beautiful and comforting. You all went over and above in any of our expectations. We truly are thankful from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you also for the beautiful floral arrangement. The F. and L. Families
Spencer DeFever & Staff - Thank you so much for helping us with the final arrangements for my Mother-in-Law. Thank you too for the flowers - such a sweet gesture! You guys have taken care of the family for many years - we are grateful for that. Sincerely - The R. Family
Bruce Benton, Your guidance during this time was appreciated by us all. The TJM staff were wonderful. Thank you - The G. Family
Thank you! We are grateful for the care and concern we received from the fabulous staff at TJM. Ron Kelly, Dale Littrell, Dawn Dicks and Stuart Turrentine Irby provided exceptional service. Mom looked beautiful. Please express our gratitude to those who prepared her for viewing. Thank you again for making this a special time and memory for us and for the beautiful flower arrangement! Blessings - The R. Family
Dear TJM Funeral Directors, especially Scott Turrentine, Brian DeLozier and Bruce Benton - We can never thank you enough for all of your help during a very difficult time. You made us feel like family and you made it possible for us to celebrate our loved one with happy hearts. Thank you for making all of the special arrangements at DFW National Cemetery and providing the red, white and blue flower basket. You are a wonderful group of caring and compassionate professionals, and we appreciate everything you did for us to make my Husband and their Dad's celebration of life so very special. Love - The P. Family
To all the TJM Staff - Thank you so very much for all you did for my Dad's service: advice, kindness, patience, concern, and the utmost of service. Dale Littrell gets a gold star! The flowers were everything I expected. I will always recommend TJM to everyone. You are the best! God's blessings upon you - The N. Family
Spencer DeFever, Thank you for your kindness and professionalism during our time of loss. The V. Family
Ron Kelly and the TJM Funeral Directors - Thank you so much for your special care and all you did for our loved one. And thank you for the basket of flowers. The all white was his favorite when we visited the gardens in England. May God bless you. Sincerely - M. J. and Family
Stuart Turrentine Irby and Tammy Lockhart, Just wanted to thank you both again...and the entire TJM team...for everything associated with my Dad's visitation and service. You were all so helpful, gracious and kind throughout. I believe it was you I told, Stuart, that my Dad's brother...who was also a minister...was very complimentary of TJM. When you get good feedback from a minister...that's high praise. They deal with so many services through the years of their ministries...they know an awesome funeral home when they see it. You had every detail under control..and speaking for all of the family...it was very much appreciated. Thank you - The C. Family
Dear Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Directors, Thank you for the sympathy floral basket that was sent for our Mother's funeral service. We really appreciate it. We were so happy with every part of Mom's service. The family viewing was set up so nicely and made it easy for us to see the flowers and visit with one another. Mark Tallant did an amazing job for us. Ron Kelly was so helpful at the church and Monica Abrom was so helpful at the grave site. We were so happy with everything. Kindest regards - The C. Family
Brian DeLozier and TJM staff - Thank you for your professionalism in guiding us through a difficult time for our family. We appreciate your kindness, your sympathy, floral tribute, and your willingness in responding to our wishes. Respectfully - The D. Family
Ron Kelly - I have searched the dictionary cover to cover - no words are anywhere near adequate to express my gratitude. Your soft encouraging words, your caring spirit and gentle direction led me through the most difficult walk of my life. God has truly given you a heart for helping others. I am so thankful He placed you in our path. I pray for you and your family a lifetime of love and joy. Thank you so very much - L. K.
Dear Ron Kelly, Our family wanted to share with you how very thankful we are that you were our funeral director. Your professionalism combined with your patience, kindness, and helpful guidance was truly a blessing to us all. There are no words to adequately express our gratitude. Thank you - The S. Family
Dear TJM Funeral Directors, Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! We especially want to thank Butch Irby for his special care and concern for us both in making final arrangements and at the service. We very much appreciate your impeccable service in all areas. Sincerely - The D. Family
Dear Ron Kelly and All - We so appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for making this horrible time a little easier - The M. and R. Families
Thank you so much to Stuart Turrentine Irby, Bill Turrentine, Sue Rienderhoff, Tammy Lockhart, and others for all the kindness shown to our family. Stuart, you truly have the heart for your service. Thank you for the flowers and helping with the paperwork. Thank you again - The M. Family
Ron Kelly - You have been our rock through this whole thing. Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and for guiding us. We don't know what we would have done without you - The R. Family
This past Monday, I assisted on a service for a dear friend. I want to express how professional the services were. The facilities are amazing. Kyle Dungan helped to assist me with anything that I needed. Thank you for all that you did for this family as they were well pleased. Sincerely - Reverend David M. King, Pastor of Victory Life Tabernacle, Gainesville, TX
Kyle Dungan - On behalf of my family and especially myself, I want to thank you for your professionalism, kindness and incredible support in all aspects of my Husband’s funeral. You helped us through our most difficult family moments and we will always be thankful for your support, your patience, your caring nature, your flexibility and again, your professionalism. You are very special. God Bless you. Thank you with all my heart. With the deepest appreciation - The H. Family
Thank you for your help with the arrangements and service for my Sister. We were very pleased with this final tribute for her as we said goodbye. Please convey our thanks to all there who assisted, for the beautiful basket of flowers and beautiful casket piece and easel sprays. With sincere thanks and appreciation - The D. Family
Dear Bruce Benton and TJM Staff - Thank you all again for Mother's beautiful "Send Off" service and your help with all the details. As unpleasant as this time is for everyone, to have it all happen so efficiently makes such a difference. We're so glad Mother and Dad chose you all so many years ago! Also, we love the beautiful sympathy arrangement! Thank you so much - The J. Family
Dale Littrell, thank you for everything. Our daughter's service was STUNNING! Music and audio items were just outstanding. We will remember you always for making our baby girl's service the most beautiful one we have ever seen. Kind Regards - The E. Family
It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but you, Ron Kelly, made it smooth and easy for me. I greatly appreciate all that you do. You were my angel in my time of sorrow. Thank you for your patience with my Dad as well, he too sends his gratitude for everything. Thank you - E. M.
To All the TJM Staff - Thank you for such great work. Everyone is very much appreciated. Continue with such excellent service. God bless - The M. Family
Thank you, Butch Irby and Team, for your care and service to our family. You made funeral arrangements as pleasant as possible - L. B.
Thank you for the care and attention paid to the service for my Mother. Your graciousness and compassion during this difficult time will forever be remembered - M. B.
TJM Staff and Brian DeLozier, I can't even begin to thank you all for the help, love, attention to detail, and making a very hart time in our lives manageable. You all were amazing and just a phone call away. Thank you for doing what you do with such class, gracefulness and respect. Much thanks to you all. Thank you! The B. and F. Families
Ron Kelly - Thank you so much for the outstanding job for our Father's service. It turned out beautiful. You took so much stress off of us and we will forever be grateful. Sincerely - The J. Family
Dear Bryson Smith and Kyle Dungan, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your love and support to me and my family in planning my Husband's service. I could not have made it without you both and my two sons. Thank you again so much. Also, I thank you for the beautiful flowers. Love - The D. Family
Dear TJM - We had a small inurnment vigil yesterday and I just want to tell you how much we appreciated Kyle Dungan. He went above and beyond to make us comfortable, to arrange for a speaker to play the music, and even placing the urn (in his nice suit) due to the weather! You have a real jewel of an employee there! Thanks for the service you provided! L. S.
To all the TJM Funeral Directors and Staff - Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance with my Husband's rosary and cremation. You helped me immensely. Also thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. Sincerely - L. T.
To TJM - I honestly do not know the proper words to say to thank you from the bottom of my heart as well as our family. You and your team did an incredible, wonderful job for Omar. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and may the Lord continue to use you to bring peace and comfort during this stressful time in a family's life. The D. Family
Thank you so much for your many kindnesses and for helping to make the difficult choices for his Mother's services. Special thanks to Ron Kelly whose warmth wrapped around all of us to make a sad situation easier to bear. Many thanks to all of you. You're the very best - The B. Family
Thank you for the flowers and for the great way you took care of us during our time of need. You all are truly a great group, being with you all, in the planning and visitation made us feel so comfortable and blessed. Bless you all - A. Y.
Dear Spencer DeFever, We want to sincerely thank you and everyone at TJM for doing such a wonderful job for our Dad's service. You and TJM are a class act. You made a very sad time, bearable. We thank you for all your help!!! Sincerely - The L. & C. Families
Dear Kyle Dungan, This is a simple card to thank you for an exceptional caring and considerate way in which you cared for me and my family. It was and is a difficult time that you helped us through. We appreciate you and everything that you have done to help us. Please remember that we are thankful for you. The H. Family
Dear TJM, Our families appreciated everything you did for us during our time of loss. The arrangement was beautiful and your staff were outstanding. God Bless! The E. Family
Mark Tallant, Thank you for taking time to meet with me and my Dad last week. I think he recognizes the possibility of his days here on earth coming to a close and wanted to be sure all the details are in place. Your kindness was quite comforting to us. Thanks so much - D. L.
Hey Kyle Dungan, Just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance during this time! My Dad would have been pleased, and that was not easy to do ... ha. There would have been no way to even come close to getting better treatment...ever...so Thanks Again!! God Bless! The R. Family
Dear Ron Kelly, Thank you for your kindness to me and my family in taking care of the arrangements for my Husband. I will always remember your attention and support. Sincerely - L. M.
Our family thanks you for all you did to make things perfect for my Husband. Sincerely - The P. Family
Mr. Ron Kelly and the entire TJM Team were very professional and great to work with. Ron, in particular, guided us through the process with compassion, and was a true advocate for our needs. The facilities and ceremony exceeded our expectations. Thank you for taking care of our Family. The T. Family
Ron Kelly, Words cannot express how grateful we are for you. Your kindness and guidance meant more than you know! With Love - The G. Family
Joe and I had exactly 61 years and 8 months of a special married life and it was a life well lived! He did many services in your chapel. He would have been so proud of the wonderful celebration of his life under your directions. Thank you so much for all you do for so many during a very hard season of life. Nothing can take away the pain, but you make it more bearable. Thank you for the floral arrangement. The S. Family
To All the TJM Staff - Thank you so much for the lovely flowers. Also for the way you handled all our affairs concerning our Mom. Scott Turrentine, you went above and beyond and your kindness was appreciated. May you all be blessed! The R. Family
Thank you, Tony Adkins, for going above and beyond for our family in our time of sorrow. Thank you also for the flowers - The E. Family
Dear Spencer DeFever - Our family wants to thank you for your assistance in our Mother's funeral arrangements. The next time we are in need, we will call on you. May God Bless You - The S. Family
Kyle Dungan, I wanted to take a moment and thank you and TJM funeral home for your help and support with organizing my father's funeral. Your friendly and helpful disposition through those personally stressful days made for a memorable experience for our family and friends. Thanks again and we wish you good luck. Best Regards - The S. Family
Kyle Dungan, For all of your kindness and caring, "Thank you from our family". You gave us comfort and patiently helped us during our darkest hour. God bless you as you continue to minister to other families as you did to us. J. H.
To all the TJM staff, Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you provided for my Grandma's funeral. Most importantly, thank you to each and everyone we encountered during this very difficult time. Everyone was kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and amazing. God bless - The R. Family
Kyle Dungan - My Grandma was like a mother to me and loosing her was especially difficult. During this trying time, your commitment to excellence stood out to me and my family. Your courtesy and professionalism was second only to the genuine care and empathy you exhibited. You and the staff at TJM didn't make saying goodbye any easier, you did, however, make it better. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am. Sincerely - J.S. and Family
Brian DeLozier, Thank you for your compassionate and professional care for our family during this sorrowful time of loss. Your experience and help were invaluable. Many blessings - E. V.
Mark Tallant and Staff, Thanks for the beautiful flowers for my husband, but most of all "Thanks" for making a difficult time a little more bearable. Mark, you are a special individual and your kindness will always be remembered. Love and God's blessings - The C. Family
Brian DeLozier, God bless you and your staff for your flowers and for your caring touch in what, for my family, has been one of the most difficult times in our collective lives. While nothing could every replace our son, the memories will always be with us of all the good he did and was. Your services eased the pain and helped us get through those moments when we were lost. God bless again - The D. Family
Our family wanted to thank everyone for all the help everyone provided during a very troubling and stressful time. Your compassion and caring made the process a little easier - from the flowers, music, limo and the service - everything was beautiful and smoothly done. Thank you so much! The T. Family
Ron Kelly, You went beyond the normal call of duty. I can't express enough how much we relied upon and appreciated your commitment to excellence. It was comforting to know that my Mother and all of us were in your capable hands. May God bless you for the kindness you have shown us. Freida & Team Dallas
Thank you, Spencer DeFever, for your kind words and all the help for my husband's memorial. As well as, many thanks for the flowers sent by T-J-M. I truly feel the service was just what he would have wanted! Sincerely - E. T.
Thank you, Kyle Dungan and TJM staff, for the care and service during this difficult time. You cared! The H. Family
Ron Kelly, thank you for your wise & gentle guidance during funeral planning for our Dad. In such a state of shock & disbelief, it was so helpful to have a calm head & tender heart carrying us forward. The arrangements were all just perfect, & the flowers you sent most appreciated & so lovely. I hope you were with loved ones during this blessed Christmas season & that 2018 brings joy & health. Our best - H. J. and A. W.
Dear TJM friends - Thank you sincerely for sharing our sorrow. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated and will always be remembered. Truly - A. H.
Many thanks for your support and guidance throughout these tough times. The whole staff has been amazing. Brian DeLozier, Mark Tallant and Terry Turrentine Irby have been extremely supportive. The basket arrangement with purple flowers was a considerate touch. Thank you so much - B. C.
Our family again thanks you for your gentle and kind caring for our family and loved ones. A special thank you to Tony Adkins who shared stories with our grandson in losing a parent at a young age. They worked together nicely, planning his mother's service. Thank you all and God Bless - The G. and D. Families
Ron Kelly, My husband and I would like to share with you how much we appreciated your professional services at TJM. You were extremely helpful, walking us through this most difficult time, with your great comfort and tender care of our precious, beloved son. Thank you for all your care and guidance! Again we appreciate you so much. All our Love - The D. and C. Families
Dear Butch Irby, Stuart Irby and Terry Turrentine Irby, Thank you so much for all of your support during our Mom's passing. Everything was amazing because of you! Thank you for the gorgeous flowers too! You are a true blessing. Love - The B. and L. Families
We wanted to thank Butch Irby and all the TJM staff for the excellent care and professionalism during this difficult time for our family. We appreciate you all. Sincerely - D. B.
Ron Kelly, Thank you so much for your wonderful assistance during a difficult time. You were so gentle and kind, caring and honest. You made things as it could be during our sorrow. We will recommend TJM funeral home and you to everyone we know. Sincerely - The S. Family
Ron Kelly, Thank you so much for your compassion & empathy during the darkest days of our lives. You were so professional, but also became our friend. Sincerely - The Y. Family
Brian DeLozier, Joseph Slovak, Spencer DeFever and TJM staff - Thank you all so much for all you did to make such a difficult time for our family a little less painful. From the time Brian spent on the phone with us, to the care Spencer gave when he picked up my Mom from the hospital, to the personal care of my Mom, the understanding of my Dad's concern about costs, Joseph stepping in for the funeral services, the beautiful flowers for my Mom and the patience of all of you given to my family in the making of so many decisions. I am very grateful for you all. With sincere appreciation - J. B. and The M. Family
Ron Kelly, We can't thank you and the TJM staff enough for the guidance, professionalism and support during the loss of both of my parents. Managing grief while making decisions and handling affairs is overwhelming. But, your great knowledge, compassion, patience, and attention to detail was comforting during our emotional and devastating crisis. Thanks again, for the floral arrangement and professional assistance. You and the TJM team are a class act. May God bless you - The W. Family
Thank you so much for your thoughtful flowers. We also so appreciate all the help and support given to us by Kyle Dungan. He did just a great job and we were so pleased with the Total Memorial Service for our Son. It was just beautiful and run so well. You all made the entire process just beautiful. Thank you so much - The H. Family
Thank you so much, Brian DeLozier, for all you did and helping me get through the loss of my Mother. You did a great job and it was greatly appreciated. Thanks so much - R. P.
Brian DeLozier, I don't think we would have made it without your help & guidance. It really meant a lot to us and I'm sure Mom would have been very pleased on how the service, flowers & your great staff was to us. You were such a blessing. Thank You! R. K.
Brian DeLozier, I can't thank you enough for all you did for our family in such a hard time. You are all amazing! Thanks again - S. P.
Dear TJM Funeral Directors, Thank you all so very much for the beautiful basket of flowers you sent in memory of my Dad. We truly appreciate the kindness and professionalism you've shared, especially Brian DeLozier. He walked us through every step in such a caring way. May God bless you all. Sincerely - D. H.
Kyle Dungan, We so appreciated all of your help with our loved one's arrangements. You were helpful, comforting, and just took care of everything - including us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - The M. Family
Dear Bruce Benton and TJM, Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers in honor of our Mom. We are so grateful for the compassionate way you helped us make the most difficult decisions we've ever had to make. Thank you again for all you did to help us. Love - The A. and B. Families
Dear Dale Littrell, Thank you so much for all your kindness and expertise in making our slide show run correctly. You taught me some great tricks in making a video work. You have a gift for technology, but more than that a gift of kindness and compassion. We appreciate everything you did! Best Regards - The K. Family
To Ron Kelly and all the TJM Funeral Directors, Thank you for your beautiful floral arrangement with the pink and purple flowers. We also appreciated your love and prayers during this difficult time. I feel so blessed to have your professionalism, guidance and kindness. May God bless you all as we continue in His blessed hope - Matt 5:4. Much love to you, M. S.
Myron Morrow, Mark Tallant and other TJM friends - Thank you not only for the beautiful sympathy arrangement of cut flowers & roses, but also the great care you took of me during this most difficult time. Navigating all the details easily overwhelmed me. With a Grateful Heart - G. H.
Thank you again, Ron Kelly, for providing such great service for my Dad - you did a wonderful job... Love, The N. Family
Thank you, Ron Kelly, for the arrangements you made for our Mother's funeral. They and the flowers were beautiful and very much appreciated at such a difficult time. Thank you - The H. Family
To Ron Kelly and all the TJM Directors - Thank you all so very much for all you have done for our family during the tragic loss of our son. We are so thankful for the flowers and your attention to detail. Our son's service was beautiful and Ron did an amazing job. With Love - The F. Family
Thank you, Myron Morrow, for your guidance, advice, professionalism and personal touch as we went through the planning of Mom's services. Everything was perfect and what was the most touching was the way you related to & helped our Dad. What a blessing! We would be remiss if we did not mention Richard Lively, Keith Collins, Tammy Lockheart, Dawn Dicks, Dale Littrell, and all the ones helping on Mom's special day and many more behind the scenes! So grateful for all of you! The D. Family
I do want to thank you all for your love, concerns & for taking such thoughtful care of me and my family. Each one of you were determined to show how much you cared to make everything perfect & you did. Thank you for your show of sympathy for my husband, he would have loved the Red, White and Blue. Love - M. P.
Dear Kyle Dungan, Thank you for your help with the service details and arrangements for our wonderful Mother. As you know we were not prepared for her passing and we did not know what to do - what steps to take for a funeral. Your were very helpful in all aspects of the arrangements and we truly appreciate your sincerity! Thank You - The F. Family
Dear Ron Kelly and TJM - Thank you all for the beautiful flower arrangement. Everything went so smoothly for my husband's funeral due to your caring and expertise. I received so many compliments that day. Thank you again. Sincerely - J. R. and Family
Thank you for the care with which you designed such beautiful and elegant arrangements for Mom's memorial service. I do believe y'all put love into all of them. The B. Family
Thank you so much, Bruce Benton and TJM, for the lovely peach and yellow flowers for my husband's memorial. Thank you also for all the wonderful help and kindness you gave me and my daughters. We really appreciated that you made a difficult and sad situation a little easier. Thank you, The W. Family
Bruce Benton, Thank you for handling all the arrangements for my husband's Celebration of Life service. It was a very difficult time - still is - but you helped in caring & compassionate ways to honor him. Also thanks to the TJM family for the beautiful flowers. Bruce, you have been called by God to do the job you do. It takes someone with a great deal of compassion & love for people. You have both of these. Again, thank you, L. R.
Thank you again, Mark Tallant, for all your assistance when my husband went home to be with Jesus. The flowers from TJM were beautiful and lasted for 2 weeks! Sincerely - The B. Family
I wanted you to know what a great and wonderful job Mark Tallant did after the death of my brother. He went above and beyond "the call of duty" in working so hard to get my brother's body to Missouri. Mark persevered and called several airlines until Southwest Airlines agreed to do it - saving us money. I kept praying that some how God would make a way and He did. Mark assisted with my parent's funeral and now my brother. We appreciated all Mark did and the way he treated us during a great loss. I'm so glad we worked with him again. Thank you so much, M. J.
Kyle Dungan - We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us. You went above and beyond and we deeply appreciate it. Please have dinner on us for a job well done. The B. Family
Kyle Dungan, thank you for everything you did for our family. Your assistance during a very challenging time was appreciated more than you will ever know. R. A.
Tony Adkins, your professionalism, kindness and sincerity helped me through the toughest time in my life. Every time I thought I couldn't go on, your kind words and knowledge through each step was very comforting. The bracelet I purchased from TJM was beautiful and you made sure I had my husband's ashes in it before the service. At the Graveside service, you watched over every detail making sure my husband's large portrait and flowers were all in place. Everything was an outstanding tribute to the great person he was. We are forever grateful and this memory will be imbedded in our minds forever. The F. Family
Thank you for the excellent service of my beloved husband and the beautiful floral arrangement. Everything was done perfectly and we appreciate your friendship and kindness. Sincerely - The R. Family
Thank you all for providing our family with comfort, assistance and guidance in navigating through the process associated upon the death of my Mother. Ron Kelly, you are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciated your caring, sincere attitude from beginning to end. Thank you - J. C.
Bryson Smith, Ron Kelly, Dale Littrell, and Amy Jo Wilson - you all were so amazing. Thank you for your gentle kindness during this time of grief. May God bless you for all that you do. I wish we had you all in California, because you all are great at what you do. You're the BEST. Blessings - The C. and R. Families
Thank you for taking such good care of us, especially Tony Adkins who walked with us each step. With such a tragic loss, we needed special care and found it with your company. Also thanks for the flowers. We had a beautiful send off for our loved one. Sincerely - The W. Family
Thank you for your guidance in planning the Celebration of Life for our special loved one and also for the beautiful flowers in her honor. Your kindness has ministered to our family. With Love, The M. and D. families
We want to thank Ron Kelly so much for his kindness in our time of grief. The care he showed for our Mother and our family meant so much to us. It helped us get through a difficult time. A., M. & S.
Our family extends thanks and praise for your kindness, guidance and professionalism during the planning and the services for our Dad, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather. The details were handled with ease and the services for our wonderful family member were stunning. Bruce Benton was so kind and thoughtful! Every single detail was handled so elegantly. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Our Dad loved flowers and he would have been amazed. With our heartfelt thanks, The E. Family
I want to express my sincere thanks for everything Stuart Turrentine Irby and Kyle Dungan did for my family and the kindness you showed to all of our friends and loved ones. At a time of great heartbreak, your respect and honor you showed for our Dad and family meant the world to us. Thanks again for everything!! The H. Family
I write to commend Bruce Benton for the way that he handled everything for us. He was indeed, professional, but more than that, he showed compassion and feelings for me, my wife and our daughter. He kindly led us through our options, always telling us that he would assist us in any way he could. He was prompt and did everything he told us he would do. In essence, Bruce did a great job of helping my family through a very difficult situation. We thank Bruce and your entire staff for your excellence. Sincerely, R. D.
Thank you to the entire staff at T-J-M in making our Mother's final journey home a safe and peaceful one. The floral arrangement you provided was beautiful. Thank you again. The Entire V. Family
We cannot express how much we appreciate your helpfulness and kindness during our time with you. We felt genuinely cared about and know that all arrangements were the best that they could have been. We also appreciate the thoughtfulness shown in providing the flowers on behalf of T-J-M. Sincerely - The T. Family
Words cannot express the feeling in our hearts that Ronald V. Kelly and TJM Funeral Home showed in our time of need. Thank you for being with us (the family) during this difficult time. In addition, thanks for providing an outstanding service and the beautiful flowers / plant. Your words of sympathy will be remembered. Forever in Our Hearts and God bless you - The H. Family
The family appreciates your excellent handling of the funeral. It made the process so much easier. G. & S.
Thank you for the beautiful flowers. We appreciate everything you did to make this very difficult time easier. We received a very high level of care, concern and attention to detail. Thank you for helping this day run smooth and effortless for us. May God bless you - The R. Family
Thank you for taking care of all the small and large details with my Husband's ceremony. It was well received by our family and friends. Thank you - P. S.
We appreciate you and how you blessed our family. O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! I Chronicles 16:34 The A. Family
We sincerely thank Bruce Benton and all the TJM staff for your compassionate support and care of our family. You graciously assisted us through the funeral process as did your wonderful staff. We especially thank you for the floral tribute you gave in Mother's honor. Thank you again! The B. Family
We would like to say thank you to everyone who had a part in making all this easier to take in. Our Grandmother looked beautiful. The service was wonderful - from the coffee shop, cosmetology, Brian DeLozier helping with arrangements and Keith Collins driving us to and from the service. Also, thanks to the florist as all the flowers were beautiful! We appreciate everyone there and thanks again. With Love, The C. Family
Funeral Directors, Thank you for remembering our Son with a beautiful floral arrangement. We also want to thank you for the care and concern you gave us throughout the process. Everything was perfect! We have a special love for our Director. V. & H.
We gratefully acknowledge and deeply appreciate the service and beautiful basket of white flowers. Special thanks to you and all the staff at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow - The G. Family
Thank you so much for the flowers you sent to honor our Dad. Your graciousness and support during this time was most appreciated. Thank you for taking such good care of our family. Stuart Turrentine Irby was awesome! Couldn't of asked for better care! Love - The S. Family
Thanks so much for the lovely basket arrangement of white mixed flowers, from you and TJM. You have been so helpful and I heard many people say what a nice service it was. D. N.
The family members wish to thank you for all of your words of wisdom and comfort during the past week. Our sorrow was eased a great deal knowing that she was in your care and protection. Thank you for your help and guidance. Sincerely- The L. Family
Thank you deeply for your faithful adherence to my Mother's final wishes. Your service was beyond reproach. I would especially like to commend Stuart Turrentine Irby for his patience and thoroughness. He was a joy to work with. Special thanks also to Ray Adams who traveled to Abilene and handled the interment beautifully. His flexibility and good humor were appreciated. P. S.
I want to thank all of you for the great job you did for our family. Tony Adkins and Wendy Burton took such, such good care of us. They were great! It was a pleasure and privilege to work with them and it is such a pleasure to deal with a company with great employees. All of your employees that we had contact with, were warm, helpful and patient. M. A.
I don't have the words to begin to thank you for all the help & support you've given us these last few months. Often times I think that the only way we can make it through these horrific times is by having people like yourself who lend an extra gentle hand when needed. You knew the right thing at the right time. I know its your job, but you didn't have to do so much - just know it is so appreciated by us all. In a tragic time, it is comforting to know I have a trusted friend to help me and my loved ones. Your kindness has made this journey a little easier - we love coming to see our sweet loved one now that she's here. Warmest Regards - J and Family
Words cannot describe how grateful our entire family is to all of you for such amazing care of my beloved husband. There is no way we could repay the kindness and love you showed all of us. Thanks, B and Family
I got so carried away bragging how awesome you all were that I forgot to thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent to Dad. Your thoughtfulness was so appreciated. Thanks for all yall have done for our family! SF & Family
Thank you for making such an emotional experience so beautiful. Your tender words and special touch was deeply appreciated. Even though you weren't fortunate enough to know her, she was a special lady and will be deeply missed. I thank you from the entire family. God bless - The M. Family
My family and I wanted to thank you, Terry Turrentine Irby, for your guidance and professional help on the selection of my parent's headstone and the memorial bench. We are beyond grateful and amazed at how beautiful it looks in that historical cemetery. I know that my Mom is feeling much better having such a "grand" place of rest and it is closure for the rest of us. As I said, you rate #1 in my eyes and I am so thankful for you! Hugs and many thanks - C. and Family
We want to acknowledge Mr. Dickie Horn and let TJM know how much he is appreciated by our family for his personal care and attention to everything. In the past few days, we have a cousin from out of state preparing to bury his mother. Not living here, my cousin is not familiar with TJM so he used another company. When I called TJM, I asked for Dickie, knowing how he took such good care of us in 2010 for our mother's arrangements. Dickie told me not to worry, he would make sure all the needed coordinations were set up and then called us back to confirm the arrangements with the same care and concern. He is a rare and genuine gentleman from an era we can all learn from. Thank you Dickie! Sincerely, K. A.
Thanks so much to Ron Kelly. You have made all of this very easy for the family. The S. Family
Thank you for the beautiful arrangement of red roses, red carnations and red hypericum berries. Your gracious and caring spirit of concern for our family at such a difficult time is very much appreciated. Thank you to Ron Kelly for his help in making the service and care of our loved one just as it needed to be. May God bless each of you - The G. Family
Thanks to Spencer DeFever for his caring, thoughtful, and dedicated service. His attention to detail made the process of planning our Mother's funeral go very smoothly. God bless you - The M. Family
We would like to say thank you for the excellent care during the Homegoing service for our loved one. We thank God for you and your staff for making the day a blessed day. We also would like to thank Ron Kelly for all his help. The staff did an awesome job and we will forever thank you. God bless you - New Beginnings New Life Church
I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You came through for my family in our toughest days. Your caring attention to detail is resulting in cherished memories. Due to the shock, it seemed I needed to be reminded to breathe, and it was good to be reminded of my Faith. You are a shining Christian example of "someone walking the Faith through troubled waters". You have a special gift identifying and then caring for different personalities. Thank you for your actions, sincere concern, and your prayers. It is not the way you do your job, but the way you live your life. Keep touching people's lives and allowing God to work through you. Steve T.
I just wanted to drop a note to thank you and your Associates for your many kindnesses and warmth during our time of need. Your professionalism is perfect, and you made the most difficult time in our lives more bearable. Again, thank you for your excellent attention to detail and the handling of such. The Honor Guard was amazing. Please pass this praise on to the Naval staff involved. Best Regards - Barbara L.
Thank you for all your help during this difficult time. Thank you also for the pink and white flowers. We appreciated it. Thank you - The V. Family
Thank you for taking good care of Mom and our Family. Your attention to detail allowed us to spend more time with family and friends knowing everything was taken care of. Thank you again for your support during this difficult time. Sincerely - The M. Family
Many thanks for your comforting and professional support. While you will view this as your profession (and it is), we received it as "individualized services" designed especially for us. The many personalities brought challenges you face frequently. We thank you for helping us to achieve the desired result - a fitting and appropriate offering for our brother. May God continue to bless and keep you - The D. Family
Thank you so much for all your help and support for my family. Thank you for the care you gave to Mom. The O. Family
On behalf of the family, I want to thank you for your kindness and support while taking care of Mom's arrangements. Your personal touch was a comfort and made a difficult process much easier for us all! Thank you so much! Fanna
I can't thank you enough for making such a difficult time a little easier. It is never easy to lose someone you love, but when it is unexpected and that person is your Mother, it is a double hit. This was not an experience I ever wanted to have, but you made it as painless as possible and that is special. I really appreciated you keeping me focused and on track when my head was a complete mess. Thanks again - Toni L.
Thank you for your kindness toward our family. Your caring and flowers meant so much to us and were greatly appreciated! The S. Family
What can I say...you are the ultimate reflection of class with a wonderful spirit! You always remain steadfast in times that are so emotional for families. You are truly a blessing! Continuous Love - The L. Family
Thank you for everything. Your professionalism and caring attitude helped us so much. We don't know what we would have done without your direction and help. Blessings to you - R. and D.
Thank you and the TJM family for your kind assistance, flowers and courtesies provided in handling our Son's arrangements. Regards - The A. Family
Thank you for your help in making the preparations for our Dad's service. Your effort and guidance made the service comforting. No one could have done better. God bless - The V. Family
Thank you so much for your guidance, education, knowledge, and most importantly - your support during this tragic event, the loss of my Father. You were truly vital during this process and we would have been lost without you. During life events like these, it is such a relief having an individual like you by our side. The ceremony was exactly what I had in my mind and words cannot describe my thanks! From the bottom of my heart - Thank you The M. Family
Thank you so much for all your support and assistance with the service for my Dad. You (and all the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow staff) made a terrible situation just a little bit easier. Your advice made getting my Dad's affairs in order a lot easier to understand and my sister and I could not have been happier with the service. Thank you so much for everything. Best - Alexas M.
I cannot thank the two of you enough for taking care of all our funeral needs for my Mom. You all made a difficult time much easier. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Although we all miss Mom terribly, we find comfort in knowing she's at peace in Heaven. Dad is having a tough time though - It's really sad. Again, my family is eternally grateful for all you all did to comfort us and guide us through this process. The service was lovely and Mom looked beautiful - What a special memory for us to hold on to. Fondly - The N. Family
I'd like to share my experience at my Grandfather's memorial service held at TJM Allen. I have a 1-year old son and my husband could not attend the service as he was best man in a wedding on that same day. Therefore, I was on my own with a restless toddler. As expected, my son didn't want to sit and be quiet so I took him into the foyer where I could still see and hear the speakers through the windows. One of the directors totally kept my son engaged and entertained him, plus kept an eye on him so I could continue to pay attention. Another director actually held my son for a while and played with him. Without these men, I would not have caught much of the service, and it really meant a lot to me to hear the stories being shared. Thank you for an incredible memorial service experience. The M. Family
Thank you for the beautiful floral tribute provided for my husband's Remembrance Gathering. We especially thank you for your kind expressions of sympathy and attention given to us during this sad time upon the death of a husband, father, grandfather and brother. A special thank you to Stuart Turrentine Irby for his care and consideration. Sincerely - The O. Family
Thanks to each of you for your support during the passing of our loved one and for the beautiful basket with red and white cut flowers. Thank you for the beautiful job of my husband's final touch. He looked so nice. Blessings to all of you- The L. Family
Thank you so much for the beautiful sympathy basket of bright, mixed flowers in honor of my mom. Your attention to details and our family's needs were incredible. We deeply appreciate your concern. Sincerely - The S. Family
Thank you Bruce Benton for all your help making the pre-arrangements for my husband's funeral and making a difficult time as easy as possible. You have a beautiful facility and a professional staff to match. A special thank you for getting the video/slideshow in a format our church needed. The flowers you gave were absolutely beautiful and coordinated with the flowers that my husband selected for his casket. You also did a perfect job with his hair and makeup. He hadn't looked that "normal" in a long time. I know you each have a difficult job, but please know you made a wonderful last impression in our family's memory of their father. The H. Family
We would like to let you and your staff know how grateful we are for your compassion and service. You all treated our family with great respect. You showed kindness and patience with such young parents during a difficult time. I know this is your job but you do such a loving job for all the families you see. May you all be blessed - The O. Families
Terry Turrentine Irby - Thank you for working so hard with me to get the perfect headstone for my son. He was so precious to me and I wanted a very special headstone. You worked with me to make sure it would be perfect and helped get the price more affordable. Thank you also for getting the temporary marker and vase set up. It helps make my frequent visits to the cemetery a little easier. Everyone at TJM has been so helpful and kind. Thank you and God bless you - Shelly W.
To Mark Tallant, Dale Littrell, and Keith Collins I cannot begin to express what your kindness and compassion meant to our family at a very difficult time. Everyone we came in contact with went out of their way to go above and beyond for us. Both flower arrangements for my mother were stunning - the one placed on her casket could not have been closer to perfection. A huge thank you again and wishing everyone the best, Sonya B.
Thank you for the flowers and assistance in coordinating the funeral service. Our family appreciates your kind support and beautiful symbol of remembrance of our daughter. Thanks again - Charles and Family
Thank you so much for all the beautiful floral arrangements for our Mother. The service was exceptionally organized and thoughtful. Sincerely - The R. Family
Words can't adequately express my gratitude for the continued love and support shown by every member of the team at TJM. Not only is every aspect of your business a class act, but the genuine sincerity of each of you is beyond what anyone could hope for at the time of a loss. All our family join me in thanking each of you for a beautiful tribute to Mother. Every flower and every gesture was simply perfect. With Gratitude - S. B. and Family
Words cannot express how much our family appreciates Terry Turrentine Irby, Bill Turrentine and the TJM staff for all that you did for us following Mother's death through the service and burial. We truly appreciate your kindness, service and direction. Also, thank you for the flowers you sent. K., P. & Families
Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You have all done so much for me and my family. Everything was absolutely amazing and you are all so wonderful to work with. Thank you again for doing so much to lessen our pain during our time of loss. Shelly W.
I want to express my thanks to both Stuart Turrentine Irby and Mark Tallant for their help in planning my husband's memorial service. The floral arrangement T-J-M provided was lovely and very thoughtful. Also, please relay my thanks to the nice ladies who served at our reception. Sincerely - Mrs. W.
Thank you Tony Adkins and TJM staff for all of the gentle support that you offered in planning our Mother's funeral. Your guidance and kindness blessed our family. The T. Family
I will always be grateful for the beautiful service that you provided. Thank you for the lovely flowers as well. God Bless You, Most Sincerely - Billie H.
Thank you so much to Brian DeLozier and Stuart Turrentine Irby for all the work to make my Father's burial as easy as possible for me! I appreciate both of you. Everything went very smoothly, both the visitation and the service. I cant thank all of the staff enough for all of their hard work! Sincerely - Dana S.
You all were a blessing to my family and that made it easier. Thanks again, Love in Christ - Melba H.
Funeral Directors - Thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangement. We are so thankful for the ease and compassion of the Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow staff during our most difficult time. Stuart Turrentine Irby was wonderful and we appreciate everything he did to help us through this process. Debbie R. and daughters
I just wanted to say thank you to Myron Morrow and Ron Kelly for your help and kindness. Ron, your words to me were calming and really helped me to center myself and focus on my Mom and family. Myron, we so appreciate how smoothly everything went from the visitation, to the funeral, to the graveside. TJM has served our family well for many years, and we are very appreciative of you all, and what you do - not only for us - but for other families in need. With Thanks - The S. Family
The sympathy basket of white fresh-cut flowers in memory of my husband were so beautiful. My family and I appreciate your expression of sympathy very much. We want also to say how much we appreciated Bruce Benton and those with him for all they did in taking care of the many details involved on the day of the graveside and memorial services. We were able to enjoy peace of mind because of their careful attention and direction. With sincere gratitude - Diane H. & Family
Your service you gave our family was beautiful and executed perfectly. Thank you for all your help. Kay P.
The flowers were absolutely beautiful!! We enjoyed working with both Mark Tallant and Bruce Benton. They were both business-like yet personable. We appreciate your kind service to our family. Faye W.
TJM is a beautiful resting place...The staff is very professional and caring. Rodonnah B.
Thank you for all your kindness to our family. We were able to focus on honoring our mother because you took such good care of us. Jennifer M.
I would like to thank you and your staff...who treated us so well when my grandmother recently passed away...We will always be hugely grateful to TJM and to all the staff who were involved in the planning, organization and conduct of my grandmother's funeral. We will highly recommend your organization to other families in need. Shannon N.
Thank you for taking such great care of us and our father. Brian DeLozier was exceptional as well as all of the team! Many Thanks! Sandra B.
Thank you all so very much at TJM. Your expert knowledge and caring at the loss of our father was greatly appreciated. From our Directors and all the floral shop designers as well as the coffee shop personnel. Whoever handled my father did an amazing job. He looked like himself just resting. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Lois and family